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P'taah January 2013 Message & New e-Book Announcement

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      News & Message from P'taah
      January 2013
      In This Issue
      November Conversation with P'taah
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      P'taah's January 2013 Message-Create What You Desire
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      Dear Friends,

      We are very pleased to welcome 2013 with the P'taah Guide for the Journey Home, available now on Kindle from Amazon.com. 

      This great little reference booklet contains 13 short, chapters in a concise, easy-to-read electronic format.
      • All Is One
      • The Lie
      • Creating Your Reality
      • The Now
      • Fear
      • Transformation (including the 4 Fears, the 4 Keys for transforming fear to love and the 4 Steps to Transformation, also known as the Baby Me tool)
      • Judgment
      • Abundance
      • Relationships
      • Physicality
      • Sexuality
      • Death 
      The price is a very affordable $4.99, which includes the right to lend it to your friends. Amazon Prime members can borrow the book for free.

      For more information, click the picture above.

      With much love and best wishes for a fabulous New Year!

      November Conversation with P'taah
      Something Important - Burning Questions  

      Many choose what is perceived to be safe or in line with the concepts of society. You can make outrageous choices and follow the heart rather than follow the safe path, if you choose. There's nothing you 'should' be doing, but if you put yourself in a box and don't follow your heart, then you're not fulfilling yourself.

      The chakras are power points of energy which enliven all parts of a human and represent the non-physical aspect. These power points are the marriage between the non-physical and the physical. Whatever tools you employ to assist you to feel harmonious is very good.

      There's a very powerful idea in the collective consciousness that when you reach a certain age, things start to wear out. Whatever you do or feel that is of peace and harmony and laughter and play... the more that you are joyous, the more that you are healthy.

      Well it's about not being enough. Because you're not enough, you're not worthy, and you do not deserve the abundance of all wondrousness. You have a belief that life is hard, is unfair, a struggle, etc. etc. So this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Until such time for each of you that you say, "I've had enough of this trouble and I want to do it and be it another way," then nothing will change. We can never emphasize the importance enough for each of you to give thanks for the little gifts and the miracles and the wondrous things occurring. Be in the present and notice them, so you can give thanks.

      Separation would be anything that feels to you out of balance, meaning that you are separate from the greater knowing of who and how you really are. The more you're in your gratitude, the more harmonious and less separate you feel. Wholeness is loving who you are and you can only love who you are when you can recognize who you are, when you can take responsibility for who you are and drop the judgment of who you are. You have the understanding and compassion when you bring all the parts of you to the light of your own being.

      Does God connect two people so that in the end you only will have that fulfilled life with that one person? No, not necessarily, and it is not God, except the God that you are. Through your incarnations you have a big family or grouping of very connected ones who like to play the game of life again and again. But it is you who chooses how you'll play it and what role you'll have.

      We remind you all that life for you often seems very heavy with lots of trouble. Every now and again take a step back and remind yourself that this is one lifetime among many. Where you can you might as well treat it quite lightly and have lots of fun with it because the truth is, you only come here for the experience of it! You get so concerned with what "should" be, that you forget to be in the joy of what is. So to be enlightened, you must lighten up!

      This month the November session is available on MP3 for the special price of $6 and on CD for $10.80. Order yours now. 

      And the December session is being recorded today so by February we hope to be back on track.
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       Message from P'taah - January 2013  
      We Are All Star-Seeded       
      Q:  Could you talk about the connection between the Pleiadian energy, right now on the planet, and the time?
      P:  That which is called Pleiadian energy is no stranger to your planet. It has been here from the beginning of the humanities. It is part of the humanities. 

      You are all star seeded. These energies have never left and it is our joy to be here to be of assistance now.  Not only Pleiadian, but from the multiverses, because it is not only this one or that one who has been here in your historical times and what you would call pre-historical times. 

      And it is even eons of time that there has been much melding and much, what you would call, socialization of civilizations, but there are millions of civilizations. Indeed, there is much given forth about this energy or that energy and it is only chitter-chatter, you know. It is of no importance whatsoever really because, in truth, there is no separation. 

      What you are all to come into the knowing of is there is no separation.  You will know it here (points to heart) and so, wherever possible, we will reflect to you that which is called the non-separation. 

      Because it is that the humanities, in their love of the story and their love of the labels and, indeed, within the structure of your language, you create separation.  So, in order that we create the change with you, it is to continually reflect to you that which is unlimited and that which is of non-separation. All right?

      But, in terms of that which is the energy of star peoples, it has always been here, one way or another. And in this moment, there is much energy coming forth from many civilizations, from many entities and energies, simply to be of assistance. 

      Also, in that changing of the consciousness, the people of other civilizations may come forth to be in open communion with the humanities.  All right? And that will occur soon in your time.

      Q:  When?

      P:  Well, indeed, it is simply to say that "in the ripeness of time," it will occur.  It will, for this moment, be very fear-inducing. 

      The humanities have not learned to live with themselves or with other species on your planet.  It is that you regard anything different from you as totally alien. That you, in your fear, must have domination.  So in the ripeness of time it will occur that, indeed, the humanities will be receptive without fear.  As for the timing of it, it depends on you.

      Q:  My father-in-law is dying right now; in fact, I thought he was going to die last night.  I'm experiencing fear but I'm also experiencing joy and the transcendence and the unconditional love I feel from him.

      P:  Indeed, and beloved, it is to say forth, "Have a wondrous journey!" To acknowledge...You see, beloved peoples, it is in the fear of the death that you do not acknowledge that which is the honor to say forth, "I honor that which has been your journey and now I honor this new adventure - this new journey you are about to take."  Then you may say, "You are always with me in my heart and that which is love is eternal. There is no separation." All right?

      You see in this fashion when people are afraid that they will be separated in the changement to come from those which are called "loved ones," it is to know, absolutely, that there is no ending. (Turns to another woman) Is that not right, beloved? You know it so well.  (She agrees.)

      That which is called the veil of consciousness that separates you from those who have died is only in that little bit of consciousness that, as yet, is not knowing.  That is all.

      Q: I have a practical question. As we leave here tonight, can you give us a tool, a specific tool that we can take out into that environment in which we find ourselves?

      P:  Indeed. We can give you a tool for every day of your life, to remind you. If you will take one minute of your time and regard a beautiful creation of nature and say, "I thank you. That which you are, I am. That which is the beauty that I perceive in you, I perceive in me." In this fashion you will remind yourself that truly you are what is called a grand jewel, a beautiful wondrous facet of God/Goddess. In this fashion, you will know there is no separation. All right, beloved?

      That which is my desire for you is that you truly know how beautiful you are -- that you will truly allow yourselves to fly. As I regard you, what I am regarding, indeed, is that which is called the totality of your beingness, that which is called the awesome power of you, that which is called the breathtaking beauty of you and I desire that you will see this, too. All right?

      So go and play! Every time you are in struggle, you may say stop! Listen! Stop and listen! It is all there within you - all of it - all of your power.

      All right, beloved peoples, until the next Now moment of your time, we will say farewell and I desire that you will know that I love you absolutely. It is certainly a grand honor to be with you. I thank you for the sharing. Farewell for this Now.

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