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  • Ash
    http://13moon.com/newera.htm ~ Beyond 2012 ~ A New Era Descends Through Our Hearts and Hands By Eden Sky Together, we have crossed the prophetic threshold
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      ~ Beyond 2012 ~
      A New Era Descends Through Our Hearts and Hands

      By Eden Sky
      Together, we have crossed the prophetic threshold of Dec 21, 2012, and have formally shifted World Ages. In this transitional time, we are now living in the beginning days of the Dawning Sixth Sun, also called the Fifth World of Peace. It is essential that we recognize this new era is now only in its infancy stage. Just as we would care for a newborn baby, so too must we consciously nurture the seeds of the new world as they take root within us. One moment, and one day at a time, the journey of life continues unfolding through us...
      In our collective consciousness, much space has been liberated now that we are no longer pre-occupied with our projections of hopes and fears onto Dec 21, 2012. While for many this past Solstice did not meet their expectations of apocalypse or instant enlightenment, is it crucial that we grasp the true significance of what did occur on this day of Planetary Initiation. Dec 21, 2012 was not only a day of Spiritual Graduation out of a nearly 26,000 year cycle, it was also a day of unprecedented human unification.
      As many of you know, people of all paths observed and honored this monumental day with prayer, ceremony and celebration the world over. From Giza, to Stonehenge, to Lake Titicaca, to the temples of Mundo Maya, not only were countless sacred sites activated and countless indigenous ceremonies cast, but simultaneously millions and millions and millions of people tuned in and opened our hearts to the sacred unification of the Web of Life. I believe that we, and the planetary field, were changed by this encounter.
      (As a few examples, here is a gathering for Peace in Jerusalem between Jews, Muslims and Christians. And here is a powerful video of the Ceremony held in Teotihuacan).

      Together, we offered ourselves in humble service to being instruments of a new time, determined to walk a new path into a new cycle dedicated to awakening peace and new harmonious potentials on Earth. Together, we commited to establishing a conscious culture in which the Interconnectedness of All Life is our central, guiding truth.

      Now our work continues.
      As we know, life is a creative process in which our minds and intentions play a leading role in our collective manifestations. As the Buddhist teachings remind us, Life is like a dream. As the Quantum physicists and ancient alchemists concur, "As viewed, so appears." Part of this new world age we are unfolding into is that we are all being invited to take greater responsibility for what we each contribute to our collective dream of life on Earth, and to increasingly become more lucid that together may we dream, envision, and manifest a more positive world for all. Our consciousness is the key to our abilities to actualize new realities.
      In this New Era, we have just begun a time of great awakening. This shift into the Sixth Sun implies great transformation of the paradigms that dictate our world. The inherent Unity of all humanity, all species, all elements of Earth's biosphere, and our greater Galactic Whole is what has been drastically overlooked and disregarded in the previous world age. Because of this fundamental collective ignorance and denial, there is much karma and imbalance that must be resolved to restore health and well-being in our shared world. We all know how holistically the work of global rebalancing spans - inclusive of our systems and sciences of energy, economics, education, justice, government, health care, agriculture and food, media, etc., etc., etc...

      This means there are infinite avenues for us to creatively apply ourselves in assisting the energies of the Sixth Sun to take root. We simply each need to follow our deepest positive passions and let them unfold the unique gifts we have to offer the whole. As Maharishi Mahesh Yogi said: "Unity is Thy Nature; Diversity is Thy Glory." There is no need to compare ourselves to anyone else's path. Rather it is wise to look inside and increasingly discover our Authentic Nature and our Genuine Souls' Callings that are seeking to come to fruition.
      This is a Time of New, Open Paths.

      Let us look within ourselves and ask: How can we perceive our existence with more reverence and more self-love? How can we renew our lives and open to more positivity, health, ease, grace and illumination? What new choices can we make to support our evolution? What new capacities are we called to develop? What new dreams and new visions can we align with personally and collectively? What new roles of service can we step into? How can we live more sustainably and with greater care for our Living Earth? How can our lives become more creatively empowered? How can we more deeply know ourselves as living artists of consciousness? How can we refine the art of our relationships, the art of our communication, the art of our self-knowledge, the art of our intuition, the art of our sciences, the art of expressing our souls' beauties?
      Let us open to new possibilities on all levels of our personal and collective realities. Let us believe in the Descent of Miracles, of Redemption, of Revelation, of Holistic Global Paradigm Shift and Humanity's ongoing Awakening to our Oneness and our Divine Potential as Children of the Cosmos. As we believe in these possibilities, so we can be shown our roles in their actualization... Let us open to new guidance, new inspiration, new collaboration with each other and with Great Spirit.
      The journey into the New World has just begun. Over Time, we shall see the continual fulfillment of the ancient prophecies... We shall behold the Return of the wisdom of the ancestors, the remembrance of how to honor Mother Earth, the conscious unification of matter and spirit, the reconnection to natural time cycles, the awakening of feminine leadership, the re-balancing of feminine and masculine principles and perspectives, the ongoing development of telepathic abilities and sensitivity to the Voice of Earth's Consciousness, etc., etc. We shall see the ongoing exposure and liberation of long held secrets, as well as the steady dissolution of corruption and greed, making way for a world based in conscious interconnectivity and equality... we shall see new, sustainable energies and technologies giving us new positive options for our global culture. It's all a matter of Time.
      Let us each commit to looking at life through the lens of being in a New World Age, and see how that view can guide our perceptions, values, and actions so we can activate and actualize our human potential. Our work is to be patient yet aligned with the highest possibilities we can conceive of, and to act accordingly in our individual lives that we may stand as pillars of the New World which shall be constructed and realized both gradually and rapidly.
      December 21, 2012 was an end and a beginning, a zero point. Indeed, the 13 Baktuns of History closed as the snake ate its tail. As the UNIFY Movement reminds us, this was just the start of a whole new era of unification. As of Solstice 2012, we now have a new foundation of conscious, global connectivity to work from in all our efforts! Let us celebrate that we have arrived in a new chapter of life on Earth; a new evolutionary phase is now in effect!
      As we know, the most essential key in embodying the energies of the New Era and radiating the vibrations of the Sixth Sun is learning how to live from our Hearts. This is one of the biggest areas we have to grow in our human development. For so very long we have been heavily identified with our egoic minds which are programmed for separation, judgement, and who guide us to live in the past and future. To live in the New World we must learn to live in the Now which is the domain of our Spiritual Hearts.
      Our Hearts naturally resonate with the truth of interconnectedness. Our Hearts always offer us boundless resources of love, wisdom and compassion with which to elevate all circumstances and moments of our lives. We are learning to let our hearts be our core, our guide, our master teacher, our internal beacon, our home... Let's keep it simple and make it our main priority to let us our minds be subservient to our hearts. For our hearts speak the voice of self-love and care for the good of the whole. Our hearts instinctually know how to nurture our bodies, how to follow inspiration, how to root to the present moment, and how to enjoy and beautify existence. This is the nature, meaning, and opportunity of the Descent of the New World Age - Actualizing Heart-Centered Life!
      As Aguia Branca~White Eagle says:
      "...Your job is to pay attention to your heart,
      your heart will pay attention to everything else."

      In Lak'ech - I Am Another Yourself!

      Explore the Art, Science, and Spirituality of Natural Time at
      ©2013 SkyTime 1-800-596-0835 / skytime@...


      We had an epic pilgrimage to Palenque for Solstice! Thank you again for
      all of your support. We were feeling all of you during this powerful
      alignment. You can read about my personal Solstice journey on my newest
      blog post:


      Finally, On the Natural Time Calendar, today we enter into Moon 7 on the
      Spiral of the 13-Moon Year: The Resonant Monkey Moon of Attunement (Jan 10
      - Feb 6). On this sacred timing system, each of the 13 Moons correspond to
      one of the 13 Tones of Creation. This Moon 7 brings the focus of Tone 7:
      The Resonant Tone of Attunement also invoking the key words: Channel and

      We have now completed the Moon out of Time - The Rhythmic Moon 6 - during
      which we offically crossed over the Dec 21, 2012 threshold and have
      entered into the Dawning days of the Sixth Sun! In the Cosmology of The
      New Time, the final 7 Moons of this Blue Resonant Storm Year are called
      The 7 Mystic Moons (Moon 7 - Moon 13: Jan 10 - July 25, 2013). During this
      time our focus is to align with the new energies and new capacities that
      are available to us as we have now just begun our journey into the New

      to Dr. Argüelles’ pioneering galactic time decodings, the
      time period between December 22, 2012 and July 25, 2013 is a germination
      period of the New World Age – an accelerated time of adjustment,
      integration, and regeneration. His work indicates July 26, 2013 as
      initiating “Galactic Synchronization.” 7.26.13 will be the next 13-Moon
      Natural Time New Year, "Yellow Galactic Seed," marking the start of a vast
      new cycle in which we may finally comprehend ourselves as creative members
      of a Galactic whole; a consciously unified microcosm - macrocosm... As we
      continue awakening from our "cosmic amnesia" and realize the immensity of
      our existence, we can open to new dimensions of our capacities and see
      from new vistas! To the Journey Beyond a Destination... Onward we Spiral!

      Tone 7 is aligned with the Totem of Monkey. "Monkey teaches the balance of
      dark and light, he brings awareness of the darker side of oneself, aids in
      seeing both sides of all communication methods. Are you showing your
      creativity at this time? Is it time to examine an ancient wisdom you just
      encountered? Monkey ignites the inspiration and imagination from the deep
      recesses of the self and mind and teaches how to move within/without,
      above and below."

      Where Tone 6 called us to organize and balance, Tone 7 calls us to follow
      our INSPIRATION! This is the essential key for unlocking the possibilities
      available to us as we new embark into a New World Age! Our souls' unique
      inspirations offer us each a map of great potential for us to actualize.
      By allowing ourselves to seek out and follow our natural passions and
      joys, our whole lives can change. As we consciously liberate out of the
      confines of linear realities, vast new realms can open to us, allowing our
      renewed creativities to illuminate our paths! By following the
      intelligence of our inspiration, we can more fully discover how to offer
      our deepest gifts to the world.

      Tone 7 corresponds to our central spinal channel, the place where our 7
      chakras flow. In the Mayan Factor, Jose Argüelles identified 7 as the "Ray
      of Mystic Power." Tone 7 reminds us to tune in and discern the different
      resonance or vibrations that are emanated in different forms and different
      moments. This whole Natural Time Year is also a 7 Year! That means during
      this 28-day cycle we have extra incentive to study and learn how to
      navigate by resonance.

      As the Natural Time Calendar shares: "Humans are resonant beings -
      whatever energies we are exposed to, we have to ability to "resonate with"
      or vibrate at like-frequency with... By accessing keen perception of
      energies and vibrations, we can be more selective of what we bring into
      our field of play. This discernment directs us to find our own state of
      right-alignment within any situation, as well as surround ourselves with
      what inspires us..."

      Let us welcome a new 28-day cycle to learn from and grow within, together!
      As we continue evolving and awakening, anything is possible!

      As the guiding quote for The Moon of Attunement shares:

      "The Divine Seers are chanting our names, holding our hands, summoning the
      stars - to illuminate the path, to encode our souls with fire to burn
      history's illusions, to fuel our Spirits to soar on wings of trust in the
      ancient destiny of Love's Omnipresent Victory."

      This Natural Time Update is online here:

      Eden Skywalker

      TIME IS ART!


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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