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Power Animal of the Week: Swan

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  • Ash
    I would simply expand a little on the declaration that begins from this beautiful guide and messenger: The epitome of grace and elegance is now a part of your
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 2012
      I would simply expand a little on the declaration that begins from this beautiful guide and messenger: "The epitome of grace and elegance is now a part of your life." Indeed this is a period where grace and elegance has and is blossoming in our lives. My addition is that grace and elegance have never left us. Allow that and all inside of you fill you with a peace, a confidence, a serenity that will not be shaken nor lost. Do let your beauty continue to shine through every corner of your life and outward for all the world to see. I am sure we have heard the story of the ugly duckling that is transformed into a beautiful swan. Yet the ugly duckling is a perception; a perceived interpretation and there has never been anything ugly there. A truth to embrace is that the duckling has always been the swan and vice versa.  There is a beauty that transcends all which has never been apart from us. We have had periods we were have felt less than ourselves, seen ourselves in a less than desirable form, and/or thought of ourselves as not very attractive. The more we see through those illusions of perceptions we see the vibrant, elegant and beautiful person that we are. A spirit and physical form that matches one another in harmony. See yourself as the beautiful, graceful and passionate soul that you are. That confidence, that love, that acceptance will be a light that draws more into your life who see themselves in the same light and what unions are made through these mirrors and reflections.

      Your loyalty to You becomes stronger, more rooted and that reflects in your passions and your relationships. Trust that you are more than worthy of love for you have that glowing inside of you and for those who open their hearts and eyes to  See You will be moved, inspired, and touched by you and shall know the blessing and grace of your presence in their lives and your spirit in their hearts. Allow Swan to walk with you, swim with you and most definitely fly with you as you learn more of how to live a life full of grace, love and confidence glowing with your radiance always.


      The Swan
      Elegance          Confidence          Loyalty

      Take a deep breath and let the spirit of the swan fill you. Click here to Listen to the Swan's Song.

      The epitome of grace and elegance is now a part of your life.  How fortunate you are! 
      Let her help you bring a certain elegance to the way you dress, the way you live, everything you do.  It should come naturally now, for you are the swan.
      Fill yourself with confidence.  Let your beauty shine out in all ways.  Float gracefully through life, knowing that you will always be welcome in the company of others when you breathe in your swan energy.
      The swan will also help you maintain long and loyal relationships, for she knows how to stay true to another and attracts the same to herself.  Let the swan spirit give you confidence that you are fully deserving of love.  Trust that long-lasting love will be a part of your life, for you are the swan.
      Let the swan teach you to live in more than one world, comfortable both on the water and in the sky.  Learn to fly with purpose to your destination, neck outstretched and trumpeting your joy.  Then learn to float in tranquility on the peaceful lake, a portrait of grace and elegance, wanting nothing more than simply to be who you are, the perfect swan.



      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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