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[ANGEL] 23 Capricorn, The Angels of Life Preservation from Suicide

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    Ascension ** ** ** *23 degrees Capricorn * ** *The Angels of Life Preservation from Suicide * ** *Also known as* ** *The Angels of * * /Lotifar /* **
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      23 degrees Capricorn

      TheAngels of Life Preservation from Suicide

      Also known as


      The Angels of





      ‘We carry out a difficult job in the zone girdling the earth. It is our job to prevent people from committing suicide by warning them through their inner voice and by diverting them, if possible, from their plans.’


      ‘We inspire people who are in hopeless misery, distress or disappointment, with the fact that life is something holy and cannot be replaced by anything else.

      Often we will inspire a person (rescuer) to show up just when a desperate person is giving up, so that the suicidal person begins to talk about their feelings and let them flow’.


      It is said that at some time in life all people face the dark night of the soul.  For those who feel, at these times, that the only way out is to prematurely walk through the doorway of death, Divine Providence sends heavenly messengers of hope and inspiration.


       Please be aware that you yourself may be that messenger of hope. Through inner guidance you may find that the person you pass on the street, or who sits next to you at work, may be hiding a pain so deep that only a miracle can bring them the strength to continue.


       With a heart of love, the eyes will be opened to see.


      Trust inner guidance and high inspiration. You may find yourself guided to glance into someone’s eyes, to offer a smile, or a word of hope.


       Utilize the power of prayer. Call on us if you sense that someone needs our help.


       If someone has the urge to cry or express upset feelings, your heart will let you know, as you offer time to listen, when they are safe once again.


      Be aware that acting at the right timely instant is often the key to saving a life.  If you encounter a suicidal person, at the moment when their despair and hopelessness are peaking, your intervening immediately—not waiting for some outside, supposed “expert”—to help them discharge these emotions, may be their hope for survival.


      Offering love and caring can be literally a matter of life and death.


       Whenever you feel inner guidance to assist someone, call on Us and remember that We assist you both.

      No one is ever truly alone.


       ‘We have saved millions of people from suicide by way of intuition, by having inspired them with a good idea, or by having created a situation which drove away their suicidal thoughts at the last moment. People who could not be diverted from their plans and who killed themselves are watched by us so that they do not re-gain their complete consciousness in the astral-emotional world before their normal life-time on this earth has elapsed.’


      ‘When the suicide awakes from this state of twilight sleep, the angels of Jonian and Cermiel, who are responsible for the reincarnation of mankind, start looking after him/her. These angels then see to it that the suicide is embodied into circumstances under which he/she is able to catch up what he/she should have learned on earth by fate.’


      Do whatever you can to help spare a fellow Child of God from ever having to encounter this process that is a result of suicide. Learn and teach how to heal emotional wounding whenever inner guidance directs.


      The most significant contribution you can make to avert suicides is to understand the principles of emotional release, so that you can help prevent potential suicides.


      It is the nature of feelings that they change and heal when they are allowed to flow safely and nondestructively in a loving environment. Feelings change as they are felt. It is their nature. Feelings ARE the change process. As negative feelings are allowed to express themselves in safe and non-destructive ways, they heal and change.


      Just as a child heals by crying and being respected and comforted, many are the times when a good long cry and a sympathetic ear change a dire situation into one of hope and healing.


      We are inspiring emotional understanding in mankind, so that when emotions become desperate people work their way through them and heal them instead of acting them out.  It is important that people learn to non-destructively feel them through, to act them out symbolically, like screaming in a pillow or smashing a two-by-four piece of wood, in  waysthat do not harm self, others, or valuable property.


       Love conquers all and love transmutes. People learn to love feelings with unconditional love, to have complete confidence in the ability of feelings to heal in the presence of empathy, to let them flow in safe ways, rather than to act them out destructively. They learn to heal them instead of trying to medicate, suppress, or deny them, which are at best temporary measures.


       When feelings are suppressed, medicated, or denied, people are putting off for tomorrow what is possible to heal today.


      Whenever people act out destructively on strong negative feelings or suppress them, either extreme, it is because they do not understand the changeable nature of emotions.  They do not realize that like stormy weather, emotions change once they are allowed to flow and express themselves, and that this can be done effectively in safe ways.  Anyone can be helped to let painful feelings flow safely and non-destructively to the point of resolution where life seems precious again.


      The seeds of feelings that lead to suicide are usually created by traumatic circumstances in conception, prenatal development, birth, or in the first years of life. Often these early traumatized feelings go underground and get triggered again later by events that consciously or unconsciously bear some resemblance to the original traumas.


       When this happens, original feelings of hopelessness and despair of the once overwhelmed and helpless child come rushing back into consciousness. These painful feelings blindside a person so strongly that he or she begins to feel the only escape is death.


      In such situations, the perception most likely is that the suicidal feelings are completely caused by a current situation. Suicidal people do not realize that this is a "blast from the past" and that they are empowered, as adults, to change both their emotional distresses as well as the memories of the situations that caused them.


        Suicidal people feel as helpless as they did as small children, in the original, early traumatic experiences.  Indeed, they feel the same despair and hopelessness, which included(s) seeing no way out and feeling totally helpless, as they did then.


      They are immersed in the same existential reality they experienced then, feelings that they have no viable options to help themselves or to seek help.  Thispast reality is awakened in the present—they act and feei as they are still operating from constricted, childhood senses of limitation.


      Immersed in the overwhelming intensity of their pain of early childhood trauma, they cannot tolerate the suffering, so much so, that they feel compelled to end it.


        The important issue to grasp for the healer is that their desperation is for emotional relief, that is, for the sufferingto die, not for their body to die physically.


      This distinction is the crucial discrimination for a suicidal person and for the healer to grasp.  Lacking the skills for doing their own emotional release work, most suicidal patients act out their suicide attempt at the peak of emotional distress, believing that they will never find a way to heal their emotional pain.


      Intense emotional suffering is the driving motivation for any particular suicide attempt; the risk of suicide is therefore most acute at the moment when the suffering is peaking.


      The positive reframe of this point is that intervening really helps stop suicide attempts; remember that just as quickly as the emotions are discharged, the suicidal crisis passes.


       This is one reason why it is best not to leave a suicidal person alone, and it is better yet to put them in the company of a caring companion who understands these principles of emotional release.


      If the suicidal person is allowed to cry, scream, get angry, feel fear, beg for comfort, or whatever they need to do to release the suicidal feelings, in a safe and non-destructive way  [in short, completely release whatever emotions that are bubbling up to be healed at the that time] within the one, single session, they come to realize that things are not as bad as they seem.


      Allowing all emotions, including suicidal emotions, to flow, purifies them and brings insights and revelations. Clearing the early traumas that have triggered these feelings, heals the suicidal feelings for good.


       If the traumas are permanently

      healed, the suicidal risk is permanently resolved.


      Memories are made up of three things: visual images, thoughts, and feelings. As feelings flow, they change. Insights into the original causes of a traumatic event awaken forgiveness and wis dom,so the thoughts change as well. New feelings and thoughts transform into powerful visual images of healing and resolution.


      The field of psychology is learning to shift paradigms. Present time feelings are traced back to memories of original wounding events and cleared through living and reliving memories, with all of the feelings associated with them, so that great insights and wisdom about life are revealed. The heart is healed as wholeness is permanently restored.








      L…’In the akasha principle of consciousness-penetrating-all this letter represents the highest divine virtues. By meditating on this virtue you perceive how divine virtues work in the various spheres and levels.


      On a mental level you understand and identify with divine morality.


      On the feeling level you have equilibrium, and have the ability to spiritualize your feelings so that you become one with the divine virtues.


      On the material level you have perfect health, beauty, and harmony.  You are master of your own vitality.  If you so chose, your body can retain the appearance of youth.  With permission from Divine Providence , you can also confer these qualities to another person’.


      O…Umlaut O [eu]


      Umlaut O is dark orange, has the musical note of D-sharp, is the element of akashic-earth which has the sensation of weight penetrating everything.  The ovaries and testicles are formed from this virtue of the profound cognition brought about by Love Divine.  In healing, heal the left ovary first and then the right one.


      ‘Akasha:  In the principle of consciousness penetrating all, the umlaut O oscillation evokes the most profound cognition which can only be brought about by love divine. ‘


       ‘By the help of this a person gets to know all the possibilities of transformation of the spirit, all the systems and ways serving this end, and all knowledge concerning transformation in all other fields. He/she is informed about everything that, deriving from the act of creation, had to pass through all the mode of transformation to be reunited.’


        A person must attain all the faculties that are offered by this profound cognition made possible by Love Divine, in the principle of consciousness-penetrating-all, and must make use of all possibilities, in order to get convinced that they cannot be described by words, by must be experienced, lived through.’


      ‘I have mentioned the letters umlaut A and umlaut O as the last ones in this series of exercises, because by the help of their virtues one is able to comprehend, from the principle of consciousness-penetrating-all, the crown of all wisdom in the micro- and macrocosms, from the act of creation to the present state of evolution, and even to the final development.’


      ‘Mental:  Evokedin the intellect, the virtue of profound cognition brought about by love divine gives the understanding of the transformation of ideas, virtues, etc. by the quabbalistically pronounced word, which is a very great and comprehensive field.’


      ‘Astral/ emotional level:  In the feelings, the virtue of profound cognition brought about by love divine develops the faculty of perfect astral projection and the mastery of all occult and magical phenomena that have reference to transformation, so that a person may, for instance, assume any desired vibration in the emotional body without being recognized by other beings and with only Divine Providence seeing through him/her.  Apart from this, a person is able to transform any emotional oscillation into the oscillation he wants and to do the same with any element.’


      ‘Material:  When mastered in the physical body, the profound cognition brought about by love divine leads to perfect knowledge of quabbalistic alchemy in the material world.’


       ‘A person is taught the true preparation and charging of the philosopher’s stone in the physical sense.  He/she can influence, at will, any oscillation—atomic, oscillation, electronic oscillation- by quabbalah, and he/she is able to transform it into the oscillation desired by him/her. ‘


       ‘Thereforehe/she perfectly masters the laws of transmutation and is able to transform any metal into gold, any stone into a precious stone, etc. if desired.  By the help of this virtue a person is furnished with many other faculties of which he/she cannot even dream now and which non-initiates would regard as absolutely impossible. ‘


      O…The sound of this letter is the divine virtue that concerns everything analogous to the basic qualities of the spirit with regard to harmony, fatefulness and legality.

       The sound of letter O is the sound of the initiation into the original principle of divine justice.


        By meditating on this virtue, ‘Mentally you will be able to give expression to the absolute legality of harmony in all four basic qualities of the elements.  You will have a high power of judgement and the ability to comprehend spiritually any legality, any interference by Divine Providence for the sake of justice.  You will never be able to condemn anyone unjustly.  This will bring about the abilities to create any change in the emotional situations that you find yourself in and to have absolute success and happiness on all levels.’


       The ability to control emotions is the ability to control magnetism, which is the ability to attract.  It awakens the ability to manifest anything on the physical level.


       This virtue has an ultramarine blue color, the musical note of C, and is the earth element so it has the sensation of weight. It formed the throat and windpipe.




      T…The sound of the letter T in the ancient language is the divine virtue of ‘ high inspiration with all the legal matters of this principle’.


       In the intellect, this virtue awakens remarkable inventive faculties and memory. When a person chooses the path of healing and diagnosis of disharmony, the heavenly hosts

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