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Isha Lerner's Inner Child Tarot: Four/Eight of Hearts

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  • Ash
    Our emotional journey carries many waves upon them; those that crest high and those that we find ourselves going under. Most especially during this period we
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      Our emotional journey carries many waves upon them; those that crest high and those that we find ourselves going under. Most especially during this period we have witnessed and experienced  heartache that we may identify with as being swept under by. We go through many levels in the process of when a loved one passes on, a relationship ends, a dream seems lost or broken. There is that pain but keep let us keep to our hearts that within that pain we discover, or re-discover as it applies to each of us individually, the love of those closest to us who are there to comfort us, support us, and encourage us; I would say just as much of an Act of Love is the Miracle, the Gift, that comes from those we do not know consciously or personally. Those Divine and Loving Souls and Beings who reach out with a touch, an act, with their own love to show that they care and are with us while we go through the process of shifting through the emotions, finding our healing and in the process we are creating new connections and building upon those which we already have in our lives. They are the dolphins described in the Four of Hearts which comes to the mermaid whose winged heart locket is broken. They provide sustenance of the soul and spirit as well as a physical presence that speaks volumes and touches us right where it is needed. Hope, peace, wholeness, healing and joy is there with them and begins to take root within each of us through their compassion, understanding, grace and love. Be patient with yourself as you experience, embrace and release (as they flow out) the emotions and there is healing within that. A broken wing is restored to its full strength, a heart broken is mended through love and patience, a new dream is born from the flame...however the circumstances are for each and everyone that this applies to Know that you are held and cherished in Love. For those who have had the passing on of a loved one Know that they are with you in your heart, your thoughts, your soul and shall always be with you. Just as you carry them Know that they cherish and love you and carry you within them.

      What can, does and will bloom from all of this is a foundation of the Eight of Hearts: Completeness. Wholeness. That beauty which surpasses description save in the experience itself from the Union Within and that can also be mirrored in a Union Without. Finding that place of serenity inside of yourself and Knowing that You Are Whole, You Are Love and You Are Loved. We Are The Magicians And Source that brings life, joy, hope, peace and healing to this world through Unconditional Love; that is our seed and fruit and the foundation for each of us within our paths upon this world that we share together in Unity and Harmony. In Love With Our Self and With One Another. Within our integrity and soul we can use passionately experience we can empower ourselves and one another through our conscious choices. Life can be sensuous as we explore together, learn together, dance together, play together and love together.

      Wherever you may be within these two know that you are held in love and Our Spirit, Our Love, Our Presence is with you.

      Eight of Hearts
      Your card is...

      Eight of Hearts

      The infinity symbol stands for completeness. It is composed of a solar right side and a lunar left side and can denote union or balance between the sexes. In essence, it is two becoming one. Ancient mystics said this symbol indicated the presence of twin gods or goddesses. Such twins were praised as magicians, healers, and angels of fertility. In this card, twin water spirits are uniting through the deep, transforming circle of power and change. Although their music is calm, the waves behind them ebb and flow with a rhythm of strength and force. This is represented by the eight musical notes in the shape of Winged Hearts. The blending of these opposing forces is the key to understanding personal transformation. The number 8 is itself a sign for infinity and represents passion, sexuality, power, and regeneration. Realize that you have both male and female energies within your psyche. If each of us were to consciously use our gifts of sexuality and empowerment constructively, together we would create a safer and less destructive world. This card asks you to find spiritual and emotional equilibrium within the realm of feelings. A profound change awaits you when you integrate a personal sense of empowerment with a serene understanding of the universal flow of life. Inner harmony can lead you to a state of divine bliss and actualize your potential as a gifted healer.

      For each and every soul that is going through a deep range of emotions during these times Know that we are with you, we do love you and we are there for you giving freely of our time, our thoughts, our prayers, and our actions.

      Four of Hearts
      Your card is...

      Four of Hearts

      Sunken treasures, lost hopes, broken hearts, and tearful goodbyes are all aspects of the emotional journey one must encounter in life. Though these times are painful, the ever-transforming tides of hope exist within them. A broken heart is an open heart. When we are willing to allow deep emotions to flow, there is invariably a gift of love at the other side. Sorrow brings the tidings of joy. This is the bittersweet aspect of love. The gentle mermaid in this card has lost her hope. The boat she was guiding during a storm has sunk, and her Winged Heart locket is broken. In time, she will look up and see her three friends, riding on dolphins, coming to her rescue. What seems lost will be regained a thousand times over as she reconstructs and discovers a new foundation of faith and hope in herself and in life. Often, we cannot see the forest for the trees. Treasures that lie before us cannot be found until we are able to discover them. This card may be describing an emotional situation for you. Allow yourself the time to feel these emotions. Honor your process of introspection. With faith and hope, a new revelation will gently come forward to heal your broken heart. Becoming one with your feelings is a crucial step on the path of life.


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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