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Power Animal of the Week: Giraffe

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  • Ash
    There is a true synchronicity with this wise guide and within Quado s Garden message of this morning. The first attribute of the Giraffe is the love she has
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 23, 2012
      There is a true synchronicity with this wise guide and within Quado's Garden message of this morning. The first attribute of the Giraffe is the love she has for her body. She accepts herself completely and totally as she is. She is comfortable within every part of herself and on many, many levels she is a sensual being as she revels in the beauty that she is releasing any sense of haughtiness or superiority. She sees herself clearly and embraces herself and her life as she is. Proud of herself and, again, that carries no haughtiness nor superiority either for this is a pride that blooms from true acceptance and love of herself and life. She recognizes her uniqueness and what she has to offer, to give in life.

      Is there a question on your beauty as defined by others or society in general? Release that for you are not less than what others may define nor think. You are a beautiful, vibrant being full of life and you will attract others who have that same confidence and love within themselves.  As she speaks upon within her message below Know and Own Your Beauty for that is an extension and a wondrous reflection of You, Your Spirit.

      Your Sight will begin to expand for as you have released expectations and preconceived ideas you have a clarity of vision about yourself and life as it all unfolds.Your foresight and intuition...each apart of the other grows and deepens beautifully. As your vision extends you will be able to breathe within the moment and discern your best choices that are there for you to make and step within. When you need to blend in with others you can and shall while still maintaining your uniqueness and integrity: That harmonious blend of being social and unique; comfortable with who you are physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually; with ingenuity and foresight carrying a passionate acceptance of yourself and life. What a magnificent guide as we step into this new era of life!


      The Giraffe
      Uniqueness          Foresight          Self-Acceptance

      Take a deep breath and let the spirit of the giraffe fill you. Click here to Listen to the Giraffe's Song.

      Welcome the great powers of the giraffe into your life, for she will be of great help to you.
      First and foremost, the giraffe loves her body.  She loves that she is unique in all the world and she knows and owns her beauty.  She does not waste a single minute in wishing she were anything other than what she is, just as she is.  Let her teach you this love of your own body, even though you are, of course, not like everyone else. 
      The giraffe will also give you the gift of foresight, for her height lets her see what is coming from great distances.  Nothing catches her by surprise, for she can see not only what is heading her way, but can run as fast as the wind if she does not like what she sees.  Learn from her to intuitively sense what is coming.  Just breathe in the giraffe spirit before you make any major decisions and she will help you to see what is on its way to you.  What you see may be too far away for others to see, but you are the giraffe.
      The giraffe will also bring you the gift of camouflage, her spots blending in with the hillside and her long neck with the tree tops themselves.  With her energy within you, you will be able to find ways to maintain your own uniqueness while sharing the world with others.  Her highly social nature will help you find the right balance between being exactly who you are, shining out with your wonder, while also fitting in with the group when you care to. 
      You are all of this:  unique, yet socially adept; far-seeing and intuitive; and completely comfortable with your physical self.  How blessed you are to be the giraffe!


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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