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    Dear Hozuhni, If it were my class, I would have another talk about emotions, with the emphasis on emotional awareness and responsibility. I would repeat the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2003
      Dear Hozuhni,
      If it were my class, I would have another talk about emotions, with the emphasis on emotional awareness and responsibility.
      I would repeat the information about dance being the expression of emotions and talk about being honest with whatever feelings are coming up.
      I would give them handouts of what I emailed you, have them read it as I talked about each part of it, and then answer questions if any.
        Then I would set guidelines: that if any student is having difficult emotions that are getting in the way of dancing, that the first requirement is to acknowledge those feelings and do whatever it takes to let them flow and heal in a safe and loving environment.  I would think seriously about allowing any student to take ten minutes and go into another room with a partner and do the ten minute exercise whenever it would help them get back into good feeling and be present with the class.
      Emotion is dance.  Dance is emotion.
      This could be a real breakthrough for mastering the flowing and fluidity of feeling, through acknowledgement in every moment of what is really going on, with emphasis on remedial techniques for when the emotions are blocked and stuck.
      Blocked and stuck emotions signal a time for healing the past, and a breakthrough into higher consciousness and joy. 
      Introducing this set of interventions in the class right now could be a lifesaver.  Some of the other students might be secretly going through a difficult time, or may have a friend or family member who is.
      These techniques are self-empowering and easy enough that they could take them home and to school and put them to good use right away with others, as well as with themselves.  The best way to learn something is to teach it.
      Maybe you could spend the first ten minutes of each class introducing a part of this information, so that they get it over time.
      With love,
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      Subject: << lovingpurelove >> Advise please - reply to Cynthia .·´¨ ¨)) -:¦:- ¸.·´ .·´¨¨))

      Hello Cynthia Rose·.·´¨ ¨))  -:¦:-
                  ¸.·´  .·´¨¨))

      THANK YOU!

      I am printing out all the information you sent me and I will study carefully. In fact I have read your e-mails before and have been practicing, particularly the "eye exercise"- I have used it a few times at the warm up section in my class.  I told my students that this is an alternative for those moments when we can't dance.

      In class we use the whole body movement to release emotions. I like to go through the 5 main rhythms of life: flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness .. they are connected to the 5 basic emotions: fear, anger, sadness, happiness and compassion.  So, we work with emotions a lot. We dance them.

      I believe that what you suggest will be more right on for what she is feeling at the moment, I would like to try that.  I feel something is coming up from this girl, but she is not aware of... she is not approachable right now...  I would like to know what should I do to keep my balance, when she tries to disturb the class....how assertive can I be, for the benefit of the whole group?

      Much love to you and thanks for your help!

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