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Quado's Garden: Let Life Unfold as it Will

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  • Ash
    Expectations. What a conundrum that can be for us and how we can become swept up comparing and questioning ourselves, our hopes and fears, how that did not
    Message 1 of 8 , Dec 23, 2012
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      Expectations. What a conundrum that can be for us and how we can become swept up comparing and questioning ourselves, our hopes and fears, how "that did not come in a way I expected", etc. We become inadvertent, unintentional judges upon ourselves and life; we have focused so much on attempting to "figure it out" that we lose focus or sight of where we re in the moment. Yet the moment is brimming with more than what we could ever hope to experience, achieve or dream; we can do that by stepping out of the way of ourselves. That is a key aspect and how we are not stepping into a deeper and new level of consciousness and awareness. With all that is Open for us now it comes down to our choices. Choose to see life and yourself as life and you are in this moment. Open and embrace total acceptance of you as you are and life begins to take on a new glow that brings deeper clarity, illumination, peace and wholeness. It comes because you are doing that work within you. Allowing yourself to unfold as you are and not placing an expectation upon yourself. That does not mean you do not have a focus, a passion and have no means to make effective and lasting change for you. Simply allow yourself to begin at that place of total acceptance and love of yourself as you are. Be patient with yourself and giving yourself the opportunity to unfold, to bloom and grow as you are. Then you gain a deeper peace and understanding which enables you to see more from many new perspectives and take steps that bring about change because you are already manifesting that change inside. Life, as it is, begins to come into a clearer focus and we are transforming from comparing one moment to another to living and breathing and being in the moment. Seeing the moment for what it is just as you are seeing yourself. That is apart of your Truth; that and You and Your Life, Your Heart, Your Very Being is glorious. Allow Life, Allow Your Self to unfold with your Divine Plan and Expression releasing all of those expectations. As you Open up to your Self the World Opens up to You both becoming more and more that Divine Reflection of the other. You and your life are glorious and magnificent moment by moment. Embrace that and you are embracing all that you Divinely are and so shall Your Life beam that same Divine Radiance.

      Let Life Unfold as it Will

      Today is a day to set aside your idea of how things should be and instead to deal with life as it is.
      Too often, you spend most of your time comparing each moment with what you had expected, what you had feared, and what you had wanted.  Each moment is found glorious or wanting in comparison to this expectation of yours.  And the truth is, each moment simply is. 
      And if you will but allow yourself to deal with life as it is, you will find that it contains far more than your expectations could ever dream of. You will find that it opens and blossoms with opportunity and surprise.  Often the lack of surprise in your life is simply because of the narrow box of expectation you have kept yourself within. 
      Open up your world by releasing all of that.  Today, expect nothing and let life unfold.


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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