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                                                  January 22-2013
      We will begin our message today by talking about with the integration of the masculine and feminine expressions of your ONE Twin Flame. Your Twin Flame is also known as your Divine Complement because he or she divinely complements you in every way. Because of your long interaction with polarized third/fourth dimensional realities, you have had many incarnations of being either male or female. Eventually, most of your expressions in third/forth dimensional form forgot that you had a perfect complement in a higher frequency and/or different reality.
      However, as you progress towards your return to the fifth dimension, you begin to lose your need and desire for a polarized expression. It is then that you seek out your Divine Complement. Within your joint expression of SELF you can easily and intimately experience multiple realities within the NOW of the ONE. It is for this reason that we will begin our instruction with your "Blending into Oneness." Once you have mastered the experience of Blending into Oneness with your Divine Complement, it is much easier to blend into Oneness with your Earthly expressions of SELF.
      Divine Complements blended into ONE is the "Mother Root" of all the expressions of SELF that you have in your myriad experiences of form. All of the members of this Mission have multiple expressions of their SELF in a human earth vessel. Many of these humans also have their Divine Complements embodied on Earth during the time that you will be entering.
      Therefore, it is important that you have an in-depth understanding of the topic of Divine Complements, as you will be instructing your earthly ascending humans to merge with their Divine Complement. Because this topic is so very vast, we will have to begin at the beginning, which is Source in the twelfth dimension. We will begin by expanding your awareness regarding your cycle from Source, into your myriad expressions of reality and then back to Source.
      Leaving and Returning to Source
      For eons beyond time, your consciousness existed within the ONE of Source. Whenever Source desires to intimately experience Its many worlds and realities, It creates a Portal of Light through which It merges with Its creations. These Portals of Light (consciousness within form) are the highest evolution of consciousness within every reality. Within your Homeworld, the highest expression was in humanoid form.
      There are many forms that Source uses to serve as a Light Portal through which It can experience It's creation. Some examples of Source's Portals of Light encased in form are humanoids, insectoids, arachnoid, cetacean and draconian. There are also Portals of Light in the fifth dimension and beyond with mutable forms of light and/or exist as pure consciousness with No form.
      However, since we are now discussing the return of Light Portals that form planet Earth, we will discuss the creation of the Divine Child. A Divine Child is a Humanoid being who will eventually take a form in one of Source's worlds of form. Not all beings have a gender. But we are focusing on the Cycle of a Light Portal (human) created to be the window through which Source can experience a third/fourth dimensional reality based on form and gender.
      When Source in the Twelfth Dimension is moved to create a Portal of Light It calls forth Its First Light Ray of Masculine, non-manifest Essence to merge into It's Second Light Ray of Feminine, potential form. As the Masculine and Feminine Rays of Light merge into Oneness of the highest frequency of light, unconditional love, a Third Ray, the Light of the Divine Child, is created from the creative powers of that love. 
      The First Three Rays of Creation
      First Ray-(Masculine, Father God)-Power of Creation
      Second Ray-(Feminine, Mother Goddess)-Infinite Wisdom
      Third Ray-(Divine Child, Humanity)-Unconditional Love
      The First Ray of the Masculine uses His Power of Creation to create a field of unconditional love into which He sends His Seed of Creation...
      The Second Ray of the Feminine uses Her Infinite Wisdom to enter that field of unconditional love so that she may conceive their Divine Child...
      The Third Ray of the Divine Child emerges from this field of unconditional love with all the Qualities of both Father God and Mother Goddess...
      The First Ray expresses Source's Divine Quality of the Power of Creation.
      The Second Ray expresses the Source's Divine Quality of Infinite Wisdom.
      The Third Ray is the result of the merging of Creative Power and Infinite Wisdom honed into beingness by Source's Divine Quality of Unconditional Love
      These Divine Qualities of the Power of Creation, Infinite Wisdom and Unconditional Love are implanted in the ATMA of the High Heart of every Divine Child. Once the Divine Child has learned to access and live via the Divine Qualities of the Fourth through Seventh Rays, the High Heart opens and the Divine Child commences with his/her Return to Source.
      The Next Four Rays Spring from the Need of the Divine Child
      The Fourth Ray-Activates the Divine Quality of Purity
      The Fifth Ray--Activates the Divine Quality of Truth
      The Sixth Ray-Activates the Divine Quality of Invocation
      The Seventh Ray-Activates the Divine Quality of Transmutation
      These four Rays of Light represent the Divine Qualities of Source, which were bequeathed onto It's Divine Child. The birthright of these Qualities will assist the Divine Child to prosper within form and, eventually, return Home to Source.
      The Fourth Ray is the foundation for expansion of consciousness
      The Fifth Ray is the foundation for the exploration of consciousness
      The Sixth Ray is the foundation for unity consciousness
      The Seventh Ray is the foundation for transmutation of consciousness
      The Qualities of these inner Rays of Light activate humanity's inner Light Portal so that the Divine Child can share his/her reality with the ONE. The activation of these Qualities in daily life will light the way back to Source. When the Qualities of Source are unveiled and utilized by the Child of Source he/she can find the way back to their Divinity by steadily expanding their consciousness.
      Using the Qualities in Human Life
      Once the Light Portal/Divine Child/Human can remember and master the Qualities of the Fourth through Seventh Rays, they can embrace their innate creative Qualities of Power, Wisdom and Unconditional Love imbedded within their High Heart.
      The Fourth Ray is the foundation for expansion of consciousness.
      The Fourth Ray holds the Divine Quality of Purity and focuses on living in peace.
      When you, the manifest Portal of Light and Divine Child of Source, are centered within the Divine Quality of Purity, you can more easily find peace in daily life. The innate Quality of Purity is a "firewall" against any darkness that attempts to invade your form. Within the safety of this firewall, you can begin the expansion of your consciousness into the Knowing that YOU are the Divine Child of Source, and hence a Portal of Light.
      This Knowing develops a greater confidence in your innate Purity. This confidence assists you to maintain a state of consciousness that is above interaction with that which distracts you from your true Purity of Purpose. In this manner, a dedication to furthering your Purity of Purpose directs your attention and intention onto that which is loving and pure. This intention creates an increase of consciousness that expands your perceptions beyond the confines of third dimensional limitation and into the higher expressions of your own Divinity. In this manner, you awaken your Individual Consciousness.
      The Fifth Ray is the foundation for an exploration of consciousness.
      The Fifth Ray holds the Divine Quality of Truth and focuses on Healing and Science.
      When centered within the Divine Quality of Truth, your consciousness and perceptions expand beyond the myriad illusions of your polarized reality. You begin to remember your true, Multidimensional SELF, which activates your higher abilities. These higher abilities guide you to explore your reality through the higher perceptions of your expanded consciousness. This exploration of consciousness activates your innate creativity, and you long to improve the reality in which you live. Thus, you expand your consciousness into Group Consciousness.
      With the activation of your creative exploration you remember higher expressions of your Multidimensional SELF who consciously, or unconsciously, guide you to discover advanced ways to perceive the world through new scientific methods. Furthermore, your exploring consciousness FEELS the unconditional love of your Higher Expressions and begins to notice how this unconditional love carries a remarkable ability to heal all life. On whatever Path you take you become a leader in your world because you must find the truth.
      The Sixth Ray is the foundation for unity consciousness.
      The Sixth Ray holds the Quality of Invocation and focuses on Reverence in Daily Life.
      When you are centered on the Divine Quality of Invocation, you remember to daily, if not hourly or even moment-to-moment, communicate with your higher expressions of SELF. Through this Unity with your higher dimensional expressions of SELF, you remember the Oneness of ALL Life. Thus, you seek to join in Unity Consciousness with your fellow humanity, as well as with all planetary life. Hence, you have expanded your consciousness into Planetary Consciousness.
      Unity with all life expands your consciousness into a deeper experience of your own Multidimensional SELF. Those who once appeared to be your Guides are now realized as higher expressions of your own expanded SELF. Your ever-increasing unity with your Multidimensional SELF expands your perceptual field into higher and higher frequencies of reality. Hence, you become an inter-dimensional traveler. This traveling introduces you to members of your Galactic and Celestial SELF.  Thus you have expanded your consciousness into Galactic Consciousness.
      The Seventh Ray is the foundation for transmutation of consciousness.
      TheSeventh Ray holds the Quality of Transmutation and focuses on the transmutation of all form into its higher frequencies of expression.
      When you are centered on the Seventh Ray Quality of Transmutation, you begin your return to Source. It took you many eons to finally move from the Twelfth Dimension of Source Consciousness, into the Tenth and Eleventh Dimensions of Cosmic Consciousness, then into the Eighth through Tenth Dimensions of Universal Consciousness, into the Seventh Dimension of Oversoul Consciousness, the Sixth Dimension of Light Consciousness (consciousness as Light), the Fifth Dimension of Planetary and Galactic Consciousness and finally into the Third/Fourth Dimensions of Individual Consciousness.
      With the full awakening of the Divine Quality of Transmutation, your physical form becomes cumbersome. Your consciousness is resonating a frequency that is too high to be incased in such a dense form. Therefore, symptoms of transmutation begin to occur more and more frequently. This period of change can be quite uncomfortable, as you may feel "crammed into a box that is too small for you." However, your third dimensional world has been based on resistance.
      You have felt resistance against the earth with each footfall, as well as the resistance of your clothing against your skin. You knew you were YOU because you were separate from all that was NOT you. You spent your time doing work, which is resistance over time. However, you are now agitated at the thought of work and individuality is not needed to express your self.
      In fact, the YOU that you have come know as your SELF lives in Unity with All Life. You tire of your human experience and are ready to return Home. Of course, this Return will be beyond time, as it begins with your return to the timeless fifth dimension. Furthermore, since fifth dimensional consciousness is focused on Unity, this return begins by unifying your consciousness with your Divine Complement.
      Do you now understand the long journey to merging with your Divine Complement? Furthermore, can you better realize how the blending of the Masculine Power of Creation with the Feminine Ultimate Wisdom is vital for the conception of your higher expression of Lightbody?
      When your consciousness is trapped in the lower frequency humanoid form, the experiences sent to Source through your Light Portal are blurred by illusion. On the other hand, the Light Portal of your Lightbody is free of illusion and can perceive Source while Source perceives you. Therefore, you can develop an interactive relationship.
      Conversely, while wearing your fifth dimensional Lightbody you can perceive your SELF as a component of the Totally Unity of Source. Additionally, you are aware that there are millions of expressions of your SELF on myriad realities and dimensions with whom you are united within the ONE of Source. (For more information about the Seven Rays see:
      UnconditionalLove copy.jpg  
      The Gift of Unconditional Love
      Dear Ascending Ones,
      We are sending message to the ascending ones on Earth into a frequency slightly above the baseline frequency of humanity's consciousness. Hence, only those who have expanded their consciousness into the higher fourth and fifth dimension are able to receive the message. In this way, only those who are ready to view their world from a different perspective receive the information. 
      Some of you will receive our message in your dreams, meditations or while engaged in a creative endeavor, and some of you will consciously get our transmission. However, all of you will initially perceive our message as a FEELING. This "feeling" is similar to the ringing of your phone or the opening of your computer that tells you there is message awaiting your retrieval.
      Although, instead of answering your phone or opening your email you will retrieve this transmission by (1) storing it in your High Heart and (2) going into a meditative state to expand your consciousness to the frequency in which you can translate our Light Language into your current 3D language and/or creative expression.
      We have been asked many questions about what will happen next. In response to your questions we recommend that you release your stress, and not worry about what others may be doing. There are still many humans who are too attached to third dimensional life to be among the initiators of your New Earth. Eventually, these humans will choose to awaken or enter into another holographic world.
      You, our Beloved Ones, are the forerunners of a reality based on a higher frequency of consciousness. There is only one requisite to entering this reality, which is to expand your consciousness to embrace the higher frequencies. The illusion that YOU are a dense being of earthly matter is coming to it's conclusion, but only for those who have expanded their consciousness into the higher fourth and fifth dimensional vibrations are aware of this fact.
      YOU, our ascending ones, are aware that you are NOT your earthen body and know that that you are actually wearing your earthen body. Furthermore, you realize that this shell in which you live has become too tight and limiting. Fortunately, much like a Hermit Crab you are looking for a new encasement for your multidimensional consciousness. However, unlike the Hermit Crab who steals its new home from others, you have the ability to create your own new body.
      This process of creation will occur simultaneously with the creation of the New Earth. However, "creation" of New Earth, or even of your new body is not exactly the correct term. You do not need to create that which already exists. However, you will need to expand your perception into the frequency in which your new body and New Earth eternally exists.
      Since you have always been a multidimensional being, you already have many expressions of SELF on myriad realities. In fact, you are a multidimensional being who simultaneously lives in multiple realities. Each of these realities is inhabited by yet another expressions of your SELF. When you first took an earth vessel on third dimensional Earth, the limited thoughts and waves of fear-based emotions disrupted your memory of SELF.
      Without the memory of your true, Multidimensional SELF, your consciousness became limited to the physical shell that contained a very small component of your expanded consciousness. Because your physical reality was so constrictive, the only way in which you could imagine a higher expression of your SELF was through an external Deity who existed far away in a place that you could only enter by dying.
      There are still many humans who are limited to that belief and who will become quite angry if you try to disrupt their system of thinking. Hence, we recommend that you allow these humans to awaken at a rate that does not cause them fear. Furthermore, we suggest that you be the Higher Being that you are and send them unconditional love even though they may judge you.
      If you judge them in return, you have greatly lowered the resonance of your consciousness. We tell you this because dealing with those who judge your beliefs, because they are afraid to change, will be one of your greatest challenges. It is best to confront this challenge by looking into each person's aura to see if they are ready to shift their consciousness into a higher frequency before you communicate with them about the ascension.
      If you sense that they do not want to change their frequency of resonance, keep your information to yourself. On the other hand, because the Cosmic Light is activating the 97% DNA, more and more humans will become very curious about why you appear to be so happy, and indeed, so different. They may not yet be able to perceive that your resonance is no longer confined within your earth vessel, but they will have an inner sense that you have something interesting to share with them.
      Hence, you, our ascending ones, will be living in multiple realities. At first, you may be experiencing the multiple realities of 3D Earth, as well as the overlay of New Earth. You may also be experiencing the reality of fully ascended Earth and/or your participation in realities in which you are on a Star Ship or on your Homeworld. Many of you have regularly been visiting our Star Ships during your sleep on a regular basis in preparation for your conscious visits into the expanding frequencies of New Earth.
      We say "expanding frequencies of New Earth" because this world is a Parallel Reality, an offshoot, of the physical Earth. New Earth has been like a small bird in its nest in a very high tree. You, our ascending ones, have been feeding and nurturing this bird with your thoughts of creating a new world and your ever-expanding unconditional love. Now, like proud parents, you observe your baby bird as it flaps its wings at the edge of the nest in preparation for take off.
      PhoenixBird.jpg  As this Phoenix Bird takes wing, a new era is born, and YOU our beloved ones are to be the caretakers of this new way of life. So many of you have entered the trauma of 3D Earth again and again to try to prepare the way for this moment. Sometimes you were briefly successful, but more often you experienced your attempts to assist Gaia as a dismal failure. Dear Ones, we wish to tell you that although your attempts could not attach to the body of Gaia, your loving intentions were stored in Her fourth dimensional aura.
      In this manner, Gaia has been able to accept your great gifts of loving dedication when She was, finally, able to expand Her resonance into the higher planes of Her fourth dimensional aura. Therefore, every gift of love which many of you gave your life to plant in Gaia's aura has now been collected and is greatly assisting Her planetary ascension. Therefore, dear ascending ones, we ask that you clear your own fourth dimensional aura of what you perceived as failed attempts to raise the consciousness of the Beings of Earth.
      ALL the plant and animal kingdoms, as well as much of the elemental kingdom of Earth are prepared to place their primary perceptions into the birthing of New Earth. There are also more humans than you would expect who are searching for the better reality that they are feeling awakening within their hearts. Gaia's labor has been long and is not yet complete. However, as more and more of you, our ascending ones, maintain longer and longer periods of time maintaining a fifth dimensional resonance, you will greatly assist Gaia as she replicates Herself into Her Higher Expression.
      Each on of you who send unconditional love into your daily life, especially into your daily third dimensional struggles, assists Gaia more than you can imagine. You also assist those who tire of fear-based emotions and the struggles of daily life. For as you attempt to expand your consciousness, they find the field of unconditional love that you have created. In fact, by creating this energy field of unconditional love in your daily life YOU are creating New Earth.
      Unconditional love is the bonding force of all realties. Therefore, when your aura is filled with unconditional love, this force of love expands its emanation beyond your aura to bond with other fields of unconditional love. These many energy fields are constantly seeking to unify with each other. In fact, as more and more of you send forth your free gift of unconditional love into the aura of Gaia you contribute to the Mantle of Unconditional Love that will completely surround New Earth. 
      This encasement of unconditional love is the metaphor for the amniotic sac of New Earth. Just as an amniotic sac feeds and protects the growing infant, this Mantle of Unconditional Love will feed and protect the infant New Earth. As a matter of fact, our beloved ascending ones, if the only thing you DO is to breathe unconditional love into your world, you are contributing immensely to the birth of New Earth. Remember that unconditional love is love without condition.
      Therefore, even if a person, place or situation caused you anger, fear or sorrow, you send them unconditional love for free. This gift is NOT an act of submissiveness, as whenever you send unconditional love you greatly empower yourself because you are feeding your fifth dimensional nature. Fear-based emotions send a rush of adrenalin through your system, which lowers your consciousness to the animalistic nature of your physical encasement.
      On the other hand, when you experience unconditional love your pineal gland releases DMT into your system, which creates sensations of bliss and euphoria. At first, you may not consciously be able to feel this bliss and euphoria because it is such a novel sensation. Your earth vessel is continually bombarded by millions of inner and outer sensations. These sensations run through a filter in your human brain known as the reticular formation, which serves as a filter to determine which sensations are sent to the conscious mind and which sensations are stored in the sub-conscious mind.
      Sensations that activate adrenalin go instantly to your conscious mind, as they are survival-based emotions. You can ignore bliss and still survive. However, if you ignore fear, you could become injured or even die. The Third dimensional Operating System of the 3% of your DNA and about 5% of your brainpower is based, not on happiness or mind expansion, but on survival.
      Fortunately, as your 97% DNA is activated by the greater Cosmic Light, you move into your Multidimensional Operating System with its resulting "whole brain thinking." Whole brain thinking is the ability to use 100% of your biological computer brain. The 3% DNA of your Third Dimensional Operating System is based on survival of the species, whereas the other 97% DNA of your Multidimensional Operating System is based on the ascension back to your true, Multidimensional SELF.
      When your world fell into darkness, you were invaded by the Service-to-SELF beings who manipulated your DNA to limit it the 3% of survival consciousness. However, it is not just the outer Cosmic Light that stimulates your 97% ascension DNA. Whenever you are able to experience the sensation of unconditional love, your pineal gland emits DMT into your system which activates the 97% DNA, if only for a short period of your time.
      It is because unconditional love stimulates your ascension process that most religions and metaphysical trainings encourage unconditional love. Of course during the dark times since the fall of Atlantis, even the power of unconditional love was limited and often led to the capture and execution of any group or person who ignored the indoctrination of the darkly intended Power-Over-Others rulers. In fact, even "religious leaders" were greatly threatened when others possessed the great power of unconditional love.
      There are still many humans on the body of Gaia that fear unconditional love. It is foreign to them, and that which is different often creates fear. However, we ask you to send your unconditional love without any third-dimensional intentions. Instead, send out this great force as a FREE gift that you naturally exude from your ever-ascending consciousness. It is a third dimensional "hook" to have an unconscious intention attached to that which appears to be an act of your higher expression of SELF.
      Even sending unconditional love as an act to heal another is an intention. Perhaps that person is learning an important lesson that is vital to his or her ascension. Furthermore, unconditional love will naturally seek its highest purpose. Therefore, it is best to send out your great gift of unconditional free of all intention. In fact, if you can take a few deep breaths to pull in unconditional love from the open portal of your pineal gland, and then pull it into your High Heart, you can assure that your intentions are clear.
      Additionally, pulling the unconditional love through your pineal gland will activate your DMT ascension hormone. Then grounding that love in your High Heart allows you to fully receive and understand any higher messages that are embedded in the highest frequency of light, which is unconditional love.
      Once you have received and documented your higher communication, allow it to intermingle with your breath, as you breathe out from the High Heart to share your unconditional love. In this manner, those who are prepared to receive these higher messages will, indeed, pick them up from the expand Mantle of unconditional love surrounding Gaia. 
      Dear ascending ones, remember to keep your Cosmic Portal, your pineal gland, open to our ever-increasing communications. You will experience these communications by a feeling of unconditional love, bliss, happiness and/or peace and calm. Sometimes, especially if you are busily engaged in physical life, you may experience our messages as a sudden moment of overwhelming fatigue.
      Your body is feeling fatigued because your resonance has just expanded due to our incoming message. Then, the juxtaposition between the higher light of unconditional love and your third dimensional activity highlights the effort that you are placing into your physical endeavor. Hence, take a deep breath, close your eyes and allow the bliss to replace the fatigue. If at all possible, expand this moment by consciously receiving our message.
      Our message comes into your consciousness beyond time. Hence, all you need do is recognize the download of our message and store it in your High Heart. Then, make the time as soon as possible to relax into your High Heart to consciously absorb our communication. Before you entered into your present form you were all taught this technique so that you would never feel separate from your true Family.
      Now that your personal and planetary resonance is steadily increasing, you are all beginning to remember what the Veil of Maya has hidden from your conscious awareness. Therefore, our beloved ones, lift your Veil, open your Pineal Portal and prepare your High Heart to receive and understand our transmissions.
      We are ALWAYS with you. Listen with your Heart to hear our call.
      The Arcturians and your Galactic Family
      Unconditional Love in 8 minutes
      Unconditional Love in 8 minutes


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        December 10, 2013 

        Online Healing Retreat
        Saturday, December 14 
        Time: 11am Pacific / Noon Mountain / 1pm Central / 2pm Eastern / 7pm GMT

         We hope to meet you 11:00am Pacific Time - Saturday, December 14, 2013
        To hear audio and register please click: 
        Saturday, December 14th 
        Time: 11am Pacific / Noon Mountain / 1pm Central / 2pm Eastern / 6pm GMT

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        Saturday, December 14th

        Register for Single Event: $22.22

        Register for the Full Series (5 Programs) - $88.88
        Join us as we again go into the Core of Gaia. This time we make this journey to release the psychic scars from the sinking of Atlantis.
        Center of Earth Meditation / A Journey of self discovery
        Journey to the Center of Earth Meditation
        Just as we contributed to healing the scar of Lemuria's sinking in our last meeting, this time we will assist to heal the scar of Atlantis's sinking. We have carried these psychic scars during most of our myriad incarnation on Earth. As we release the trauma the death of two major civilizations, we can more easily release any remaining trauma from our current life on Gaia.
        The Final Sinking of Atlantis from Venus.jpg
        Visions From Venus
        We begin at the beginning of the end...
              The others, who had chosen to stay behind to assist the crossing over of the many who would die, realized that something had happened to these four.  They began to come to each of the four with their problems, and mostly with their fears.  Those who remained in the Temple were very brave indeed.  
        They knew that they would all die, but they had volunteered to stay behind to assist the many dead and dying at the time of the cataclysm.  When so many people die at once in a violent and terrifying manner, the Lower Astral Planes become very turbulent.  This turbulence can ricochet back to the Physical Plane and actually make the cataclysm worse.  All those who remained realized that none of the continent would survive, but they were hoping to save the planet.  If the disaster were too tremendous, the Earth could actually become disengaged from its gravitational field and be spun off into space.  As awful as it is for a continent to be destroyed, it is far worse to lose an entire planet.
              The earthquakes and tremors were happening more often and becoming more and more severe.  Everyone knew that soon the day would come when the entire continent would be destroyed.  The people left in the cities, and the forces of darkness that remained on Atlantis, were in denial.  Those in power did not wish to lose their positions, so they flatly denied any real danger.  There had been many times of geological upheaval.  In fact, the continent had grown quite a bit smaller in the last hundred years.  The periods of upheaval would eventually end and things would return to normal.  Therefore, the dark forces continued with their Black Magic and with the use of the crystal at full power, just as they had always done.  The waiting list for the transformer was as long as ever, and all the powerful and wealthy anticipated the addition of several decades to their lives. 
              However, some of the simple people, especially those who worked with animals or who worked the Earth, began to realize that something was different. These people had very limited resources and no way to leave.  The Temple had sent off its last sea ship and air machine.  The dark forces and their allied leaders, allowing no means of escape for those who stayed, viciously guarded the few vehicles that remained in the area.  More and more of these natural people came to live in or near the Temple.  
        It became as crowded as it had ever been, but now with women, men, children, and animals instead of priests and priestesses.  Gradually, everyone in the temple began to partake in the sunrise and sunset ceremonies.  Even the children and animals became silent.  The members of the darkness and the rich, powerful royalty scoffed at this foolishness and continued their lives as before.  The continent was more and more separated into two different elements.  The dark and the light became increasingly defined.
              The four received, on the next full moon, a message that the end would come!  Always, when the moon was full, the configuration of the sun and moon in aspect to the crystal created a stronger energy force than usual.  This was a time of special ceremonies, as well as special usage of the crystal.  The air machines were fueled and the life regenerators were all run at full speed. The dark forces were also harnessing the increased energy off the crystal for their evil purposes.  This full moon would be in Taurus, which was a period of extraordinary power in the physical plane.  It had always been a time of special feasting and celebration. 
              All the members of the Temple were warned, and even the peasants knew that something ominous was about to happen.  Everyone could feel the tension in the air.  No one left the Temple as the day approached.  The dawn ceremony was so charged with power that many people fainted or became ill, and several of the older ones died.  Many spent the entire day in meditation.
              The four had all said their good-byes to everyone and had retired to their corner rooms to spend the entire twenty-four hour period in contemplation. The Temple was placed at the tip of a peninsula and situated so that each direction had a direct view of the ocean.  Shature's room was in the North corner of the Temple, Lateen's was in the East, Vicor's was in the South, and Ramor's room was in the West corner.  No thoughts or emotions were allowed by any of the four at this time.  They were empty vessels preparing themselves to fulfill their duties.
              The first rumbling started as the full moon began to rise, and the Earth was in full turbulence as the moon reached its apex. Each of the four had spent the entire twenty-four hours in deep communion with their Divine Complements.  Shature could feel the tension of the Temple threatening to pull her consciousness down, but she chose to focus her attention on her Highest Self.  All the pain and loneliness of her life lay below her.  It was like crossing a high suspension bridge and looking only at her destination, refusing to acknowledge the treacherous rocks below.  As the tremors began, she had to discipline herself greatly to not fall into the fear.
              But as the tremors grew, so did her Inner Light.  She stared into the blank stone wall before her, and in her mind she saw the waters rushing towards her.  She knew that the others were having the same vision.  It was the vision they had all seen many times.  As she imagined this water, she saw it not as death, but as a reunion with her Lamire, reunion with her spirit and reunion with her destiny.  Her physical body was being rocked and buffeted, and she had to tie herself to her altar so that she did not fall about the small room. 
              Simultaneously, the light became so strong that she was blinded by it.  She no longer saw the room around her or even her vision of the wall.  The tone was so loud and the light was so brilliant that she no longer heard the quake or even the onrushing waters.  She could no longer feel anything.  Her emotions had become extinct.  Her thoughts were unnecessary.  All that was left was this blinding golden light with its accompanying brilliant tone.  She stepped into the light as it drew her to its heart.  As she took that step, she found she was not alone.  Her Complement embraced her, and as she looked around, she saw the other four with their Complements.
              They stood in a radiant circle, and within that circle was a vortex of Light that reached below to the troubled Earth.  They did not think, nor did they feel.  They focused only on balance.  Balance to hold the Earth in its gravitational field.  They realized at that moment that all over the Earth were other groups of four serving the same purpose.  Together they formed a magnetic net of light that protected the Earth from complete destruction.  The net was an infusion of their physical and spiritual elements.  Spirit and Matter together as one!
              From the center of the vortex was a bridge filled with all the colors of the rainbow.  Across that bridge came those who believed.  Leaving behind their physical forms to the grasps of the onrushing waters, they bravely climbed the bridge to spirit. They left behind the fear and sadness in their empty vehicles because these emotions blurred their vision of the bridge.  They pushed aside their anger, at others and at themselves, because it would have trapped them in their dying physical forms.  Love alone shone in their hearts and minds.  All around the planet, even in areas where the physical vehicle was safe, brave and loving souls realized that this was the closing of an age.  In this knowledge they decided to take the opportunity to free themselves from the wheel of birth and death. Since they had faced their darkness and done mortal combat with it, they were able to own their light and see its staircase to a better way.
        As we go into the past to heal the NOW
        in preparation for Planetary Ascension
        we create our Inner Path to fifth-dimensional New Earth.
        We need not walk that path alone, 
        as our higher states of consciousness urges up to connect with our Divine Complements.  
        When Gaia first enters the fifth dimension, you will likely wear your form/body at all times as a means of comfort. Comfort often comes from what is familiar, such as wearing a form. In fact, you will likely choose to wear a form of gender, as that is also familiar. However, you will remain on the fifth dimensional threshold until you have recognized and united with your Divine Complement. Your Divine Complement, also known as your Twin Flame, is the completion of your SELF that split into a gender when you first took form in the third and fourth dimensions.
        Since you are united with all life on the fifth dimension, there will be no effort in connecting with your Complement. Because there is no time or space in the fifth dimension, all you will need to "do" is to put out the call for your Twin Flame, and instantly, you will be united. You will know that this union has occurred because you will feel complete bliss and total unity. Many of you are already in contact with your Twin Flame/Divine Complement in your grounded reality, but you may not know it, as your Complement may be a child, a best friend, or a parent.
        In fact, throughout your many third dimensional incarnations, you and your Complement have met in many differing forms of relationships. (see Reconstructing Reality by Suzan Caroll) Fortunately, the instant manifestation of your thoughts in the fifth dimension will allow you to instantly perceive your Complement. On the other hand, if your thoughts and emotions become fearful, your resulting lowered consciousness will immediately return you to the lower dimensional realities.
        This return to the lower realities is in no way a punishment. It is simply a matter of resonance. Your reality is a result of your state of consciousness. In order to maintain a state of consciousness that resonates to the fifth dimension, your thoughts and emotions must be based on unconditional love, unconditional acceptance and unconditional forgiveness. We know that your grounded self may find unconditional love to be impossible to maintain. However, once in the fifth dimension, unconditional love fills the ethers, and you feel totally safe and united with all life. With more frequent experiences of the fifth dimension, it will become easier to maintain that state of consciousness.
        Your Multidimensional SELF is preparing you now for this shift by showing you how quickly your thoughts and emotions create your reality. You are also being shown any remnants of your ego attachment and service to self. You are brave spiritual warriors to confront your ego and fears again and again, so that you may regain your full Mastery of Energy (thoughts and emotions). It is because you are becoming a Master of Energy that you are able to create your own reality with your thoughts and emotions.
        With your Divine Complement by your side, the mastery of your energy is easier. Also, once you have gained a state of mastery over your thoughts and emotions, you can more easily recognize and connect with your Divine Complement. However, Your Complement may not be wearing a human form. Also, you may or may not be able to live with your Complement even once you have meet. Please remember that these agreement were made before your incarnation into this life to best serve the process of planetary ascension.
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