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Quado's Garden: Imagine Your Life without Fear or Doubt

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  • Ash
    Can fear or doubt be transformed? Within question. Can you imagine your life transforming fear, doubt, confusion, anxiety, and more? Remember if you can
    Message 1 of 8 , Jan 6, 2013
      Can fear or doubt be transformed? Within question. Can you imagine your life transforming fear, doubt, confusion, anxiety, and more? Remember if you can imagine it you can accomplish it for our imagination is a core foundation for what we visualize and manifest. Fear and doubt may well make attempts to interject themselves into our lives yet we can recognize them for what they are and the different masks or faces that they can attempt to hide behind. Fear and doubt may well roam about but it need not have a place within us; taking root in our life, in our mind, in our soul. With our imagination coupled with patience, focus, and encouragement rooted in Love we step outside of the box and into the expansion and the enormity of all that is boundless and unlimited. We transform fear into strength, doubt into inspiration; each of those faces are transformed from what they are into what you can imagine; anxiety to peace and serenity; apathy into the passion and zeal of and for life; worry into confidence and more as you step into a deeper place of Knowing and embracing You with total acceptance and love.

      A key point is in facing our fears and doubts. That may seem like a paradox or conundrum at times but the more we face these to see them for what they are the less hold they have upon our lives. Observe them within judging and shine the Love that you have within you, that Divine Love that emanates and has always been apart of you, onto that and how we will See and experience the deepest and highest of of transformations! Imagine yourself a Resplendent, Radiant, Beautiful and Divine Soul for in doing that you are peeling away the layers, parting the veil, and dispelling the illusions to See your Self once more. Full of the unlimited potential and possibilities yes but also embracing that to go from potential to manifesting. Yes your imagination can do that and continue to see your life grow and evolve and ascend. When you can Imagine all of this you are Seeing your Self once more with fear and doubt finding no root nor anchor within you and your life. Dance with your Reflection, Sing Your Song and Live Life Fully In Love.

      Imagine Your Life without Fear or Doubt

      Today, recognize fear in your life and send it away. Fear is a bully and if you face him down he has no choice but to run. He will run before strength and action.  He will run before faith and perseverance.  He will even run before patience.
      Fear loves to hide under various disguises.  Sometimes he is called Tension or Anxiety.  Worry is one of his favorite names.  Shyness is another.  Apathy and Boredom are some very secret names that he has.
      If you are not living your life full of action and engagement, embracing life with zest and vigor, then dig a little deeper and see if fear is hiding in the corners of your life, along with his sidekick doubt.  Shine the bright lights of self-Love and faith on them.  And then act.  Do what you fear, over and over, and fear will lose his power over your life.
      Imagine, just imagine, what you might do with this precious life of yours if you had no fear and doubt!  Yes, this is the way to live.  And you have it within your power to do so.


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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