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The World Puja Network: What's Next?

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      If you have any difficulty viewing this newsletter, please turn on images, or click here to view on the web:
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      If you have any difficulty viewing this newsletter,
      please turn on images, or click here to view on the web:

      The World Puja Network Newsletter
      From Maureen Moss

      January 2013

      "Purifying The Heart To Start Your New Life — Meditation"
      visit www.maureenmoss.com to retrieve it.

      It’s All About Your Heart Now Beloveds!
      (It’s a good time for a heart cleanse! )

      “The 12/12/12 World Puja 2 Hour Global Meditation and Planetary Tansmission Broadcast
      visit www.maureenmoss.com to retrieve it.

      Why now? Because we knew when we created this event it would take you into 2013 and we wish for each of you to have it, embrace, use the energy from it, and walk on into the New World with new clarity, a shifted perspective and one heck of a sound healing!

      New Article
      "What's Next?"

      "The World Puja Broadcasting Network: the Leader in Empowerment Internet Radio," is Empowerment Broadcasting for your Soul. Now in its 12th year of daily global broadcasting, more than 1 million people in over 130 countries have made their way to The World Puja Network's daily powerful, compelling, and informative broadcasts. Over 2,300 timeless archives are available 24/7.
      The Shift becomes more graceful with The World Puja Broadcast Network paving a clear-cut path for you, daily.

      In This Issue

      1. Our Featured Shows This Month

      2. New Article: "What's Next?"

      3. Meet Two of Our New Hosts Beginning In January


      Featured Shows January 2013

      Please see our World Puja Weekly Highlights sent to you every Sunday night for a listing of dozens of our shows, hosts and guests for the upcoming week, includng our new ones or visit www.worldpuja.org for our latest broadcasts.

      A Note From Maureen
      Dearest Hearts,

      First of all, WELCOME to the New World Beloveds. We did it! We held enough Light and Love, Intention and Alignment, to make it happen. We used our love and our deepest desires to become revolutionary humans, evolutionary humans, and to reach the point where we now have the understanding of what it takes to live as Gods in Human Form.

      We watched a gazillion videos, listened to even more Teleseminars, took a class or three and, determined to move into our hearts where we belong…. to give this “Living as God “in human form experience a spin.

      Together, and apart, along with  support from below us, around us, and above us, who helped us part the veils, melt down archaic human templates, break out of force-fields that held us hostage, believe in God, believe in ourselves, believe in possibility, strengthen our Light Bodies, understand our Solar Bodies, and line up with every Galactic alignment we could, we did it. We birthed The New World and the miraculous Divine Human. Now what?

      Now we learn to take our next steps gently, consciously, lovingly, wisely, compassionately, giving deep consideration as to how we will unfold the life we prefer.

      It’s not going to be a cake-walk Beloveds, but what I know is if we keep the glue intact that held us together to get this far, we will go farther than we, or perhaps the entirety of Cosmic Consciousness ever thought possible, and why not, why stop here?

      I feel a little reprieve would do us all a bit of good, along with some nurturing and receiving. And then, without working at it, live and love our creative expressions out loud. And while we’re at it, let’s see how creative we can get when it comes to loving ourselves and each other so much that “we’ll never set up another circumstance to betray ourselves or each other, again.”

      Let’s just see how many more dimensions we can move up using love as the ladder and our untapped magnificence as support for the climb.

      My students, in “Living As God: The Evolutionary Experience,” call us Godlings, and we are, as we get strong and sure-footed, and full-hearted enough in this New World to live as Thoroughbred Gods in a world that never was, until we birthed it!

      I am honored to start this new journey with each and every one of you, as is The World Puja Network.

      God Bless You All!!!


      (Copyright 2013. Please share as you wish. Just one favor. Please keep name and websites worldpuja.org and maureenmoss.com intact.

      Meet Our New Hosts
      We have two new hosts beginning this month (and two more next). Some of you know one of them from previous years, and loved her, and others will be beyond inspired when you meet her.

      Esateys is the host of “Master” Mind Your Life. This is a show that will inform you of every ways and means to have a life that is so full and rich that everything you ever imagined for yourself can become your reality. You will become a “Warrior of Change,” says Esateys, “as you Master new Codes of Conduct, commensurate with the New World, that maximizes your life force and propels you in the direction of your highest capabilities.

      As many of you know, from her former shows on World Puja, Esateys is definitely a wise woman to listen to.

      And then meet Simran Singh (if you haven’t already.)  Simran is the host of “InnerViews On The Lighter Side.” Simran, amongst many things, is a global visionary, founder of the 1111 Magazine, one of talk radio’s most brilliant voices and now joins The World Puja Network with a totally unique new show that is going to lighten Life up for everyone!

      We have all been through so much, and have cried enough anguished tears. This show is going to have you laugh until you cry, (one of my favorite things in life,) using Simran’s savvy wisdom and insights and great guests as the catalysts.

      Simran says, “it’s time to realize we have a 7th Sense, The Sense of Humor and it’s time to put it to good use! And, says Simran, “what most don’t realize is that it’s the 7th Sense that is necessary to the Soul’s healing journey.”

      This show is going to give you deep and profound laughs as you gain new insights into all of the hard stuff and make a commitment to your Sense of Humor that is longing to come out and play. I love this woman, and I know you will too!

      Don’t forget, all the dates and times for all of our hosts and all show details are at www.worldpuja.org
      May you be blessed every single moment of every single day.
      I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance. May Grace follow you wherever you go. Know you are loved!
      Maureen Moss
      President of The World Puja Network, LLC

      E-Mail: Maureen@...
      Or: Maureen@...
      Copyright © 2012 The World Puja Network, LLC
      The World Puja Network, LLC
      2305-C Ashland St. #405
      Ashland, OR 97520

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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