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Wordz of Wyzdom: Unity 1 to 5

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  • Ash
    Source: Wordz of Wyzdom http://www.facebook.com/notes/wordz-of-wyzdom/815-wordz-of-wyzdom-unity-1-click/264697976875022 UNITY 1   Lack of awareness of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 22, 2013

      Source: Wordz of Wyzdom

      UNITY 1
      Lack of awareness of the basic Unity of organism and environment is a serious and dangerous hallucination.
      Alan Wilson Watts
      The "Directors" behind the scenes of the push to program and guide the course of man's evolution have no desire for us to recognize our empirical connections with one another, let alone our connection to everything else that exists in both the physical and non-physical universe. But even beyond the internal, intuitive, spiritual KNOWING of this fact; science shows us this TRUTH as well. So why, even in the face of evidentiary proof, do people still continue to war, separate and divide themselves from each other based on these elementary and external differences? Why are we still using childlike value judgment criteria as adults, who should be able to think critically on such important subjects; picking and chosing who belongs and who does not... in this human experience? THE PROGRAMMING IS DEEP!
      This goes far beyond simple persuasion to radically altering the mental reality of individuals to cause a lapse in the recognition of TRUTH in the face of self-degenerating actions and behaviors. We are not a world of critical thinkers and consciousness expanders; we are complex beings living in a controlled, simplistic, externalized environment... an ILLUSION.
      However, seeing it for what it is, is the beginning stage of AWAKENING and CONNECTING. As we each find our ways onto the path towards understanding the ALL-ONEness of the UNIVERSE and our individual CONSCIOUSNESS connections to our SOURCE of LOVE and LIGHT, we raise the vibrations of ourselves and in turn raise the standard of THINKING, UNDERSTANDING and KNOWING for ALL that we are connected to. In other words, raising the consciousness of SELF automatically raises the consciousness of man.
      So do not fear the plans to subvert our advancement and evolution into the Divine Universal Beings that destiny has in store for us. We are going through the necessary steps to reach those goals. We are exactly where we are supposed to be, so don't let fear and anxiety stunt your growth. 
      Continue to elevate, expand and unify and...

      UNITY 2
      I know that my Unity with all people cannot be destroyed by national boundaries and government orders.
      Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy
      War, False Flag Operations, threats of Terrorism, heightened states of security and political & religious unrest are the signs of the times... and they serve a purpose for those who strive to control the course and destiny of Man's evolution. Fear and confusion are the desired results and there has been great success in these endeavors. We have become afraid of what is outside of our national boundaries and prisoners inside of our mental boundaries.
      Why is there such a need for us to remain trapped, attached to, and dependent upon these limited levels of connection with our brothers and sisters across the globe; why are fear and hatred fostered as tolerable states of being? The destruction of connections, even though they are mental illusions in a fictitious reality, serves to hold our level of elevation and expansion into the ALL-ONEness of Creation at its lowest levels. Fear and the feelings of insecurity keep us from recognizing our eternal reality and unity with our SOURCE of LOVE and LIGHT.
      At this time when consciousness is shifting into high gear it has become necessary to increase the diversions of our awareness from TRUTH because it is beginning to bleed through the extensive programming which has held us in check for so long. Drastic measures are required to hold us in our mental traps and spiritual bondage. And most importantly we must not be allowed to believe in our global conscious connection, for that is truly a detriment to the designs.
      But nothing can stop the individual who awakens to the REAL reality and TRUTH. Nothing can prevent the single SOULS who move beyond the illusions one by one. The power of the individual consciousness connecting with SOURCE is the key to removing the veil of deceit, lies and disempowerment. 
      Do not be overly concerned with the plight of the whole for that diverts your energy from connecting with your own HIGHER SELF. You are a unique and fully contained source of infinite power and energy. Learn how to manifest that which is within YOU... and then begin to drop seeds of awareness into the gardens of those you are connected to. This is the process of AWAKENING.
      Do your part for SELF 1st and...

      UNITY 3
      So powerful is the light of Unity that it can illuminate the whole earth.
      Within each of us is the Light of Creation; the Light of our SOURCE of LOVE and LIGHT ("GOD"). It shines as brightly as we allow it to through our thoughts, actions and beliefs. When our physical SELF (body and mind) is in sync with our Higher SELF (consciousness/spirit/soul) we become illuminated; we resonate LOVE energy into the world and it can be seen, heard and felt by those others of us who are also in alignment.
      There is nothing more beautiful or powerful than the illuminated individual... except the illuminated collective.
      And as you strive to maintain your own alignment with SOURCE in the face of all the trappings of our earthly experiences, you attract and are attracted to the Light you FEEL within your SELF that is also present in others. The more you find that you are able to sift through the muck and achieve those states of Inner Peace which come and go, the greater your attraction to that unified Light of ALL-ONEness which exitsts in the bliss.
      This human experience is such that we are never always in tune with the Light; we are never without contrasting experiences which allow us to recognize what we truly desire for ourselves. We grow, elevate and expand through the duality of existence; knowing good because of bad, joy because of pain, life because of "death"...; knowing what we want from what we don't want.
      But we must always embrace those moments of clarity fully, shining the Light of awareness into the world and connecting with one another in the brightness. As we become stronger and more able to "turn on" our Light at will; to remain on the positive side of duality, the brighter our world will become. But embrace also your negative moments for out of the contrasting darkness are Divine Desires born and in the unity of duality is your Light made brighter.
      In other words, the is NO thing that is not useful in the manifestation of the Light within; ALL experience can lead to illumination and...

      UNITY 4
      Unless you can find some sort of loyalty, you cannot find Unity and peace in your active living.
      Josiah Royce
      In all honesty, there is actually only one thing that exists which is truly worthy of any one of us attaching our loyalty to; one thing worthy of our undivided attention. That thing would be your Higher SELF; that part of you which is seated in the direct presence of our SOURCE of LOVE and LIGHT ("GOD"); that part of you which is energized and expanded to infinite limits by the Unconditional LOVE it gives and receives to and from both SOURCE and this smaller, physically focused part of YOU.
      Our emotions are such powerful informants. They kick and scream to beat the band when we are not being loyal to our Higher Selves and SOURCE; when we are not in the state of unity with what our Unconditionally Loving aspects of SELF is trying to deliver us to and from. It is only in those states of detachment from focus on our Highest desires and achievements that we FEEL the negative emotions creep in. Fear, anger, sorrow, guilt, shame, frustration, remorse, etc... only have life in the individual who is, at any given moment, externally focused on the lack or expected loss of something. (RE-READ THAT SENTENCE)
      When we are in a state of UNITY with our Higher SELF, which remains in a perpetual state of UNITY and LOYALTY with our SOURCE of LOVE and LIGHT, then we can experience nothing but the peace, joy and abundance that Universal Alignment produces. Even when those things of our desires cannot yet be seen or felt; even when physical manifestation of our hopes and dreams seem far off, if our TRUST in Higher SELF/SOURCE abounds and our thoughts remain focused on moving forward and upwards then we can find those positive emotional states of being ALWAYS. 
      It is not expected that you will be in the blissful state 100% of the time. We are not here to be in that state 100% of the time. If that were the case we would never have manifested into physical reality; we would have remained as one with SOURCE in the envelope of Unconditional LOVE. But duality is such a consciousness expanding experience that we have desired this adventure. SOURCE wants to give us ALL that we desire to have here but that can only happen when we and what we want are in alignment with our Higher Selves.
      Align your thoughts, actions and beliefs to be loyal to that Greater YOU and…

      UNITY 5
      I offer you peace. I offer you love. I offer you friendship. I see your beauty. I hear your need. I feel your feelings. My wisdom flows from the Highest Source. I salute that Source in you. Let us work together for Unity and love.
      Mahatma Gandhi
      The Wordz I write on these pages are inspirations I receive from that Higher part of my SELF. I am no more, no less or any different from YOU. My power, my energy, my knowledge, my WYZDOM comes from the same SOURCE of LOVE and LIGHT that is also your Originator. The Beauty, Peace and LOVE I have come to recognize within my SELF, I also perceive in YOU. We are ONE.
      My needs, expectations and desires, though born from my travels on my own unique path, fulfill the same purpose within me that yours do within your SELF. We are all striving to expand our conscious physical experience so that we may expand our consciousness and in turn expand SOURCE. We are ONE.
      Just as YOU know fear, pain, frustration, etc... in the illusion of lack and loss, I go through the same moments of "separation" from the Peace, Joy and Abundance of SOURCE when my thoughts, actions and beliefs fall out of alignment with my remembrance that I am Infinitely and Unconditionally Loved and cared for in ALL things, at ALL times... ETERNALLY. We are ONE.
      I strive daily to recognize and unlearn the lies and deceptive teachings which have corrupted my thoughts and beliefs for so long; to break free of the shackles placed about my mind by those who would have me dominated and controlled. I see your struggle as I open my SELF to my own. We are ONE.
      I give honor to YOU, I support YOU and I LOVE YOU and ALL that you do which is in the vein of upliftment of SELF and SOURCE. I offer to YOU ALL that I am and ALL that I am becoming in hopes that my path of experience will bring us closer together on this physical journey. The SOURCE in me salutes The SOURCE in you and I am grateful for this opportunity to interact because WE are ONE.
      And in the ALL-ONEness of our experience...

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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