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Isha Lerner's Triple Goddess: Fullness of Life w/ First Chakra

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  • Ash
    May my body be a prayerstick for the world. –Joan Halifax How beautifully expressed plus what a perfect and divine message for this day! This is apart of
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 21, 2012
      "May my body be a prayerstick for the world. –Joan Halifax" How beautifully expressed plus what a perfect and divine message for this day! This is apart of what is awakening within us and that we are stepping into now at this momentous period. We are manifesting the abundance within out into this world as we are creating and giving flesh to our prayers by living and breathing the Abundance of Love within us out into the world just as we have this full within us. We are connected to this world around us as we are to the world within us; here below and the stars and universe above. Believe on your abundance yes but also Know it, claim it, breathe it and share it for we are now in a place that these will manifest through the presence of the Divine Love within our Heart for ourselves, for one another, for all of this world and the Universe. We are giving birth to a new life and let us embrace this newness and live abundantly full of Love, Life, Joy and Compassion. :)


      3. Fullness of Life
      Your card is...

      3. Fullness of Life

      Soul Message: May my body be a prayerstick for the world. –Joan Halifax

      Alchemy and Transformation: The Western world is in radical need of balance and harmony, and we must learn to embrace the natural rhythms of perpetual change, birth, death, and rebirth. Love is the principal ruler of the Fullness of Life Goddess; although She births and manifests through Her womb, She also manifests divine love through Her heart. At this stage of initiation, life begins to mirror back to us our deepest held beliefs and patterns of relating to the world. The power of the earth and the resource of your own worth are evident as this archetype awakens within your daily life.

      Awakening to the Archetype - Earth Mother and Mother of the World: The Earth Mother embodies all stages of life as the Triple Goddess: Wise Crone, Bountiful Mother, and Maiden. Known by many names in many cultures, She is Gaia, the feminine earth steward who watches over agriculture and the ecosystem. Your body is Her temple. Experience Her sensual temple by walking with your bare feet on the earth, smelling the scent of nature’s perfume as you walk amid the flowers, or touching Her skin as you climb a mountain.

      Everyday Encounters: Fullness of Life offers an opportunity to ground and center your attention on the physical realm. What does abundance mean to you? Become ready to receive life’s riches on a daily basis. Re-invite the Fullness of Life into your daily routine by immersing yourself in nature, bathing in fragrant bubbles or under the stars in a clear stream. Remember, the natural world is a mirror of your own divine potential.

      Nature’s Healers: Manzanita Tree
      First Chakra

      First Chakra

      Chakra Attributes: (Color: Red) (Herb: Cedar) (Function: Survival, grounding)

      Healing Essence of the Chakra: Located at the base of the spine, it governs all aspects of grounding, inner security, sexuality, and safety issues brought from childhood or past lives. Becoming conscious of the first chakra allows one to tap into a life affirming power that is deep and profound.

      Healing Flower: Pomegranate

      Keywords: Grounding, Sexuality, Life Affirming, Primal, Foundation

      Affirmations: I enjoy being in my body and I nourish it each day. I am connected to the earth and the safe foundation it provides for my future growth. I believe in my abundance.

      © Copyright 2012 Inner Sight / Isha Lerner Enterprises. All rights reserved


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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