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SanctuaryOpenHeart: Initiator "I align. I challenge. I clarify."

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      Join us for a journey into the ONE Heart!

      Updated 13 Moon Mystery School banner
      January 2013
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      The Sanctuary is EVOLVING!
      Ariel Faerie Godmother
      Your Faerie Godmother wants YOU to experience the Sanctuary of the Open Heart
      If you have yet to view our interactive Sanctuary map you must go now to take in the beauty & be inspired! 
      (NOTE: Be sure to reload each page, lest you view a cached [older] version of the site.) Use the map to deepen with each different  Sanctuary chamber, to see the beginning of what is being visioned for each area and to "feel into" how you can become a part of this glorious creation. 
      One significant way you can greatly support the actualization of this vision is to become a member! 
      Did you know that for less than the cost of 3 _______ (enter favorite libation) per moon YOU can be a member of the Sanctuary of the Open Heart? 
      It's true! For as little as $9 per moon, you too can support our community of the ONE heart! And, as a member, you not only get a tax write off for your membership dues, you also have an opportunity to contribute each moon to our newsletter, including your events, poems, images and more! 
      • If registering online, you can now use your credit card or your Paypal account on Paypal. 
      • for any questions regarding membership please email April. She would love to talk to you.
      Once you've signed up as a member, check your email each moon for a reminder to send in your newsletter contributions. 
      Please note: contributions must be consistent with the vision and mission of the Sanctuary of the Open Heart.
      Faerie Godmother's Wishes
      Aphrodite Temple (Mythmakers Ball image)

      To offer her deepest gratitude to our beloved brother Bryan Ward, for his devoted service to the Goddess in rematting the Temple Art Collection. What a gift to the Sanctuary!

      Prayer Basket
      We have formed a prayer circle with 13 Moon priest/esses who are willing to give focus and prayers for anything in your life that needs healing, support, or simply to be held in the loving center of the One Heart.  
      If you have a request for prayers, please send them to Kalila with the words "Prayer Request" in the subject line.
      It is done in the name of the One.

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      The Initiator
      Resource List
      Initiation by Elisabeth Haich 
      A Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe by Michael Schneider ~ A simple introduction to sacred geometry.  
      Sacred Geometry: Philosophy and Practice by Robert Lawlor ~ An advanced dive into sacred geometry.
      The Miracle Worker
      Pay it Forward
      Whale Rider
      Temple Grandin
      Defending your Life
      Meetings with Remarkable Men
      The Last Mimzy
      One Hand Clapping 
      Maya the Great Katun by Paul Avgerino
      The Initiator
      Image Gallery   


      initiator Oya lightning
      purple initiator lightning goddess  

      The truth shall set you free....the sword of truth, that is. Whatever is keeping you imprisoned, stuck or depressed is begging for the sword of truth. A clean, quick, piercing cut through the delusion, addiction, or attachment so that you can see it for what it is. A decoy of the mind seducing you out of this moment and into a self perpetuating, downward spiraling, endless inner drama. Until you have had enough of that predictable predicament and choose FREEDOM!
      Freedom only exists in the here and now, and can only be experienced through LOVE.
      Let's do an experiment. How are your New Year's resolutions coming along? Notice what immediately surfaced in your mind. Was it self-criticism, expectation, comparison, pride? The ego mind is so quick to judge, to take what began as an aspiration or intention and turn it into a goal, by which we judge ourselves and others. It's so subtle, yet so vast, the difference between judgment and discernment.
      Recall how judgment feels in your body. Notice what's happening in your heart.  As you've likely
      discovered, there is no love in judgment. This subtle difference between judgment and discernment is the difference between rejection and acceptance, denial and embrace, closed and open, rigid and fluid, attached and free!
      I lovingly offer you the sword of truth to be used with discernment so that you may cut through the distractions that keep you from being FULLY here and now! Simply. Lovingly. Bringing your attention to rest in the now. Sounds so simple, because it is! With a little practice, you can become a Now Ninja. Catching the mind swirling off on another one of its shenanigans and in a flash, WAKING UP! Returning to the fullness of NOW.
      Let's practice!
      Bring your awareness to what is happening right now. Where is your mind? What's real in your heart? Your belly? Can you feel your breath? Sensations in your body? Being in the present moment is NOT about thinking you're in the present moment. There's an openness and fluidity in the mind, heart, and body, as the moment continuously changes. If you find your mind returning to thoughts about being present, allow your awareness to drop into your heart and your belly. Breathe. What are you aware of?
      Before too long, inevitably, the mind will begin to wander. Use the sword of truth. Bring your full mind/heart/body awareness back to now. Again and again. This is a moment by moment practice. The more you practice the more skilled you'll become as a Now Ninja. Then, in those more challenging moments; like, emotional reactivity, the grip of addictive behaviors, your buttons being pushed, you will skillfully be able pick up the sword of truth and lovingly return to the here and now.
      From this place, truth emerges. Truth that can be spoken from the heart, in love.
       This is the way of the Initiator.

      13 Moon Mystery School/
      Sanctuary of the Open Heart Events 
         13 Moon Oracle Box
       Artemis Beckons You to
      Let Your Nature Mystic Free &
      Discover the Sweet Secrets of the Plant Realm!
      An Evening Honoring the Lady of Communion
      Tuesday January 29th  
      7:00 to 9:30 pm
      Berkeley ~ Yurt Temple
      Suggested donation ~ in alignment with what you receive in value 
      RSVP to Lotus for location
      We will play and dream with the plants, as we journey deeply into their world, finding the keys that unlock the doors to their very special magic.
      ~ Wear green and gold
      ~ Bring a special flower or plant you've wanted to acquaint yourself with more deeply 
      ~ Don't forget your faerie glasses!
      Hosted by Lotus & Ecstasia
      for an aMUSING  day in the Muse Temple
      Sunday February 24th 11am to 3pm

      A joyful journey to the land of Fae. Celebrating the Divine Child within us all.  Oracular Puppetry, Creative aMusements, Pixie Potions and ever so much more. Mark your calendars! 
        Walking the Ecstatic 
      Path of the Priestess
      Remembering and Reclaiming 
      Her Sacred Practices
      Ceremonial Immersion in the Foundational work of the 
      13 Moon Mystery School 
      with Ariel Spilsbury:
      Scribe for the 13 Moon Oracle: Holographic Meditations on the Mystery
      On the island of Kauai, Hawaii  
      June 2-6, 2013
      In this sacred time together we will:  Hallow the moon, Unlock the Mystery, Lift the Lamp, Hold the Mirror, Deepen our Devotion together as ancient Priest/esses, remembering  ourselves as divine instruments of the Mystery in our Emptiness. Reclaiming ourselves as Keepers of the Flame, Chalice bearers, Liaisons of Light, Keepers of the Keys
      If this invitation makes your heart sing, email Janice for more information and to schedule an interview with Ariel to feel into our potential resonance in this intimate circle of 13.

      Poetic Offering
      I am the Initiator
      I am Isis
      The great pruner, the clarifier
      I shatter to Align
      I am the sword
      I am the fierce true love that stands strong
      And helps you see through
      I lift the veils of illusion and hold steady
      I speak the truth
      I'll ask you,"What is in the way of love"?
      And assist you to dissolve all lesser reflections
      In the Hall of Mirrors
      I am the diamond mind
      The Thunderbird
      The winged lion
      The hawk
      I am the frequency of purple
      I am here to empower you
      Ra Hu Ra Kan- I chant
      For your Quantum leap
      Your breakthrough
      I stand at the gateway
      And I challenge you
      Come dance the lightening path of Surrender
      Come take the deep dive and remember
      Your truth
      --Eden Amadora
      initiator purple lightning
      The Edge of the Sword: A Personal Experience with the Initiator
      by Eden Amadora
      Of all the 13 moon archetypes I had experienced, the Initiator seemed to hover somewhat in the mist just beyond what I considered to be a present, embodied and felt resonance within me. She felt like the energy of that wise, fiercely loving, yet intimidating older sister that does not hesitate to say it like it is. I needed this piece, in my journey of returning, unfolding and realizing myself as a whole and sovereign being.
      There was a plea from my soul to start slicing through the exhausting residue and murky veils created by the nicey-nice-ness, the saccharine sweet, the pleaser, the performer, the "if I get it right, do it perfectly and am good- you'll validate my love-ability", the drama creating hungry ghost of never-enoughness, as well as the arrogant judge and holier than thou aspect...to name a few shadows. 
      I was given the opportunity, and the challenge, to hold the Temple of the Initiator. What I had not yet understood, as I took this responsibility and accepted this position in consciousness, was the teaching of Isis...Iosis...I cease. My greatest initiation was to come, at a recent ordination, when I stepped in as the Initiator.
      When we speak about the "One Heart" and feel the loving connection within our community, we can easily grok the concept of "there is only one of us here." It is much more challenging to stand as the Initiator with a sword in hand and to witness a beloved's suffering, resistance, arrogance, gripping mind and any other myriad play of the shadow that keeps them from dissolving completely into love. Slicing through the veil of separation into unconditional love, until you, the sword bearer, see yourself standing there in front of you.
      I have a clever and fast mind, a "sharp" mind like a discerning sword, and it was easy to challenge an initiate from the mental realm, naming the patterns I saw and standing fiercely in my position, with my sword raised, challenging them in some way or another, like an authority figure or a spiritual bully. This is not initiation.
      By the grace of Goddess, my prayer was strong, to be of service, to be of benefit, to simply be clear and to get out of the way. Sometimes I was held, or rather, I allowed the Grace through, other times I was confronted with where I could not yet dissolve the separation, seeing from my ego where I could teach or guide, I would get stuck in my mind, grasping for what to say, saying too much.
      I had no idea what I was doing...and that was the point. There was no doing required and no mind, or figuring it out welcome. It was so vulnerable, terribly uncomfortable and absolutely altering.
      My lightening path of surrender came in the days following the ordination. I was shown exactly where I was still attached to approval, doing it right and being good. I learned that the Initiator's job is to remain still and silent, to empty, and listen...until separation is dissolved, until the words that come through come from the womb of silence and are potent with simplicity and metaphor. Doing nothing, being the sword. The Initiator's sacred tool is a reminder to stay aligned, to open the channel, like a lightening rod, waiting for the Divine to enter. This is the teaching of Isis...Iosis...I cease...
      isis osiris   

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