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Cosmic Sense: [New post] Leo Full Moon 1.26.2013

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  • Ash
    New post on CosmicSense Leo Full Moon 1.26.2013by cosmicsense Ice & Structure Astrology only correlates to reality, it does not cause it. Saturday, January
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      New post on CosmicSense

      Leo Full Moon 1.26.2013

      by cosmicsense
      Pluto in Capricorn-Ice & Structure
      Ice & Structure
      Astrology only correlates to reality, it does not cause it.
      Saturday, January 26, 2013, 10:38 pm, CST: We are tuned in to a vibrant, majestic, radiant, dignified 7*24 Leo Full Moon 180* opposite Sun at 7*24 progressive, innovative, altruistic Aquarius. (Obama has a Leo Sun & Aquarius rising)
      A Full Moon symbolizes a particular time/space alignment with Earth & the two Luminaries, as they travel through each of the 12 electromagnetic fields in their respective order. This Moon event is considered the monthly peak flowering of creativity/development, whether physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, or all of the above...also the fulfillment of balancing opposing, contrasting energies involved; in this case the fixed signs of fiery, powerful Leo & airy, universal Aquarius. Integration of both & respect for the varying factors is important. The fixed quality operates as persistence, endurance, determination; energy that is like "stored power".  The downside manifests as stubbornness & rigidity.  Flexibility rules!
      Heart Warmth
      -30 Below
      Our responsive, sensitive, instinctive & receptive Moon is packed with warm-hearted, generous, enthusiastic Leo's need for romance, affection & recognition. The Sun is associated with Leo & being in the center is natural for this dynamic leader. Our self-confident Leo creative juices are flowing, seeking expression .... drama often comes along too. The Moon symbolizes emotions no matter what so...could be interesting...there are many aspects to this Full Moon, some more harmonious, others quite stressful & intense. Thankfully inventive Uranus at 5* Aries is benefitting our emotional, creative output now, no doubt in unexpected ways.
      Aquarius is not flagrantly emotional (except for a few deviants); its a mentally & intuitively-oriented sign; social, although detached, aloof at times, the genius within perhaps quietly waiting for the lightbulb to flash again. It represents the independent, liberal-minded, freedom-loving, friendly, tolerant, unconventional humanitarian in us. Intuitive, electrical Uranus, radical transmitter of the shocking, the unpredictable, sudden change, the unknown, is the Aquarian key planet & can manifest like a strike of lightning. Revolutionary change is on the program!
      Going for 50 Below
      Going for 50 Below
      I was almost freezing as I took these photos in the strong wind, but I couldn't resist, until my camera froze up. The last one is from inside my office, through the window...
      The Lake Beyond
      The Lake Beyond
      I highly recommend the movie "Searching for Sugar-man"...mere words cannot express how this movie affected me. Its a true documentary/story about an eccentric, musical man's life. Movies & Reggae have helped me get through a very cold birthday week.
      Hope to see some of you at my astrology talk on February 10th, 11am, at the Lake Superior Interfaith Church at 1414 East 9th St. Duluth!! Keep your mukluks dry!
      Check this site for New Moon & Full Moon blogs every month at;
      cosmicsense | January 21, 2013 at 10:04 pm | Categories: astrology, Full Moons, Leo | URL: http://wp.me/pjwFn-RS
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