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Welcome to 2013 from Shanta Gabriel

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    Messages from Archangel Gabriel Is this email not displaying correctly? View it in your browser. Greetings for 2013 from Shanta in Mt. ShastaMy move to Mt.
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      Messages from Archangel Gabriel
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      Mt. Shasta - Glowing

      Greetings for 2013 from Shanta in Mt. Shasta

      My move to Mt. Shasta after 12:12:12 added an extra dimension to the dimensional shifts we were already experiencing. A few days after my arrival, while I sorted boxes on December 20, it began to snow and did not stop until Christmas Day, leaving an amazing 4 feet of fluffy snow sparkling everywhere in this small town of Mt. Shasta. When my internet failed to be connected, I was put into enforced detachment, not entirely unwelcome, because the last quarter of 2012 had been so busy and intense. I was happy to focus on organizing, unpacking and creating sacred space within my new little home. All the while I was relishing the display of Nature outside my window, feeling sincere gratitude for finally arriving to stay at the foot of Mt. Shasta, one of the seven sacred mountains of the world. It seemed like a perfect completion to 2012, the most brilliant, interesting, empowering, overwhelming and sacred year I have ever experienced. 
      Millions of Light Workers, Peace Seekers, and Unseen Beings of Light accomplished the task of bringing the Earth into the 5th Dimensional frequencies we all aspired to. Our purpose was clear, our hearts and minds were willing, and conservative estimates placed the number of people participating in some form of Light-centered, Peace-oriented event on the December Solstice at 22 million. I know there were those who brought multitudes to their auspicious gatherings, such as Barbara Marx Hubbard, bless her heart. I also believe that the number estimated did not begin to count the many more, like me, who enjoyed our small, private and very precious events, offering prayers for the planet and powerful intentions for that auspicious day of December 21, 2012. I found the days leading up to the Solstice to be personally transformational. Throughout 2012 there were profound connections with many people who joined me for major teleconference events as well as my classes. With a nod to the “Maharishi Effect” stating that the number of people necessary to shift consciousness is only the square root of 1% of the population, I am convinced we made solid inroads for a profound if not spontaneous world-wide Evolution of Consciousness.

      Our New Year in this New World
      I woke up at 2:30 am New Year’s morning with the phrase: Welcome to 2013, a year so malleable that you are literally creating it as you live. It will be Equinox before this year can morph more clearly into what it will reveal. At the same time this means that your thoughts, prayers and intentions have immense power.
      I have had time to reflect on those words as I found the first two weeks of the year somewhat like maneuvering in Jello. None of the normal rituals for my New Year of intentional divinations and empowering future plans came into fruition, and I was left with my fervent prayers that I would gain more clarity before I went back to work. To me what is obvious from the sluggish beginning of January is that the old ways no longer function for us and we all need to be very receptive to the next level of information. I have been attuning my heart for action. I know my heart’s wisdom will have greater function in 2013 than ever before, and we can use this new intelligence to set our course in life.
      I have the amazing fortune to communicate with people all over the world through my work. I have found wide-spread agreement in these shared experiences for 2013 which is very heartening. For me, this confirms the ideal of community for this year. We are beginning to work with others in more harmony and cooperation. Many are feeling uplifted for no reason they know of and are experiencing a beautifully open heart. There are many people growing aware that one of their main jobs is to ground the Light and bring Heaven to Earth in a new expression of community.
      Here is more from Archangel Gabriel in a recent transmission:
      Clarity will abound in this new shifting time as Earth comes into alignment with an inspired frequency that empowers new growth and harmony within all people. We are also rejoicing in these realms of Spirit for the shifting alignment within your beings. For you are forerunners for humanity in these new times. As all begin to act more clearly in their choices for new life, the Earth will thrive. We who support your spiritual growth remind you that there has been a new opening for many who have worked long and hard to bring their Soul’s light to the planet and bring fruition to their Higher Purpose. 
      Reigning supreme in all the shifting awareness is a new empowerment from the Divine for a balanced state of harmony between the masculine/feminine aspects on Earth. This is causing a tremendous upheaval in minds and bodies who are not prepared for this new life. Those who have prepared are experiencing a sense of buds opening, rockets launching and minds scrambling to absorb and integrate the new frequencies in their lives, as well as putting meaning to their experiences.
      Make no mistake, this does not bring immediate peace into the earthly existence. The upheaval will continue because so many have confused happiness with certain outward appearances that are no longer possible. Remaining on the Earth is an option that many will choose to relinquish. Those who stay will either be numbed into lack of awareness and plod though their lives without hope, choose to use the new frequencies in various ways to push agendas that serve their own ideas, or rise together to create lives that reflect the sanctity of life on planet at this time.
      Some of these choices serve to further the evolution of those honoring the Earth and some do not. Above all else, this planet is still a Free Will Zone and these choices will need to be honored. Becoming attuned to the true voice of your spirit will open the doorway that most aligns with the intentions you have created for your lives. A Divine Life looks very different from what many were imagining. When the dust settles after a few years, those whose powerful intentions to stay in their hearts through the seeming chaos will unlock the doors into a new Earth of Harmony, Peace and Beauty.  Without a world of choices and potential this would not be possible.
      The Gifts of 2013
      There is a growing sense of multidimensionality working on many levels in daily life. From science and metaphysics to more detachment from daily government frustrations, people everywhere are beginning to explore their own hopes and dreams for the promises of a new world. Manifestation is becoming more instantaneous, prompting many to pay more attention to their thoughts and feelings. Archangel Gabriel in his 2013 message, suggested that we become more detached from our emotions by remembering that they are often caused by excess energy. He offered suggestions for bringing more balance to the often rampant emotions we may experience this year.
      In support of our continuing evolution, I will begin a new class, "Living in Radiance" on January 30. This teleconference series will take us through the first season of 2013 until Equinox March 20. This class offers support for working with the technology of Light Fields as a tool to support your intentions and bring them into manifestation. As we learn to thrive in the new frequencies, we will assemble a spiritual toolkit and create the most grace-filled new world we can imagine for our lives. For more information, visit www.TheGabrielMessages.com/Resources.
      Plans are also afoot for my long-desired summertime retreat celebrating the sacred glory of Mt. Shasta. Look for more information to come about my plan for a 4-day Women’s Retreat around mid-July. We will gather, hike and meditate in the rarified atmosphere of a mountain filled with sagas of Lemurian colonies, space landings, as well as, meetings with Angelic Beings and Ascended Masters. The mountain itself is the horizon for this small town of Mt. Shasta with magical lakes, pristine streams, alpine meadows and the headwaters of the Sacramento River flowing from the rocks. Mt. Shasta is worth a pilgrimage at any time, but I hope you will plan to join me in a dedicated time of anchoring the empowerinng Light Fields in our physical being through profound spiritual activities.
      I am basking in the wonder of actually living at the foot of this amazing mountain. I am experiencing a true sense of being home and feel filled with gratitude. I know together we are creating a world where Nature is sanctified and honored, that our hearts are opening to a new level of Peace and Harmony, and realms of Beauty and Well-being are unfolding for us all in this pivotal year of 2013.

      Living in Radiance - New Teleclass Series

      Beginning January 30 and extending through every other Wednesday until Equinox, March 20, Shanta will continue her popular evolutionary teleconferences.

      In this series, Shanta will share spiritual principles and activities that will enable you to anchor more Divine Light into your personal world. Through activations and transmissions in her empowering meditations, you will have direct experience of the Divine alignments working within your body, mind and spirit. With these principles fully anchored in your being, you will be able to transform your daily life so you feel more happy, connected and empowered. Please join us! See details here.

      About Shanta

      Shanta Gabriel is a teacher, spiritual evolutionary and the author of The Gabriel Messages.

      For more information about her classes, private sessions and products, visit her site at

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