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Gaia Online Tarot: the Moon ~ the Builder ~ the Gardner

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  • Ash
    How fitting that the Moon card appears as we enter into this Full Moon. :) As we observe Her path along the night skies the Moon shifts through a number of
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      How fitting that the Moon card appears as we enter into this Full Moon. :) As we observe Her path along the night skies the Moon shifts through a number of phases. Just as we are aware of Her cycle She gives an invaluable lesson and reminder to be aware of our. The fullness of life can be built upon and experienced as we pay loving attention to our own cycle and the changes we are entering. The three key words with this first card are "Constant, Faithful Changes". Keeping to our own mind and heart that these emphasizes that we can have faith that the changes we grow into and from can and will be for our Highest Good even when we may not think that at the time we are going through a particular change. This does reach out to us to remember to have faith in our Self. That Faith which is born from Knowing all things can and will work toward our best and highest benefit. Observe and see where each of us are within the cycle or experience or circumstance where we are. Take that deep breath, find that calm place and Know that you will know the solution, you will know what to do as I was reminded early this morning. Wise and loving counsel which I am deeply grateful from my heart for receiving.

      From that calm center grounded and utilizing your intuition you can make a decision intellectually; having your root with that intuitive confidence in yourself, in your abilities. There is a foundation that brings intuition and intellect together in a harmonious balance. We can observe what we are building, modify, adapt and utilize our skills, our abilities. Learning to change ourselves and how we approach situations and life experiences that enables you to take a bolder and confident role in becoming a leader by the example of the life you live, through the merit of your heart and choices in integrity. That shows especially when we look at the range of our decisions. Now in this present moment and as they reach ahead for not only this generation but those to come.

      The resolution of the Gardner shows us the fruit of our diligence, of our patience, of our faith, of our love with great abundance. An abundance that is perpetually fertile carrying new seeds and planting for not only the new season to come but for generations to follow. Whatever creations we have within us and around us we are pregnant with the vast potential to see something new born. Love Your Body, Love Your Life, Love Those In Your Life and Love Your Self. Know that you are a blessing in the lives of others and they are a blessing to you. I Know that I can say with Pure Love and Confidence I am blessed by each of you. Abundantly and Fully. :)

      The OpportunityThe ChallengeThe Resolution
      18 - the Moon
      Constant, faithful changes

      You have the opportunity to be aware of the lunar cycle as a model for any life cycle, whether it is a relationship, a job or a creative project. Knowing your place in this cycle can help put your current issues in perspective. As you look at the Moon card, which lunar phase draws your eye? Which phase relates to your current situation? Have you just begun a new relationship, or are you thinking of leaving your job? This card may mean that your latent psychic abilities are waking up, and you are learning to trust your intuition. This may be frightening or confusing if you have spent most of your life guided by the clear light of rationality. The more familiar you become with the language of dreams, symbol and myth, the more comfortable you will be with the gifts that the Moon has to offer. Keep a dream journal, study the arts of divination and magic, open yourself up to non-linear ways of knowing.
      4 - the Builder
      Structure, boundaries, foundation

      You are being challenged to make decisions through intellectual reasoning, rather than your emotions or intuition. Ask yourself: "What am I building? Are the foundations of my life based on strong structures? Are my boundaries clear and well tended?" You are being challenged to take responsibility for a project where you have authority over others, and where your leadership skills can shine. What kind of a leader do you want to be? Do you lead by example or by dominating? Are you secure enough in your own abilities that you can share power with others? Do you take into account the longterm consequences of the decisions that you make?
      3 - the Gardener
      Sensuality, creativity, abundance

      Resolution comes in on a wave of great fertility and abundance. You are pregnant with new creations — an art form, a book, a project, even a baby. You embody both the nurturing Mother and the sensual Lover. You are a steward of the land when you plant, weed and nourish your garden in a sustainable manner. At harvest time, you offer the best possible of all foods to those whom you love. You are a hard worker, but you take great delight in the scent of lavender fields on a hot summer day and the dizzying riot of color, shapes and textures in the garden. You love your own body; you love your mate, your children, your friends, your community; you love the natural world around you. Your appetite for connection, sensuality and creativity seems boundless. The people around you are blessed to have you in their lives.

      Moon card Gaian Tarot deck


      Constant, faithful changes

      La Luna Bella! A woman invokes the energies of the full moon, while all around her spiral the eight lunar phases. Each month the moon embodies the cycle of descent and return, as it waxes to full- ness, wanes to darkness, and begins to wax again. The Moon is constantly changing, and She is utterly faithful in Her changes.
      This cycle embodies one of the most profound teachings that Nature has to offer us. Every month the lunar cycle, which is mirrored in a woman’s menstrual cycle, reminds us that one stage of life always succeeds another, and that a time of darkness is always followed by renewal.
      Behind the woman we see the Paleolithic relief of the Great Goddess of Laussel, which may be humankind’s first calendar. With one hand she points to her belly (hidden behind the woman’s head) and with the other, she holds aloft a crescent-shaped horn incised with thirteen notches, the number of lunations in a solar year. The woman is accompanied by those allies of the night, Owl and Wolf. Owl teaches us to navigate by our feelings, instinct and intuition. Wolf teaches us to get in touch with our “wildish” nature and howl at that luminous moon. Salmon leaps up from the depths, bringing the wisdom of its own cycle of descent and return.

      Post image for Builder


      structure, boundaries, foundation

      The Builder is a master craftsman, shown here carving a design of oak leaves and acorns into the post that flanks the front door of his home. He is committed to the ethics and principles of sustainability and has built an earth-friendly house. Drying herbs hang from the rafters, firewood is stacked in preparation for winter, and a spiral of beach stones leads the visitor to the arched doorway.
      The Builder is strong and comfortable in his own authority. Yet unlike most historic emperors, he does not destroy life for his own power or benefit. Inspired by the Green Man, the spirit of the wildwood whose face he has carved into the post, he works in harmony with nature and honors Mother Earth’s animals and resources. The kestrel, a small falcon who hunts with speed, grace and precision, watches and waits as the Builder focuses on his task.
      The Builder is the archetypal Father, the creator of culture, structure and human laws, as compared to the Gardener, who embodies the abundance of Mother Earth. He is the city, she is the country. He is the building, she is the garden. As an architect of civilization, our Builder creates networks and systems that enable people to live and work together, sharing resources and creating a supportive, sustainable community.

      Post image for Gardener


      Sensuality, creativity, abundance

      Our Lady of the Land revels in the fertility and lushness of the midsummer fields, the first fruits of the harvest and the ripening of her own body. She is the mother Demeter of the wheat and poppies. She is the daughter of the Great Goddess of Willendorf. She is the butterfly Monarch. She embodies Venus/Aphrodite as well, luxuriating in sensuality and eroticism. She is both mother and lover and, in proudly proclaiming her right to be both, she heals Western society’s split between sexuality and motherhood.
      She wears a kukui nut necklace, a Hawaiian symbol of of status and empowerment. The mirror of Venus reflects her own beauty and gives us a glimpse into the Otherworld. She is surrounded by overflowing baskets of produce, as fields yet to be harvested stretch out to the horizon.
      Take and eat,” she says as she offers us an apple, a papaya, a fig, the fruitfulness of our own souls. “It is good.”

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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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