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A very good synopsis of Present and Coming Times

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  • Spiritus Sanctus
    It takes a while to read through, but this is the best synopsis of current events, from an ancient perspective , that I have read in some time. Cynthia Minas
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2003
      It takes a while to read through, but this is the best synopsis of current events, from an ancient perspective , that I have read in some time.  Cynthia

      Minas Morgul was ever at war with Minas Anor in the west.
      But Minas Anor endured, and it was named anew Minas Tirith,
      the Tower of Guard; for there the kings caused to built
      a White Tower, very tall and fair, and its eyes were on many
      lands. Proud, still and strong was that city, and in it the
      White Tree still flowered for a while before the house of
      the Kings; and there the Numenoreans still defended the
      passage of the River against the terrors of Minas Morgul
      and against all the enemies of the West, Orcs and monsters
      and evil Men; and thus the lands behind them, west of Anduin,
      were protected from war and destruction.
           - J.R.R. Tolkien, The Silmarillion, P 297

      The White Tower


      A Newsletter of Mythology, Astrology,
      Celebrations, Event Analysis and Prediction

      - Steve Nelson, editor & chief writer


      31 January 2003

      Newsletter Contents

       1)   Letter to Mythic Times Readers
       2)   2003 Prediction Key, Year of Global Alchemy
       3)   Myths for Our Time
       4)   Mundane Astrological Charts
       5)   February/March Astro*Events Calendar
       6)   Chinese New Year: Ram, Black Sheep, Water Goat, Deer
       7)   Candlemas  2/3/4 February
       8)   The State of the World
       9)   Morning Star-Gazing, Venus, Mars & Antares
      10)   Astrology Links

          *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *

      “Think not my magic wonders wrought by aid
       Of Stygian angels summoned up from Hell;
       But by perception of the secret powers
       Of mineral springs, in Nature’s inmost cell,
       Of herbs in curtain of her greenest bowers,
       And of the moving stars o’er mountain tops and towers.”
      - Tasso, Canto XIV

          *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *

      Dear Friends of Mythic Times,

            Those receiving this letter directly are subscribers to
      Mythic Times. If this is coming to you as a forward and you
      would like to subscribe, please see directions at the end.

            You may feel free to share this letter in whole or in part
      though I ask that you read through and consider first before
      forwarding. Much of the information included here is apt to be
      discounted by more linear minded rationalists who are still stuck
      in the web of 19th century scientific materialism. Those who see
      through the veil beyond think in terms of the new physics, a
      scientific perspective in line with the old metaphysics. Ours is
      an entirely different perspective from the still mainstream western
      world and though ultimately it will be good to share this view more
      widely, there first a need to clarify it amongst ourselves. All
      views are to be respected, so let’s please pause and think before
      introducing what will rock boats unnecessarily. Those who don’t
      believe in magic (J.K. Rowling’s “Muggles”) can unwittingly use
      their psychic power to inhibit positive psychic or magical
      influence of those who do. This phenomenon has been well
      demonstrated scientifically in the psychic research of J.B. &
      Louisa Rhine. Therefore it is good to be selective in sharing
      our mythical magical world view. Please don’t use these writings
      to try to convince skeptics, all will come round as this mythic
      time unfolds.

            That said, it is possible to see present events in the world
      as direct reflections of numbered cycles and planetary movements
      across the celestial field. The correspondence between world events
      and celestial movements becomes much more obvious and useful when
      the mythologies of the decan constellations are considered in
      relationship to the Earth Zodiac.

             Astrology has been called “the science of beginnings.” A
      birth chart is the map of a life time, a New Moon chart says what
      will be in the coming month, a conjunction of two planets begins
      a cycle that carries on a heavenly pattern. A conjunction has been
      likened to a well from which inspiration continues to be drawn.
      A solar eclipse is the most powerful form of conjunction. The
      Sun/Moon placement at a solar eclipse constitutes a “critical
      degree” that gets activated each time a planet passes over it.
      A powerful 7.3 earthquake hit Colima, Mexico January 21st when
      Venus went over this degree. Mars is now moving into alignment
      with this critical degree so we can expect some major shakings
      in the world in various ways. Mars is also conjuncting Antares,
      the brightest star of the Scorpion at this New Moon of Aquarius.
      Already “in orb” today, Mars will exactly conjunct the December
      4th solar eclipse degree on February 5th when Colin Powell
      presents the U.S. indictment against Iraq at the United Nations.

            We are approaching a very magical new beginning time at
      the close of this week end. All new movement is favored following
      the appearance of the New Moon crescent Sunday night. Women dance
      from the siting of crescent until Moonset for luck and opening to
      new spirit (Cherokee tradition). The next few days (Feb 3 – 5) are
      ideal for putting intentions on the air for the coming Spring and
      Summer seasons. Seed ideas shared now become fleshed out in future
      weeks and months. Our calendars may say Chinese New Year begins
      today but traditional people begin their year this Sunday evening
      and Monday February 3rd is considered the first day of the New Year.
      As this day goes so the new year flows.

             The sad news was broadcast this morning about the space
      shuttle Columbia disaster. I had a premonition about this happening
      a week before after learning that the landing was planned for the
      morning of the new moon. Accidents often occur on the day of or day
      before the new moon. These include the Osprey disaster, a bus
      accident in West Virginia in which dozens of children died, the
      death of the W.T.O. protestor in Italy two years ago, and many others.
      Statistical research is needed to convince more linear scientific
      minds so future flights can be scheduled to avoid the dark moon.

            Space shuttle Challenger exploded soon after take off 17 years
      ago on Jan 28th 1987. Both space shuttles had crews of 7 representing
      the world’s races and ethnic groups. An Israeli, an African American
      and a woman from India were aboard Columbia. It can be hoped, affirmed
      that their deaths will serve now to invoke much needed world union.
      We might remember too that Columbia is the original name for the
      goddess/soul of America.
      Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean
      The Goddess Song by Edgar A. Poe

           “The same Creator who names the stars knows the seven souls
      we mourn today.” – President George W. Bush

            The next two months are tricky and uncertain. Fortune though
      favors the strengthening of the United Nations, Europe and South
      America’s free trade zone centered through Brazil. Can the felt
      need for war be negated?

            March is a time when armies have traditionally been set marching.
      March is the month of Mars, the god of war. This is scapegoat season,
      a time of shadow projection when it is most easy to stir one people
      against another. Everything comes to a head mid-March (beware the Ides
      of March!) when Sun and Moon create a Grand Square with Saturn opposing
      Pluto. War can be avoided then if we the world have tamed our Serpens.
      This means following the tradition we have for “waking the dragon”
      during winter carnival (4 Feb to 4 Mar) and training this energy into
      light in the Lenten season.

            Myths of all times are now coming to life. This is the “end time”
      called Ragnarok by the Norse. It is the “Age of Fire and Ice," an age
      of extremes when "the Fenris Wolf is set loose and the Dragon comes
      down from the pole to shake the world." Last year 7 million acres of
      U.S. forests burned and fires have been threatening many communities
      in Australia during the last few months. New Mexico had a 100 year
      record heat wave this January while most of the eastern U.S. has been
      in a deep freeze. An extraordinary ice storm, the worst on record,
      struck the U.S. at the total solar eclipse December 4th. Numerous other
      earth shaking events have followed this total solar eclipse. And now
      our fervent prayers and meditations - and joyful noises - are needed
      to help reduce present tensions and dispel the shadow of war.

            Times of greatest challenge are times of greatest opportunity.
      When things are most uncertain they are most subject to change.
      As old patterns of belief and being are challenged the way is opened
      to greater understanding and more enlightened living. The old stubborn
      zeitgeist based on 19th century Newtonian physics is now giving way
      to the new magical order of Aquarius. Every social renaissance brings
      struggle between old ways and new. Spirit and Nature conspire to bring
      us into the Age of Light. We enter the new era when we have transformed
      and integrated our own shadow. Many shadow aspects of human nature
      have been revealed these last few weeks and months. Now we can see
      what needs to change and are given the means to do what is needed.

            I hope that we will continue to broaden our perspectives, deepen
      faith and work to dispel unreasonable fears and delusions. Let’s
      remember to count our blessings, make amends with friends and divinity
      and affirm the power of spirit while we enjoy this wonderful world.

           Candlemas blessings & Happy New Year,  Steve

          *        *        *        *        *        *        *


      Each year the World Wheel of Fortune turns and another constellation
      appears on the horizon. The 2002 decan star sign Ophiuchus continues
      its influence until Spring Equinox when a new zodiacal year begins
      and Ara the Altar becomes the ruling constellation.

      Ophiuchus, the Serpent Tamer, corresponds to the Tarot card V of Cups.
      Here is a figure in black with head bowed mournfully over cups that
      have been spilled. Behind him two full cups standing represent good
      things to be, but as yet he does not see. The bridge over the river
      is the way to another realm where an adobe castle is waiting.

      New resources will be revealed in this season as we turn round and
      move forward. Ophiuchus is Aesclepius, the Greek god of healing.
      The grief and woundedness of the ages is here to be healed by
      Aesclepius. Aesclepius wrestles with the Serpent and the Serpent
      teaches Aesclepius the art of healing.

      Ophiuchus, the 1st decan Scorpio, is 70-80 east longitude
      in the zodiac projected on Earth. This region includes eastern
      Pakistan and western India. The serpent that Ophiuchus is taming
      is a separate constellation called Serpens. This decan covers the
      region 40 - 50 east longitude in the Earth Zodiac including Iraq
      and much of Saudi Arabia. Serpens is on the midheaven of the US
      natal chart.  How can Hussein be tamed without US going to war?

      While world attention is focused on Iraq, there is continuing
      concern about possible conflict between the nuclear powers India and
      Pakistan. The Greeks saw Ophiuchus as Aesclepius, the god of healing.
      Aesclepius was taught the art of healing by a serpent, Serpens. A key
      mythic image for the Ophiuchus region of the world (70-80 east)is
      a serpent charmed upward out of a basket by a flute playing yogi.
      Taming the serpent is an important theme now and rhythmic music
      and dance are key. Celebration stems the storm.

      The Divine Serpent in Myth and Legend

      Ophiuchus is also equated with Ahura Mazda, Zoroastrian god of light.
      “Zoroastrianism taught that the world is torn between two deities:
      Ahura Mazda – the Wise Lord, creator of heaven and earth, light and life
      - who embodied the spirit of goodness, truth, and law; and Ahriman, the
      Evil Spirit, whose essence was falsehood and death.”– David Ben-Gurion

      2003 is a #5 year. 5 is an alchemical number representing the fusion
      of 4 elements in the “quintessence,” or Philosopher’s Stone.

      2003 is a Year of Global Alchemy. Day 5, 14 and 23 of each
      month will lucky days with special influence toward this purpose.
      #5 incorporates #14, #23 and #41. Tarot Card #14 is the Alchemist
      whose keynote is Divine Wrath. How temper is channeled is important
      in this time. Anger can be directed toward transformation rather the
      destruction of needless war. #41 is the Ace of Cups, the vessel of
      transforming, the Athanor of the alchemists, America’s melting pot.

      The Winter Solstice and 4 December Solar Eclipse seed charts for
      2003 include some very positive signs: A close trine between Saturn
      and Uranus indicates organized manifestation of Aquarian visions.
      The planet Uranus is in its home sign Aquarius conjunct the large
      asteroid Europa. Newly reconstituted Europe will play a pivotal role
      in 2003. Another close trine between Jupiter and Pluto suggests a
      transformation of the economic and political order now well under way.

          *        *        *        *        *        *        *



        2001   MARS     SNAKE      LUPUS THE WOLF        3 THE EMPRESS
                                    IV of SWORDS        12 THE HANGED MAN
                                                        21 THE WORLD

        2002   SUN      HORSE      OPHIUCHUS,            4 THE EMPEROR
                                    the Serpent Tamer   13 DEATH
                                    V of CUPS           22 THE FOOL
                                    V of PENTACLES      31 V of WANDS

        2003   VENUS    SHEEP     ARA THE ALTAR          5 THE HIEROPHANT
                                    VI of CUPS          14 TEMPERANCE
                                    VI of PENTACLES     23 KING of WANDS
                                                        32 VI of WANDS
                                                        41 ACE of CUPS

      Note: Planetary years are zodiacal years. The Sun continues
      its influence until Spring Equinox 2003 when Year of Venus
      comes into full influence. Sun and Venus share influence
      in this winter season.  Similarly the influence of Tarot
      V of CUPS (with its antipode V of PENTACLES) is transitioning
      to VI of CUPS and VI of PENTACLES. These cards illustrate
      the nature of what has been and what will be.

      In Mars Snake year 2001
        A New Millennium’s begun
      Fenris wolf in the great world shire
        The new age entered through circle of fire.

      Sun Horse year 2002
        Shines a light on false and true
      Evil will of ages past
        Clearly doth its shadow cast.

      Venus Year 2003
        Earth’s renewal does foresee
      Through all who know this true love Queen
        Will faith and hope and joy sing.

          *        *        *        *        *        *        *


      Each zodiacal year is ruled by one of seven planets including Sun
      and Moon. 2001 was a year of Mars, 2002 a year of the Sun, 2003 is a
      year of Venus. Mars years bring more wars and aggressive actions,
      Sun years reveal all that’s been hidden, bring core truths to light,
      expose good and evil alike. Whatever was occurring behind the scenes
      of nations and corporations has been illuminated in this Sun-ruled
      year. The excesses of Mars, corporate corruption, terrorist violence,
      war-mongering have been brought to consciousness. What the Sun Year
      brings to light, Year of Venus 2003 makes right. Venus corrects,
      refines, makes one what is revealed in the Year of Sun.

      2003 is a Year of Venus. Keynotes of Venus are grace, love,
      beauty, truth and art. Venus brings power to restore natural law
      and order. Winter is a transition season. The Sun co-rules with
      Venus until Spring Equinox when the new zodiacal year begins.
      Then the entrance of Venus into Pisces (conjunct Uranus!) on March
      27th signals the return of peace to the world.

      Venus conjunct Mars in mid-Scorpio at this Winter Solstice invokes
      transforming and liberating love. Venus is powered to restore natural
      law, love and order to the world in Venus ruled 2003.

      2002 has been Sun ruled and Sun brings to light all that has been
      hidden good and bad, Year of Venus brings discernment and choice
      about what of this to manifest according to her yardstick of love,
      grace, beauty, & harmony with Nature. 2003 also is 2+0+0+3 =
      5, the number of Venus, her apple, rose and pentagrams et al.

      The time when Venus is coming up before the morning Sun is a time
      for restoring natural order, love, and peace in the world.

      All things Venusian serve in this time: roses, apples and other
      natural forms with five symmetry; pentacles, the pentagon, the
      metal copper (best  worn after polishing & exposure to Sun)*,
      copper mineral; all artforms, harmonious natural surroundings.
      “Venus is to the Earth as the soul is to the personality”
      in esoteric tradition (Alice A. Bailey). Venus symbolized by a
      five pointed star with point upward represents supremacy of soul
      over the four of personality. Similarly the thumb is Venus while
      other visible planets are represented by the fingers. Thumbs up
      means soul control, thumbs down is bad, like the inverted pentagram.
      Thumb rings (especially copper) augment soul influence.

      Grace is a keynote of Venus. There is a relationship between physical
      grace and the grace of subtle spirit, chi. Release of chronic muscle
      tension or “character armor” is important now. Yoga, tai chi, Pilates,
      freeform dance and other forms of body culture can facilitate natural
      flow that leads to transformation.  Personal transformation comes with
      the clearing of psychic and physical channels.  Then attention may be
      directed to what needs transforming on collective psychic levels.
      Note that entrance to the Aquarian era occurs through the Venus ruled
      Libra decan of Aquarius. Venus / Love is guide in this new world.

      *Note: When exposed to the Sun, electrons in copper ramp up to higher,
      more energetic orbitals. This energy is absorbed when copper is worn.
      It takes several days for copper to loose the charge of a few hours
      sunning. Copper has curative effects when periodically exposed to Sun.


      7 Year Gold Price Cycle
      (Note: A 36 year Sun – gold ruled - period began in 1980/81,
      Sun years are 1981, 1988 (until spring equinox 89), 1995
      (until S. E. 96), and 2002 (until S.E. 2003).

      Copper Price Cycle

      Note: Gold prices are due to peak in March,
      the price of copper will rise soon after.

         *        *        *        *        *        *        *


      Here let it be said that in those days the Heir of Isildur arose
      in the North, and he took the shards of the sword of Elendil,
      and in Imladris they were reforged; and he went then to war,
      a great captain of Men. Battle there was in Rohan and the Heir
      of Isildur let the host of the West to the Black Gates of Mordor.

      In that last battle were Mithrandir, and the sons of Elrond, and
      the King of Rohan, and lords of Gondor, and the Heir of Isildur
      with the Dunedain of the North. There at the last they looked upon
      death and defeat, and all their valour was in vain; for Sauron was
      too strong. Yet in that hour was put to the proof that which
      Mithrandir had spoken, and help came from the hands of the weak
      when the Wise faltered. For, as many songs have since sung, it
      was the Periannath, the Little People, dwellers in hillsides and
      meadows, that brought them deliverance.
         - J.R.R. Tolkien, The Silmarillion, P 303

      The same Lord of the Four Quarters diamond star mandala that appeared
      on the central tower of Rohan also adorned the top of the U.S. national
      Christmas Tree lit at midnight Christmas Eve. The United States is
      the Horse Kingdom and there may be important clues in this story to
      meeting the challenges of our day.


      On Wednesday January 15th J.K. Rowling announced that her new
      book "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" will be published
      on June 21st, the day of Summer Solstice. The Aquarian Age is ruled
      by Uranus, planet of the 7th Ray, the Ray of Ritual Order & Ceremonial
      Magic. The big H holding Harry potter's cape is the H in the symbol
      for Uranus.  The bolt of lightning on Harry's forehead represents
      power to overcome evil. Uranus rules lightning. In many Tarot decks
      the lightning bolt striking the Tower (key XVI) is shown coming from
      an eye in the sky. This is the Goddess Eye, the eye of divine
      destruction which overthrows the shadow selves, the false king and
      queen. The
      Lightning Struck Tower is also called the Tower of Liberation.
      When big change is needed the Tower appears. Energy from the eye
      can be used for "psychic editing."  Think of a pattern of thought
      or behavior disturbing you. Next imagine this pattern separate from
      the person or people involved. Then take some deep breaths while
      revving up your anger. On a final outbreath send a bolt of psychic
      lightning to blast the pattern. See the pattern break. Bless the
      energy released and direct it toward a good purpose. This is
      transformation. Uranus is the Egyptian god Onuris, the hero god who
      recovers the Eye. The Goddess Eye clears the way for a new era of
      universal peace and prosperity. Many New Agers say Pallas Athena is
      co-regent of the 7th Ray with St. Germain. The Owl is the creature
      of Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom. Harry's Owl is Hedwig,
      "head wise one." We've been told "Follow the water bearer into the
      upper room" & "Only as you become as little children can you enter .."

         *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *

      This is a mythic time, the beginning the Aquarian Renaissance and the
      start of a new millennium. The Sun Millennium needed a Sun Year(2002)
      to begin and the Age of Aquarius has its inception in Venus year 2003.
      This because we enter the Aquarian Age through the Venus ruled Libra
      part of the sign. Venus/Love rules in this time. Ancient Egyptians
      called Morning Star Venus "Bennu," the Phoenix. The Bennu returns
      every 500 years during a time when Venus rises before the Sun.

      We live in the time of “the war in heaven and earth”. War in heaven
      means conflict on the inner plane. “The astral plane is the battle
      ground of the white magician." (A Treatise on White Magic).

      This is a magical war portended by J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter,
      J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and the popular TV serials Buffy,
      Angel, Charmed, Smallville, Stargate, Haunted, the new Twilight Zone,
      Andromeda, Birds of Prey, have I missed any?

      The more the war is won on the inner side, the less war will be
      in the outer world. Successful ways of combating evil and promoting
      good are coded into our traditions of chivalry and dragon lore and
      our sacred texts. World mythologies convey much vital information about
      our archetypal hard wiring. A mythic story reactivated in its time can
      make all the difference in the world. The present challenge from the
      psychic realm is an opportunity for self-actualization. This is the
      hero’s journey. We are all entering wizard school. It is time now
      for us to wake up, remember who we are and do what we came here to do.

          *        *        *        *        *        *        *


      The centaur Chiron lives at a time when there is a terrible war
      going on between the good gods and goddesses and evil giants called
      the Titans. Chiron saw that the gods and goddesses were losing the
      struggle against the Titans because they were not united.  Each god
      and goddess had a separate shrine & they were fighting among themselves.

      Chiron brought the gods and goddesses together around a fiery altar
      high on a mountain.  On this altar Chiron sacrifices a wolf (constellation
      Lupus). Through this ritual transformation the gods and goddesses are
      united, the evil giants are overcome, and good again triumphs in the world.

      The wolf Lupus represents darker passions that cause violence and
      suffering. The wolf can symbolize greed, addiction, lust or misplaced
      ambition. The wolf in its shadow nature embodies all that stands in the
      way of living one’s potential and realizing the destiny of the soul.
      In Jungian terms this principle is called the “shadow.” Some esoteric
      books call this shadow of Self the “dweller on the threshold.” One only
      becomes fully conscious of this “dweller” at the threshold of initiation.
      The world dweller now stands revealed so world initiation is close at
      hand. Following the sacrifice of the wolf a new state of consciousness
      is realized, a rejuvenation occurs and a new creation can come to flower.
      The death of the shadow wolf reveals the white wolf of purified instinct
      that is in accord with purpose of the soul.

      The transformation of Mars is spoken of alchemically as the "burning up
      of the wolf." The wolf is a creature of Mars.

      A Native American myth teaches the difference between the two wolves that
      appear in the human psychic nature.


          *        *        *        *        *        *        *

      A healing transformation can be facilitated by lying on the back
      head north with hands making a tent over the solar plexus as seen
      in the IV of Swords Tarot card. What needs transforming is then focused
      through the palm chakras onto the solar plexus. This is an “altar” fire
      for the shadow wolf. Breathe deeply and visualize what needs to be

          *        *        *        *        *        *        *


      George W. Bush has Chiron conjunct the Moon and Jupiter in Libra.
      President Bush a Chiron King, a distinction shared with Bill Clinton
      & Tony Blair. (An NPR commentator called Bush’s recent State of the
      Nation address “a Bill Clinton speech” because it so deftly covered
      all bases.) Every Chiron brings a wolf to sacrifice on the public
      altar. Bill Clinton brought the wolf sex, George W. Bush is bringing
      the wolf of war, Tony Blair brings the wolf of corporate greed.

      I believe a collective magic spirit guides world leaders regardless
      of political persuasion. Even those who seem way off base may be
      playing quite necessary archetypal roles. A good case is president
      George W. Bush whose Sun conjuncts the Sun of the United States at
      13 Cancer. This sign reflects the nature of the U.S. national psyche.
      George W. Bush appears scripted to act out, in exaggerated fashion,
      the shadow of the U.S. - he’s doing a good job. Calling world attention
      to Iraq’s “ ideology of power and domination"  brings light to this
      shadow of America. The goal of this political alchemy is to process
      and eliminate selfish nationalistic emotions. Emotional response
      is being invoked from Americans and other people of the world such
      that “one man rule” and U.S. world dominance will be ended. The U.S.
      will then take its rightful place among the community of nations.
      America with its military might, will no longer be feared as a rogue
      cop but valued as a world peacekeeper.

      The Arthurian Round Table story is being retold on a global level. The
      world is turning away from the old “might makes right” philosophy and
      turning toward empowering the good. No one individual should decide the
      course of a nation nor one nation the course of the world. “The dogs
      of war are too vicious to be set loose by one man.” - Robert Byrd

      Parts of President Bush’s State of the Nation speech were inspiring,
      others quite disturbing. “The course of this nation does not depend on
      the decisions of others” brought a chill because that to me means acting
      outside the whole. About this statement, NPR’s Daniel Shore said
      “If this is brinksmanship then President Bush is standing at the brink.”

      N.Y.T. Op Ed “Bait & Switch” by Bob Herbert
      The Bush administration is changing the nation in fundamental ways.
      However one feels about a U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, over the long
      term a bullying, go-it-alone foreign policy wedded to a military
      doctrine of pre-emption is a recipe for destabilization and paranoia
      around the world…  Behind the veil of rhetoric is a Darwinian political
      philosophy that, if clearly understood, would repel the majority of

      U.S. State of the Union Address 28 Jan ‘03
      Our war against terror is a contest of will in which perseverance
      is power. In the ruins of two towers, at the western wall of the
      Pentagon, on a field in Pennsylvania, this nation made a pledge,
      and we renew that pledge tonight: Whatever the duration of this
      struggle, and whatever the difficulties, we will not permit the
      triumph of violence in the affairs of men -- free people will set
      the course of history. (Applause.)
      All told, more than 3,000 suspected terrorists have been arrested
      in many countries. Many others have met a different fate. Let's
      put it this way -- they are no longer a problem to the United
      States and our friends and allies. (Applause.)

      When President Bush was speaking this last line the TV camera was
      focusing on the audience. While the hawks stood clapping a single
      dark haired woman turned aside toward camera with a horrified
      expression on her face. She looked like Medusa and she is hope.

          *        *        *        *        *        *        *


      The Aquarian Age is entered through the third decan of that sign
      in the cycle of precession. The star sign for this decan is Cetus,
      the sea monster that threatens Andromeda. Early Christians called
      this creature Leviathan, the dragon of Revelation.

      The hero Perseus uses the head of Medusa to turn this monster to stone.
      Perseus is the star sign of 3rd decan Aries which is 110 – 120 west
      longitude. Los Angeles and Hollywood occupy this area of the Earth
      Zodiac. Inspiration comes from this area for meeting the challenges
      of the time.

      World terrorism can be defeated by psychic means. The only true
      security is psychic security, the only real defenses are psychic
      defenses. Psychic “pre-emptive strikes” during Algol eclipses can
      help de-structure the rationale for terrorist bombings or unilateral
      military action.

      Algol is a binary star system. This red star in the head of Medusa
      is key to her power. Algol dims noticeably every few days when the
      darker star eclipses the brighter one. People in medieval times
      called this “the winking of the demon’s eye.”

      Happenings in the heavens are mirrored in events on Earth. When an
      eclipse occurs above then something is being eclipsed or eliminated
      here below. Eclipses of Algol are opportunities to bring to
      consciousness what needs to be cleared from the collective psyche.
      Fixing in consciousness equates with "turning to stone." Bring to
      mind the patterns of belief and behavior that are troubling the world
      to help clear them. The window of opportunity for this “psychic editing”
      is about two hours, one hour either way of the exact time given below.

      Note: The times when Algol will be at mid-eclipse are listed in
      Universal Time (Greenwich Mean Time)and Eastern Standard Time US.

      01@16:15 UT = 11:15 a.m. EST
      04@13:05 UT = 08:05 a.m. EST
      07@09:54 UT = 04:54 a.m. EST
      10@06:43 UT = 01:43 a.m. EST
      13@03:33 UT = 10:33 p.m. EST on 02/12/2003
      16@00:22 UT = 07:22 p.m. EST on 02/15/2003
      18@21:11 UT = 04:11 p.m. EST
      21@18:00 UT = 01:00 p.m. EST
      24@14:50 UT = 09:50 a.m. EST
      27@11:39 UT = 06:39 a.m. EST

      Subtract 1 hour from Eastern Standard Time for US CST,
      2 hours for MST, and 3 hours for PST.

      Algol eclipses are more powerful during seasonal ingresses (solstices
      and equinoxes), cross- quarter days (e.g. Candlemas feb 2-4), and
      during New and Full Moons (plus/minus three days).

      Eclipses are for elimination. Algol Eclipses are Optimum Times
      for Psychic Pattern Breaking, Tagging for Deletion, Turning to Stone.
      See the following site for exact midpoint times of 2 hour eclipse.

      *** Pen Algol Eclipses in red on your calendar for easy remembering.***

          *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *      *


      U.N. Security Council:
      * China 1 Oct 1949 3:15 pm LMT Beijing
      * France 5 Oct 1958 12:39 pm CET Paris
        Note Draco Sun/Mer conjunct Bush Moon/Chiron
      * Russia 12 Dec 1991 11:22 am LMT Moscow
        Moon 27 Aquarius conj US Moon, Cetus decan.
      * U.S.  4 July 1776 5:14 pm EST Philadelphia
        Saturn 14+ Lib, Draco decan, square Hydra Sun
      * U.K.  1 Jan 1801 0:00 GMT London
        Hydra Moon conj US Sun, Sun conj NYC Sun.
      * U.N. Security Council Composite
        Sun 24+ Lib, Lupus decan, conj Mer & Ven,
        all square Cancer Mars which trines Sco Pluto.
        An aggregate for exposing & transforming shadow.

      5 nations make up the U.N. Security Council, a group of nations
      esoterically called the Star of the World. “France is at the top of
      the World Pentagram because the 5th Ray is a key to its planetary
      destiny and France has a special role to play on the global stage
      when it matures through its national pride and selfishness. France
      stands separately, often on political matters, has focused much
      attention on a ‘socialistic Third way,’ but is still physically
      at the heart of Europe and at the core of the solution of our
      planetary crisis.” - Mysteries of Venus pp 60-61, Mark Lerner

      Other Charts:
      * New York City 1 Jan 1898 0:00 am EST
        Moon w Athena elevated in Perseus decan Aries.
      * Brasilia  21 Apr 1960 9:45 am BZ2
        Ruling planet Venus Aries 14+ conj U.N. Moon
        Future capital of the South American Union
      * George W. Bush 6 July 1946 7:26 am EDT New Haven CT
        12th house Sun 13+ Cancer, Hydra decan, conj US Sun
        Moon/Chi/Jup in Libra, Draco decan, tri 20 Gem Ur/N.Node
        George W. Bush reflects both soul & shadow of America.
      * Tony Blair 6 May 1953 6:10 am BST Edinburgh
        Sun 15 Taurus, Orion decan. 21 Cap Chiron sq Sat/Nep
      * Blair/Bush Composite Sun 14+ Gem
        opposing Moon 14 Sag conj US Asc, Aquila decan
        N. Node 13+ Aries conj U.N. Moon. 13+ Libra Draco Nep
        tri Sun – a team for taming dragon, empowering U.N.,
        doing war dance, avoiding conflict.

      Colin Powell means “Alert (Powell) Warrior (Aries Sun)
      Who Brings Victory to the People (Colin / Nicholas).”
      He was born April 5th 1937 with Mercury in Aries in
      T-square with Capricorn Jupiter opposing Cancer Pluto.

      * United Nations 26 April 1945 1:13 pm PWT San Francisco
        Moon, Venus & Jupiter in earth sign Grand Trine.
        MC 4 Cancer Sun squ Nep rising @ 4 Libra, Baghdad in Earth Zodiac.

      On 25 April 1945, delegates of 50 nations met in San Francisco for the
      United Nations Conference on International Organization. The delegates
      drew up the 111-article Charter, which was signed on June 26. Alger
      Hiss describes the euphoria as the final draft was signed. He explains
      that Truman placed tremendous importance on it, so much so that the
      original document was given its own parachute on the flight back to

      Iraq is the U.N.'s testing case. There has rarely been a clearer,
      more justified summons to action as this one. As Bush stated in his
      address, "We created a United Nations Security Council so that, unlike
      the League of Nations, our deliberations would be more than talk,
      our resolutions would be more than wishes."

      "The United Nations needs to get some back bone. I'm going to be
      working with the Security Council to put some backbone in it."
                              - U.S. President George W. Bush

      * European Community 1 Jan 1958 0:00 GMT Brussels
        Sun 10+ Cap tri Moon 10+ Taurus, Orion decan
        Orion conquers the Bull of materialism.

      Europe is a counterbalance to the U.S. on the present world stage
      and Europe is key to breaking the spell of Western materialism.
      Europe lives the mythic story of Europa, her name sake. Europa is a
      magical Minoan princess who rides a white bull clockwise round her
      island at Sunrise each day. Europa has a spear that always hits its
      mark (Germany) and a dog (France)that always catches its prey. And
      Europa has a giant bronze robot that guards her island, this is
      England. England plays the role of the reluctant king at the Round
      Table of Europe just as Russia is reluctant king of the 12 nations
      of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Brazil of South America,
      and the U.S. at the World Round Table.

      The net result of the complex political dance now occurring is a
      strengthening of the United Nations, what the world needs now.

      Note: The mythic astrology interpretive system I use combines tarot
      with astrology using the 48 Chaldean / Greek constellations. Each 10
      degree portion of the zodiac is related to a minor tarot arcanum
      (Rider-Waite cards) and to one of the 36 “ultra-zodiacal” constellations.
      These additional star signs are helpful because they have more specific
      mythologies than the zodiacal signs. This interpretive system can be used
      for understanding and forecasting world events as well as for analyzing
      individual charts. Mythic Times subscribers may request my past article
      Decan Constellations Key that includes a chart of all the decan signs
      with their tarot equivalents. Example: Second decan Cancer’s Tarot card
      is # 43. George W. Bush is America’s 43rd president and his Sun is in
      the Three of Cups decan of Cancer.

          *        *        *        *        *        *        *


      * February  1 – AQUARIUS NEW MOON 5:48 EST
      * February  2 – CANDLEMAS / IMBOLC (Observed)
                    - CHINESE NEW YEAR (Crescent Moon)
      * February  3 – AQUARIUS CROSS-QUARTER DAY
      * February  5 – MARS CONJ. 4 DEC ECLIPSE DEGREE
      * February  9 – URANIA GATE OF INSPIRATION
                      THE AWAKENING OF ISIS (Ancient Egypt)
      * February 10 – YAN YAT, EVERYONE’S BIRTHDAY (China)
      * February 14 – SAINT VALENTINE’S DAY
                    - WORLD SOUND HEALING DAY
      * February 16 – MARS CONJUNCT PLUTO 10:55 AM EST
                    - AQUARIUS FULL MOON 6:51 PM EST
                    - CHINESE LANTERN FESTIVAL
      * February 17 – SUN CONJUNCT URANUS
      * February 18 – SUN ENTERS PISCES 9:01 PM EST
      * February 20 – MARS OPPOSING SATURN 9:13 AM
      * February 22 – SATURN STATIONARY DIRECT 2:04 AM

      February 3,4,5,9,10,11,14,15,16,17,18
      Feb 1,2,20,21,28
      BEST DAYS Feb 3,4,5,10,17

      * March 2  - PISCES NEW MOON 9:35 PM EST
                   DAY OF JUDGMENT IN HELIOPOLIS (E.)
      * March 5  - ASH WEDNESDAY
      * March 10 – SUN SQUARE PLUTO
      * March 13 - SUN SQUARE SATURN
      * March 14 – FAST OF MITHRAS (to avert evil)
      * March 15 – THE IDES OF MARCH
      * March 18 – PURIM FULL MOON 5:35 AM EST
      * March 20 – SPRING EQUINOX 8 PM EST
      * March 21 – FULL MERCURY (Superior Conjunction)
      * March 27 – VENUS ENTERS PISCES (Sign of Exaltation)
      * March 28 – VENUS CONJUNCT URANUS 7:43 PM EST
                   REGENERATION OF THE EYE OF HORUS (E.)
      * March 29 – SUN/JUPITER TRINE

      March 4,5,6,8,18,21,22,27,28,29
      March 1,2,3,10,13,14,15,16,17,31
      BEST DAYS March 5,21,22,27,29

      Note: The Egyptian entries are part of an ancient prophetic system
      for fixed solar dates. The Egyptian cycle entry for September 11th is
      “The Day Horus Battles Seth.”

          *        *        *        *        *        *        *


      GEMINI DECAN OF AQUARIUS  (Jan. 30 – Feb. 9)
      The guiding planet is MERCURY; the constellation is PEGASUS, the winged
      horse of Greek myth that carries Perseus to save Andromeda from being
      devoured by Cetus the sea monster.  Pegasus, the “thundering horse of Jove
      that wields divine lightning,” brings intuitive insight, enthusiasm, a
      broadening of understanding, and power to overcome evil. Keynotes are
      Inspiration and Prevision.  The Tarot Arcanum is the SIX OF SWORDS:  A man
      steers a boat with a woman and child toward a distant shore.  The passengers
      are shielded by six upright swords.  Through emotional balance and centered
      personal will inner child and divine feminine are given safe passage.

      RUNE INGUZ (Feb. 2 – 18):  Fertility, Emergence.  A clear vision at the
      beginning ensures harmony and productivity in the cycle.  Harmony of the
      self with the Self brings wholeness.  Clearing away undesirable influences
      and old habit patterns is needed for the union of inner and outer worlds.
      Emerging from the chrysalis of winter follows; a new cycle of self-aware
      creating begins.  In the grail tradition Inguz brings the healing of the
      Fisher King and the potential  “blossoming of the wasteland.”

          *        *        *        *        *        *        *


      The Lunar New Year begins when the Aquarius New Moon crescent
      becomes visible this Sunday evening February 2nd. Monday Feb 3rd
      is the first day of the Lunar Year in most of the world . The
      New Year celebration continues for two weeks culminating with
      the Lantern Festival on the Full Moon (February 16th).

      Sensitive people are more apt to be aware of psychic phantasms and
      turbulent collective emotional tides at the close of the Moon cycle.
      What is awry is brought to awareness. Feeling invokes healing.

      Ideally, we take on little that is new before or on the day of the
      astronomical New Moon. This a time for house clearing in preparation
      for a new beginning. Astral shadows are apt to be passing by and
      moving through, there is a psychic disjunction so it is an unlucky
      time for new or difficult tasks.

      Though the cycle of the Moon begins when it conjoins the Sun, the
      Moon is not visible then and its mediating influence is not available
      to consciousness. The day of the New Moon is unfavorable for planting
      of psychic or physical seeds.  At this time the soul and consciousness
      is turned within.  It is ideal to clean and put the house in order
      during this time, then perhaps have friends in on the evening that
      the New Moon crescent appears.

      The days just following the appearance of the New Moon crescent are
      ideal for beginning new things. This is a good time to let your needs
      be known, begin new things, announce intentions to the world. Farmers
      plant seeds when the crescent Moon appears. This is also the best time
      to plant seeds on other levels.

      Traditional Celts, Jews, Arabs, Chinese and Native Americans begin
      their lunar cycle with the sighting of the New Moon crescent.  All
      outwardly directed activities are supported by the new influences
      coming into the world.

      Lunar New Year is always one of the most powerful New Moons of the
      year so more shadows come before the Moon appears. Lunar New Year
      is always the New Moon in Aquarius. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus
      so this planet is strong now in its influence and the energy of
      Uranus is believed to come through, be mediated by, the Moon.

      The 1st Night and 1st Day of Lunar New Year determines what will
      be in the coming year. Children are allowed to stay up as late
      as they want on 1st Night, this is good luck. No one sweeps the
      house on the 1st Day of New Year because this could brush away
      good fortune. Firecrackers are exploded to scare away the old
      and the demonic and the doors are thrown open to let out bad
      spirits. Scissors, knives and other sharp objects are avoided
      today because these may injure incoming fortune. Red is the
      color favored for décor because it brings abundance. No one
      is supposed to cry at the beginning of New Year so children
      are allowed more their own way. Food today is vegetarian out
      of respect for the animal world. Sticky rice balls with sesame
      seeds are eaten to increase fortune.
       - T’UNG SHU The Ancient Chinese Almanac edited by M. Palmer

          *        *        *        *        *        *        *

      “I am Nature’s special child.
       I trust and am rewarded by trust.
       Fortune smiles on my countenance.
       All things blossom
       In the gentleness of my love.
       I strive to find beauty in all I behold.
       I am fair of face
       And full of grace.


      “This is a smooth year following that of the energetic Horse.
      A year to relax and make peace with oneself as well as with others.
      The Sheep's influence will draw us closer to home and our families.
      Patron of the arts, the Sheep will bring out all the creativeness
      in our natures. On the world scene, things will be more tranquil
      and subdued. Hopefully, the Sheep's love of harmony and keen sense
      for coexisting with his enemies will preserve this year from many
      upheavals. The moderates and doves will be heard and heeded. Wars,
      international conflicts and mutual animosities usually end in the
      year of the Sheep.”
                     - The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes by Theodora Lau

             *          *         *          *          *


      “The sheep of goat (called the hill-sheep) is the 8th symbolic
       animal of the 12 terrestrial branches. The goat is one of the
       ‘six sacrificial animals’ and was undoubtedly known in China
       long before the sheep was. However, since the western variety
       of sheep is relatively uncommon in Asia, the goat or the deer,
       both better known there, are often used as the animal for the
       Year of the Ram. The characteristics of these three animals
       are mingled in fixing the qualities of the ram year.

      “Since sheep, goats and deer are all gregarious, moving about
       in flocks or herds, the year of the ram is expected to be
       marked by excellent cooperation among humans. And, since
       the sheep is timid, mild of nature, wanting little more
       than to be left alone to graze in the grass, it represents
       peace, and its year is thought to bode well for this scarce
       commodity. (The lamb of God, a symbol of Christianity, is
       also well known for this quality).

      “According to an ancient Chinese legend, 5 venerable magicians,
       clothed in garments of 5 different colors and riding on rams
       of 5 different colors, met in Canton. Each of the rams bore
       in his mouth a stalk of grain that had 6 ears. These were
       then presented to the people of the district, to whom the
       magicians said: ‘May famine and dearth be no more.’

      “Having uttered these words, the magicians immediately
       disappeared, and the rams upon which they were riding
       were changed into stone. From this old legend Canton,
       the great city on the Pearl river, came to be known
       as the City of Rams.” -The Asian Animal Zodiac  by Ruth Q. Sun

             *          *         *          *          *

      2002 is the year of Black Horse, which contains Water and Fire.
      Year 2002 has not been a peaceful year, because Water and Fire
      are hostile to each other. When Water and Fire are together,
      disputes and arguments will be there. The solution for this
      conflict is the Wood element.

      Year 2003 is the year of Black Sheep, which contains Water, Fire,
      Earth and Wood.  2003 will be more peaceful than 2002. Year 2004
      is the year of Wooden Monkey. Monkey is in the first year of the
      Metal cycle. Year 2003 is the last year of the Fire cycle. 2003
      is the year between the two Element cycles. Chinese astrology
      calls this type of the year as a corner year. That means 2003
      is a changing and unpredictable year.

      The first day of the 2003 Black Water Sheep year is on 2-04-03 in
      China. Actually, the Water cycle of 2003 begins in November, 2002.

      2003 Chinese Year of the Ram -
      New York City Lunar New Year
      Chinese New Year Parade & Festival in San Francisco Feb 15th
      Lunar New Year Celebrations for Kids Young & Old



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