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Isha Lerner: Winter Newsletter

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      Winter Newsletter

      We ARE the Eggs: December 21, 2012, and Beyond
      The world will be saved by the Western woman.
      The Dalai Lama
      The time has finally arrived about which so much has been prophesied: December 21, 2012. We at Inner Sight are overjoyed to be sharing this auspicious moment with you, our global, virtual community of awesome, astonishingly awake people - as well as with the rest of the human beings on the planet who have given their hearts and souls to this most worthy, evolutionary enterprise.
      We have ringside seats together at the greatest show on Earth, billions of years in the making, even while we are busy being actors on the stage of our "ordinary," daily lives. We go about the business of surviving and "doing" on a practical level, in the midst of knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that something miraculous is occurring at the higher frequencies of our Being. It is truly an amazing time to be alive and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing the journey with us.
      During this time of accelerated, global transformation, I would like to share some of the most inspired commentary I've come across along the way, from the visionary "evolutionary" Barbara Marx Hubbard.
      Barbara was given a vision in 1966 that has informed her life and work ever since. She was told, "Barbara, our story is a birth. Go tell the story, Barbara." And so she has. For Marx Hubbard, the entire story of Western civilization up to this point has been about progress through technological advances. She is convinced that story can no longer be sustained and that a new story is being born among us now. She sees the human species moving from biological procreation to co-creation, from sexuality and reproduction to supra-sexuality and self-evolution. She believes we are in the throes of a huge drive to self-reproduce: "to hold the Unknown Child in our arms and love the Unknown Child." Homo Sapien Sapien is becoming the emergence of an entirely new species: Homo Luminous; Homo Divinous; Homo Progressivus.
      According to Marx Hubbard, women and the feminine archetype are leading the way in this co-creative process. When women, especially post-menopausal women, wake up and become aware at the level of our deepest psyches, the energy that previously went into procreation becomes available for supra-sexual co-creation. We become attracted to our own creativity and fall in love with it. Over fifty and with no eggs, in the biological sense, we ARE the eggs. By saying "Yes" to the God Force, we are enlivened. Our bodies are infused with heightened consciousness.
      Consequently, we are not getting older; we're getting newer. We are evolving, emerging, creating, rather than aging. We are regenerating ourselves at a cellular level, so rather than menopause, we're now experiencing "regenopause." This is more than just longevity. It's actual mutation. When enough of us have accomplished this cellular regeneration, we create a critical mass, a resonant field, in which a new level of consciousness is stabilized.
      December 21, 2012, is our due date for a phase change on planet Earth. Marx Hubbard reminds us to keep breathing because birth can be painful and difficult. Those of us who have eyes to see and hearts to feel what's going on must continue to work toward the delivery of a new order of being. Finally, we are 10 centimeters dilated and it's time to push. Earth is a tiny planet giving birth to a new species capable of being connected through the heart to the whole of life.
      It's vitally important that women and men passionately unite in couples, teams, partnerships and groups at this time, not simply to procreate but to co-create. Our creative potential can only be actualized by this joining together. It cannot happen alone anymore, so we must follow our attractions in order to find the right chosen partners. Once we are with our true mates, it will not always be easy, but it will be so worth it! All kinds of issues will come up to be addressed and healed. We will need to be really bold, but if we are, we will have the most amazing results.
      In the new world, when something happens to one of us, it will happen to all of us instantaneously and we will all experience it fully through non-local connectivity. Profound empathy will come flooding in, completely overwhelming all the outmoded structures. Suddenly, people will began to hear and heed their inner voices. Innovations and breakthroughs will occur spontaneously by the same power that coordinates cells in our bodies and these innovations will be made manifest in the new world of our inspired co-creation.
      And so it is...
      Heartfelt blessings and love to you on behalf of Isha and Janet and the rest of the Inner Sight team,
      Tara Faulkner

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