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Turn Yourself Around ~ Patricia Eastwood

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    Patricia Eastwood … … … Turn yourself around

    Over the last few weeks I have had cause to sit and examine my life. I have looked closely at my thoughts and reactions and I realise that here is an important lesson which would bear sharing.

    For several years, I would wake up of a morning and slide right in to 'protective mode'. I would sit with my beaker of tea, mulling over yesterday's hurts. I would examine each slight, every sharp comment, dwelling miserably on how unhappy and misunderstood I was.

    I would visualise possible scenarios during the coming day and would rehearse a list of sharp answers with which to meet what I was 'preparing myself for'. After an hour or so, I would 'feel much better' and more awake, emerging from my introspection with a small smile for the world. (Silly woman!)

    You see, my mind-set was such that I EXPECTED to be slighted. I would examine all that was said to me with a jaundiced eye, sure-enough finding 'digs' and sharp comments everywhere I looked. (As I said before: 'Silly woman!')

    When one switches a lamp on to give light, one is using energy. Our thoughts and feelings are the same. They use energy. Bodily energy. Spiritual energy.
    As the light from the lamp can be easily seen with our eyes and felt if one moves one's arm too near to the bulb, so can our thoughts have energy which can be seen and felt. At least, the effects of them can be seen and felt.

    I invited myself to feel miserable. I EXPECTED folk to be aiming barbed comments at me, so that, when a conversation had no obvious barbs, I would 'read between the lines' in my search for hidden meanings. More often than not, I would lose a possibly productive relationship because of my strangely barbed replies and my gloomy inner self. My reactions gained physical strength and pushed nicer, happier folk away from me.

    Living and working in an area closely surrounded by negative folk meant that I, myself, was an easy target for those energies (monkey see, monkey do) ... However, the effect was not purely local. I could aim my dark feelings at family members, living far away. Aim them at old friends living in other parts of the country. Very soon I knew the cold 'truth' ... that I was unlovable and unwanted.

    The saving, for me, came when I found Spirit. I was gently guided into a course of self-improvement which led me away from those introspective morning sessions, which gradually helped me to 'lighten up' and 'get a life'.

    Once in a very rare while, though, I find myself sitting with my morning drink, beginning to 'think along the old lines'. I hastily give myself a mental shake-up and say a quick prayer to the Archangels Michael and Zadkiel, asking them to protect me from my own negativity. After all, they protect me from outside negative influences, so why shouldn't they protect me from old habits? I visualise myself radiating on a higher energetic frequency and I'm smiling widely in seconds.

    If you have, say, an unlovable son-in-law, you can spend MUCH time dwelling on this person's character failings. These thoughts can almost take physical form. Your daughter will sense that you don't like him and then will be torn between you both, unhappy and stressed. He will sense your dislike and will react accordingly,
    causing her even more hurt. The situation will escalate to a degree whereby a family can split over this and it all stems from your own inner problems.

    You can train yourself to throw the dislike out of your life if you care enough for her to do so. Every time you think of him, visualise a pink rose. 'Send' it to him in your mind. Know that this is a rose of reconciliation and appeasement for your own dark feelings.

    Slowly you will realise that he hurts you less and less.

    Then you can start saying something good in your thoughts each time he appears within your mind:
    'He's good to her'
    'He's patient with the children'
    'He works hard'

    Within three months you will have turned yourself around. Life, in-family, will be so much better that you will have cause to sit back and be amazed!

    Illustration Wikimedia Commons


    'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'


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