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Gaia Online Tarot: the Sun ~ Death ~ the Magician

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  • Ash
    The Sun and Death cards may seem to be incongruous or incompatible yet they actually do have a very intimate and healthy relationship. Many of us may think
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 19, 2013
      The Sun and Death cards may seem to be incongruous or incompatible yet they actually do have a very intimate and healthy relationship. Many of us may think that health is an odd descriptor yet that is there; as an example think of someone who has lived with enormous health challenges whether it is from injuries, a devastating illness/disease or whatever the case may be. The therapy and recovery are apart of that process of moving from one stage of life and into a new life where they stand healed not only in the body but in their heart, their mind, their emotions. They have, on a number of levels, died from the life they were living and been reborn into a new, healthy and vibrant life.

      That can be a challenge for anyone whether, as the message within the Death card touches upon, it is a dream, a relationship, belief system, etc. Whatever the case is for each soul remember to be patient with yourself and know that you have the love and support of those who are closest to you as well as those spiritual and angelic beings who have always been apart of and with you. There will be a great deal of emotions for those feelings which we have run deep that these are touched upon. We have all likely heard much, as well as personally experienced to one form or degree or another, on the grief process. For each of us that may be going through this be comforted in knowing that this will pass. That you have a deeper strength which is there inside of you; during this time you may not think it nor feel yet it is true of you and your spirit. That road can have turns, twists and feel that at times instead of making progress you are going backwards yet you are still moving forward. The presence of those who love you are not to push you, nor rush you but to comfort you, encourage you, support you and at the deepest, highest and most intimate place to love you. Often times giving a quiet, silent and loving touch. They give you the space you need while still being near and available.

      Know that time will come to where of all that finally is lifted. You have moved from through that process into a new life; one that has taken what was before and transformed it into something new. A new hope, a new dream, a new life built upon what was before. You can honor what was before, how you were, where you were by stepping into where you are now. There will truly be joy, peace, and life that is boundless radiating once more vibrantly and brightly. You have created your sacred space, have re-empowered yourself and become a creative force fueling your passion, your joy, your love as you have and continue to align your Heart, your Soul, your Being with our Mother Earth and this Universe. Healing for and from yourself as well as to all who live upon and with our Mother Earth.

      As the Sun message concludes let us have that as a mantra within our heart, our soul, our mind: "Sing, dance, make love, let your creativity flow". Yes shine on, allow your radiance to grow, to fill your Soul and this world for you have deep value to this world, to the Universe, to Life and the Love that is in you, that comes from you and flows to you shall never leave you and always be apart of you as we are apart of one another. Take hear and comfort Knowing that You Are Loved and You Are Love. ♥


      The OpportunityThe ChallengeThe Resolution
      19 - the Sun
      Radiant joy

      You have the opportunity to shine in the world. You may find a big smile on your face. With a huge burst of energy, your spirit is shouting out a great big YES! Perhaps you have accomplished a long term goal or are receiving accolades and attention for the good work you have done. You are healthy, energetic and enthusiastic with a warm and generous heart. It's time to celebrate and get out and play in the sunshine. Sing, dance, make love, let your creativity flow. Shine on!
      13 - Death
      Dying and being born

      You are being challenged to accept the fact that something in your life is dying and something else is nearing its time to be born. Take the time that you need to grieve for that which is dying, whether it is a cherished dream, a relationship or a belief system. Don't rush the process or deny all your turbulent feelings. Death isn't pretty; it hurts. It's painful. Whatever dies, is dead, and it will never return again in the same form. But just as the Dark Moon gives way to the New, and Winter gives way to Spring, Rebirth will surely follow Death. When you are ready to let go of grief, you will find yourself emptied out and clean, and ready for the next stage of your journey.
      1 - the Magician
      Spirit made manifest

      Resolution comes as you use your personal power in a responsible way. You have the ability to manifest your desires. You know how to enter sacred space and bring spiritual energy into the world of matter. You know how to focus your will and your passion towards a goal. Your creativity energizes you and blesses those around you. You align yourself with the heartbeat of the earth, and bring forth healing for the planet and all her creatures.

      Sun card Gaian Tarot


      Radiant joy

      From the shadows of the Moon, we move into the clear light of day. A woman dances for joy at the peak of the sun’s power, at noon on Summer Solstice. Even the sunflowers behind her are radiating happiness. As she dances, she experiences that sensation known as “flow.” She is so focused and engaged in her dancing that she loses all sense of self and of the passage of time. She has learned how to create happiness for herself by living a life of purpose and by sharing her joy with others. There is no hidden agenda here, no sadness or darkness or stress, just the sheer joy of being alive.

      Post image for Death


      Dying and being born

      A heron lies dead in an old decaying boat near the beach. Ants and spiders crawl on the carcass and a vulture hovers overhead. Wild roses and elder- berry grow up through the rotting boat and butterflies flit through the greenery. Sinuous ropes like snakes are coiled below the deck. To the west are the islands of the Otherworld, and late afternoon sunlight sparkles on the water.
      In Celtic mythology, the Otherworld — often conceived as islands — always lies to the West, and travelers often set off on their last journey by boat. Heron is a guardian spirit who stands at the gateway of life and death. Vultures feed on dead flesh and purify it, leaving only bones behind. Elderberry is an herb that is both medicinal and toxic.
      The flash of sunlight on water has been called the “White Lady” in some Celtic traditions, and is seen as an epiphany or manifestation of the Goddess. When the heron sails home through the gates of the Otherworld, those of us who are left behind stand in awe of the Great Mystery.

      magician gaian tarot deck


      Spirit made manifest

      The Magician is a ritual drummer, the drum his magic wand. He plays the djembe, caught up in the bliss and ecstasy of the trance created by the sound of the drum. He knows that the rhythm of his drumbeat matches the heartbeat of the Earth. Firelight flickers on cave walls, painted with a thousand hands, like the prehistoric handprints in the Cave of Hands (Cueva de las Manos) in Argentina.
      An altar with items representing the four elements anchors him in sacred space. He creates the matrix that allows magic to happen. He opens a door between this world and the world of Spirit. The hand creates magic — whether with a drum, a paintbrush or ritual tool. Hands bring the Unseen into the realm of the Seen.

      All content © Joanna Powell Colbert 2003-2011. Please do not reproduce art or content without permission.


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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