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The Jesus-Dolphin Connection ~ Dolphin Heart World December 2012 Newsletter

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  • Ash
      Aloha beloved Friends! Dolphin, David and I wish you a blessed, loving, and joyous Christmas and New Year 2013! This time of year is a time of contrasts for
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      Aloha beloved Friends!

      Dolphin, David and I wish you a blessed, loving, and joyous Christmas and New Year 2013!
      This time of year is a time of contrasts for many.
      There is more kindness and connection in the air.
      We’re smiling more, laughing more, and feeling generous and grateful for the abundant blessings in our lives.
      And, many also experience deep sadness, loneliness, and loss.
      We miss our loved ones who are no longer with us, sharing our lives in the physical.
      As unprecedented waves of tremendous Love and Light stream onto the planet, Dolphin invites you to call upon them often to help you surf the waves of these new frequencies.
      When you have a heavy heart, give it to Dolphin!
      Ask Dolphin to shift your consciousness to JOY.
      And then be still.
      Relax, release, and surrender … and allow the frequency of JOY to emerge within you naturally ~ to flow through you.
      Invite JOY to enter into every cell and every space of your being.
      There is nothing “to do” but to ask …
      and then be still, let go, and allow.
      (No “trying!”:-))
      Joy knows what to do.
      Radiant blessings of Dolphin Love & Joy!

      This Month's Treasure Chest

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      Come on in -- the water's great!

      A Christmas Message:
      The Jesus~Dolphin Connection

      by Linda
      People sometimes ask me about the relationship between dolphin energy and whale energy.
      I tell them what I’ve learned through my direct internal experience.

      During the early years of my dolphin journey, there was a period of about two weeks when I experienced a profound reconnection with Jesus, the Christ.
      He felt like my brother.
      I felt him palpably present.
      Our connection was profoundly intimate, close, and accessible.
      I felt warm, safe, comforted, nurtured, and reassured by his presence.
      This was a spiritual homecoming for me.

      Then, a week or two later, I experienced a deep connection to Buddha.
      I experienced Buddha as vast open space … impersonality … eternity … the Void.

      To me, the dolphins are very much like Jesus, the Christ energy.
      They’re intimate, accessible, friendly, playful, warm, nurturing … and at the deepest level, they’re home to me.
      Whale is vast space, eternity, silence, and stillness … the Void.
      Like Buddha.
      --- From "Dolphin Love … From Sea to Land," by Linda Shay
      More times than I can recall, throughout my years sharing Dolphin Healing Energy with my fellow humans, this Jesus-Dolphin connection has been brought to light in some way.
      I am not the first to make this connection.
      As scholars have discovered, early Christians often referred to Jesus as “The Dolphin.”
      Christian sailors likened Jesus Christ to the dolphin.
      Pastoral images of the lamb were remote from their experience.

      But they knew countless stories of dolphins as rescuers, guides, and friends.
      As the dolphins appeared in the ancient legends, so Jesus served in life: rescuer, guide, and friend.

      Dolphins appear frequently on the walls of the catacombs. …
      Often, they are shown twisted around a trident or an anchor, suggesting Christ on the Cross.
      In underground Rome there is even an image of a dolphin with an exposed heart.

      The dolphin usually symbolizes Jesus Christ.
      --- From "Signs and Mysteries: Revealing Ancient Christian Symbols," by Mike Aquilina
      A shift I’ve noticed in myself since 11/11 of this year is the ever-present knowing that All of Life is my brother.
      (Gender does not enter into play in the use of this word “brother.”
      This is the word I “hear” inside. To me, it feels right and true.)
      It’s all about love.
      Anything else is a distraction.
      These past days, I have been feeling Jesus/Yeshua’s presence by my side, along with Dolphin, as never before.
      (These days, the name “Yeshua” resonates more for me.)
      I can now see his influence upon my response to the Newtown, Connecticut, shootings that broke open human hearts world-wide.
      My heart ached for the human experience of loss confronting so many families and loved ones.
      After the shock and an eruption of intense emotions passed through me, my embodied I AM Dolphin Consciousness took over.
      My consciousness shifted to within, where I heard and felt these words ~ Yeshua’s words ~ flowing through my whole being:
      The children are my brother.
      The teachers are my brother.
      The family members are my brother.
      The first responders are my brother.
      The shooter is my brother.
      His mother is my brother.
      I love you.
      I love you.
      I love you.
      These weren’t just words … they were truths that resonated through me from the depths of my being.
      There was no judgment.
      There was only Love, Compassion, and Oneness.
      There was deep Trust in the Divine Plan, the details of which are none of my business.
      The Oneness in me healed the rift, not only within me, but within the collective human consciousness.
      I surfaced from this inner experience in profound peace … and LOVE.
      Everyone is my brother.
      EVERY ONE (All of Life) is my brother.
      I LOVE all of my brothers.
      YOU are my brother.
      I LOVE YOU.
      The physical dolphins sharing this beautiful planet with us have been living demonstrations of Yeshua’s teachings for a long time.
      Living in Unity-Community is their everyday reality.
      Let us ride out these final days of 2012, and step into the New Dawn of 2013, with Yeshua and Dolphin by our sides.
      Let us Love one another.
      Let us delight in one another!
      Let us take care of one another.
      Hearts-to-hearts, hands-in-fins, let us, now and forever more, embrace and embody the living spirit of brotherhood.
      NOW is our time.

      Our Christmas Gift
      for You!

      by Linda

      My talk on Cordelia Brabbs’ Elevate and Celebrate Your Life was a truly JOYOUS event!
      Many thanks to all of you who participated.
      Cordelia is an exquisite and gifted host.
      She has such a huge heart, and her love and devotion to elevating the human experience on Earth is abundantly clear.
      We shared wonderful dolphin stories and teachings.
      We laughed a lot as we talked about all the fun and creative ways we shift our own lives to JOY.
      The Dolphin transmission was pretty remarkable.
      Archie had told us that the transmission would happen “outside of time.”
      Many listeners have shared that they had the profound experience of time dropping away.
      While we were resting in the silence, outside of time, the New Earth was birthed in the center of our circle.
      Dolphin guided us to align our personal frequencies to the New Earth frequencies.
      Upon completion, every single cell in my body was vibrating so strongly!

      Our Free Gift for You!
      Calling Forth Your Inner Dolphin!

      I created a free gift for participants of this event.
      It is a wonderful 9-minute MP3 recording of me leading you through a really fun and transformative inner-shift experience of Calling Forth Your Inner Dolphin!
      I’ve decided that I love this gift so much, I want everyone in our community to receive it!
      It is a JOY to share this Free Gift with you, Shay, as a thank you for your love, support, and connection.
      Click here to receive this Christmas present from Dolphin Heart World!

      Merry Christmas!

      DHW Banner Earth & Dolphins

      Coming soon ...

      Dolphin Heart School!

      We're thrilled to share that we recently completed our first-ever Dolphin Healing Arts, Module 1, series of virtual online training classes in Dolphin Energy Healing, with 29 participants!
      These classes were only available to our Dolphin Attunement Journey podmates, as a dipping-our-toes-in-the-water experiment with “social conferencing” technology.
      This technology allowed us to create an environment in which our podmates moved into deeper and deeper connection with each other, as well as with us and with Dolphin.
      It was a huge SUCCESS!
      We’re feeling bright and optimistic that this platform will serve beautifully for our Dolphin Heart School program in its entirety.
      We’ll start with a “creation pod” for those who feel adventurous and willing to dive into this brand new experience with us!
      Our target start date is February 2013.
      We will share details about this new program as soon as we have them.
      Stay tuned!!
      Click here to learn more about Dolphin Heart World.
      To learn more about all of our
      Dolphin-imbued services, click here.
      Davinda_Aug 2011
      Linda Shay & David Rosenthal
      Your Dolphin Ambassadors!
      Beloved Ones, may your Holiday season be merry and bright.
      May the Love and Joy of Yeshua and Dolphin ignite your heart to greater Love than you've ever known!
      You are our brother.
      We love you!
      "Sea" you next year!
      Radiant blessings of
      Dolphin Love and Joy!

      Linda & David
      Dolphin Ambassadors
      855.DLFNLUV (855.353.6588) toll-free
      928.852.3788 local and international

      Creating vibrant lives of loving and joyous connection ~
      with self, with humanity, with All of Life!

      Love Heals. Joy Transforms.
      Dolphins are Pure Love and Joy!

      Are the Dolphins calling You?

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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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