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Isha Lerner's Triple Goddess Tarot: Song of Creation w/ Fourth Chakra

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  • Ash
    You are blessed with a rainbow consciousness. The ecstasy of love teaches us to let go and trust the world...   The Full Moon is upon us! The two quotes
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 25, 2013
      "You are blessed with a rainbow consciousness." "The ecstasy of love teaches us to let go and trust the world..." 

      The Full Moon is upon us! The two quotes above from the messages below are apart of the doors opening within us and around us. Reminding us of the ecstasy of love in us, around us, apart of us and flowing to us. The more that we trust Love we will discover the more we are trusting ourselves and the New World that we are apart of co-creating. Each of us adding our uniqueness, our gifts and the radiance together accentuating our individuality and our unity in the same moment.
      Each hue of the rainbow is a beautiful, divine expression and that radiance, that expression is accentuated even more as those colors come together; the harmony they have together building brides inside and out that continue to expand, evolve, and grow. Within and apart of that is our Song of Creation. We Are Creators, We Are Creating with our vibrancy, our color, our focus, our spirit, our love. Each of our Songs blend together in a Divine Harmony and how can we not move, play, dance and create as we move in the flow of the Creative Goddess that we are remembering, reconnecting with and awakening even more deeply? Yes in Spirit but also here in this world to see that richness and fullness of Life, of Love in creating and transforming together a New World.

      The affirmation which concludes this message contains the seed, the root and the fruit of our Song and how we create, make and express Love together in every Divine Moment. :)

      "I am unconditionally loving of myself and others. There is an infinite supply of love in the world. I am love."

      1. Song of Creation
      Your card is...

      1. Song of Creation

      Soul Message: The light of inspiration sparks the center of your heart. Golden and pure, this consciousness has birthed a spectrum of color that surrounds you and protects you each day. You are given blue for clarity and insight, yellow for radiant life force, pink for sweetness, red for passion, and purple for higher knowledge. You are blessed with a rainbow consciousness.

      Alchemy and Transformation: The Song of Creation is the song of life, where color, vibration, inner sound, and concentration are combined with the magic of universal orchestration. The spiraling star patterns and egg-shaped halo of gold surrounding the Creative Goddess represent eternal rhythms of possibility and vision. Nothing can remain stagnant at this stage of initiation. The theme of creative movement is evident, for there is a ceaseless interaction of energies moving the spark of inspiration throughout her entire body.

      Awakening to the Archetype - The Triple Goddess: In the Song of Creation, the Goddess is configured in a triangular form, for it is said Her power, concentration, and creativity stem from the Sacred Triad of light, love and wisdom. She is the divine spark of life that births the potential of the Divine Feminine in earthly form and matter. You are invited to dance with and into the Song of Creation, allowing the golden light of Her love to ignite the flame in your heart.

      Everyday Encounters: At this stage, take eager yet thoughtful steps toward the new path of manifestation that lies ahead. Wake up each morning with an expectation of creative fulfillment. All of the necessary ingredients are available to you to assist your magical encounters. The Song of Creation lives through your encounter with creative word, song, and dance.

      Nature’s Healers: The Iris
      Fourth Chakra

      Fourth Chakra

      Chakra Attributes: (Color: Green) (Function: Love)

      Healing Essence of the Chakra: Located in the region of the heart and between the shoulder blades, it is the area of the body where love resides, in the cave of the heart. The ecstasy of love teaches us to let go and trust in the world, ultimately transcending the flames of sexual passion and emptying our life, giving spirit and spirituality into the world.

      Healing Flower: Rose

      Keywords: Love, Unconditional Love, Surrender, Compassion, Forgiveness, Grace, Peace

      Affirmations: I am unconditionally loving of myself and others. There is an infinite supply of love in the world. I am love.

      © Copyright 2013 Inner Sight / Isha Lerner Enterprises. All rights reserved


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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