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Hilary Ramos: Florida Pilgrimage LAST CALL, Egypt with Robert Bauval, Grandmothers Summit, and NEW RADIO SHOW

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      In This Issue
      Grandmothers Summit 2013
      Florida Pilgrimage 2013
      Grandmothers Summit 2013

      sisters of honua logo
      A Gathering of Sisters




      May 8-12, 2013

      Taa-naash-kaa-da Sanctuary, Las Vegas, New Mexico


      Register/More Information:

      Egypt Spring Tour 2013
      with Robert Bauval

      7 nights 13th - 20th March 2013 for only US $1950

      What better way to see Egypt then with international best-selling author and Egyptologist Robert Bauval. Author of  more then 10 international best-selling books and founder of the Orion Correlation Theory. As seen on History channel and in the proclaimed Ancient Aliens Series, Robert is a master in the ways of the ancient Egyptians.

      Robert will be leading a tour this Spring to the lands of our ancestors and will personally guide you through the sacred sites of the Pharaohs. He will provide a safe and life-changing experience that in many ways is nothing short of an initiation.

      For more information:

      Email Hillary@... for bookings inside the United States


      We have shifted into the New World; a new level of consciousness. We have opened like the greatest of all portals and been given a chance to allow the stargates within to merge with our hearts and higher minds. We are saying goodbye to the 4th world of separation, fear, anger and hate. As we go through the remainder of coming out of the coccoon we may feel remnants of the old world still drying up and leaving us. The last few strands of hate and fear withering away under our feet and in our hearts. We have a choice now to see the world in a heightened sense of beauty, or to remain in the dream of hate, violence and loneliness. To remain will be very hard and the lessons will be swift as the consciousness of humanity rises to a new and elevated level. If you chose hate and separation your choices will draw in all the karmic experiences you will need to rise with the rest of humanity. No one will be left behind.

      Recently I completed reading The Twelfth Insight:The Hour of Decision by James Redfield (click here to order) author of The Celestine Prophecy, both books came into my life at a very crucial time in my personal spiritual development. I finished The 12th Insight over the course of this past Winter Solstice and Christmas season. I am a true believer that certain books come into our hands at specific times to ignite a flame within our minds and hearts to illuminate our souls to a higher more expanded level. This book is one of those books. For those who have eyes to see when you read this book it will change you, and inspire you to grow.

      In honoring of this book and all the other life-changing factors I have come across on my path I am launching a new radio show that begins January 10th 2013. I will be co-hosting a show with my soul brother Jonah Constantine Barrett and together we will be bringing you the male/female perspective on a variety of topics. It is time for the divine male & divine female energies to twine together to bridge heaven and earth.  This show is our effort to be an example of this healing energy so needed on our planet now. The show details will be listed below in the newsletter.

      2012 was a year of rest for me. A year of writing, musing, learning, twining, loving and searching deep within for the connection required to move beyond the grand 2012 portal. We are here. We are the 2nd coming in flesh, each and every one of us.

      The 12th Insight has shown me the next step in my journey and I plan on following it intuitively as it shows itself. Planning has become an intuitive coordination of energy and I tune in to see if I can visualize myself doing it before I 'book' anything. If it is hard to visualize then I pass it up, and if it is easy to visualize I do it. This is my new way of coordinating what I do.

      2013 is back to divine work for me. I have remembered in 2012 how to BE. Just BE. The doing came from the being, and this was a kind of reset for me. I found a divine love that was pure, real, and higher then any kind I've ever allowed in before. The Presence and the connection to that presence has been my practice this past year. A greater awareness of BEING the work, not just seeing or proving the work. I hope you will consider buying a copy of The 12th Insight to see how and why this is so important in our coming year of transition to the New World. This is not the NWO you read so much about....this is a NEW TRUE World of higher divine oneness connection that thrives on Agape love, soul love with everyone, not just one person or a small group of people. In this understanding all religions find a common denominator, politics merges into unison instead of right left polarities, and the end of the world becomes symbolic in that it is the end of a way of being, seeing and doing.

      It is possible. I have dreamt it. I have seen it in my intuitive visions.

      Also in this issue, a variety of offerings from Yraceburu Earthwisdom Florida Crystal Mounds Pilgrimage in February, a March Spring tour of Egypt with Robert Bauval, and in May the 4th annual Grandmothers Summit in New Mexico with the Sisters of Honua. I hope you will find that one of these offerings calls to you. It is a great way to anchor the new dream by setting the intent and following thru in plotting your waking dream landscape. Tune in and see if you can see yourself doing the trip and if you can it may be just what you need.

      Expect Synchronistic events in waking time & in the dreamtime.

      Finally I will be planning several intimate gathering events throughout the US and UK this coming year. These will be announced on my website and here on my newsletters. Stay tuned, buckle your seat belts... its a beautiful ride.



      Florida Trip 2013
      For more information about the upcoming Florida Pilgrimage


      Private Phone sessions available with Hillary
      Contact Hillary: Hillary@...

      Hillary Raimo | www.hillaryraimo.com | Albany | NY | 12203

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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