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Isha Lerner's Power of the Flower Tarot: Manzanite

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  • Ash
    You are being mirrored by the Universal Mother who asks that you see yourself as she sees you - as an incarnation of divinity The 21st is here before and the
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      "You are being mirrored by the Universal Mother who asks that you see yourself as she sees you - as an incarnation of divinity" The 21st is here before and the we are receiving are a Divine Reflection of the Universe responding to the the energies are rising and expanding from within us. The Universal Mother asking us to see ourselves as the Divine Soul that we truly are; pregnant and beginning to give birth to new life, to new expressions and levels of creativity and manifesting. The more that we consciously honor this feminine presence inside of us, the Divine Goddess Within, we are embracing and radiating True Unconditional Love toward all life upon this world and the universe beyond and, just as equally, the universe within us. We are ready and beginning our personal and collective transformations: A symbolic death and regeneration. An opening of our cocoon and emerging as a butterfly ready to take wing Knowing that with we can, we are and we will continue to grow in living and creating harmony with one another; experiencing and embracing a major shift in our perceptions of our bodies which is and will be a vital foundation for deliverance and healing on all levels. Men and women together let us nurture one another, respect one another, accept one another and love one another fully as we honor the Divine Woman in all of her glory, beauty, grace and splendor. 

      Your card is...


      Latin: Arctostaphyos manzanita

      Color(s): White to pink

      Archetype: The Fertility Goddess, Venus of Willendorf. Revered as the embodiment of sacred cycles of life and death, her emblem of fertility—a full, round body, pregnant with the possibility of new life and creativity—was the hallmark of ancient matriarchal societies—a timeless, symbolic representation of the Universal Mother Goddess.

      Signature: An evergreen with crooked deep reddish purple branches, silvery-green leaves and white to pink bell-like flowers. Its tiny fruit, resembling apples, turn from white to deep red.

      Healing Properties: Manzanita brings harmony to body and soul, helping to uplift our attitude concerning body image, assisting people suffering from eating disorders of any kind, and helping those sensitive, spiritually-attuned souls who find the body cumbersome

      Healing: The Venus of Willendorf and the dancing Goddess figures in Manzanita tree greet you, honoring the feminine spirit that resides with you. You are being mirrored by the Universal Mother who asks that you see yourself as she sees you - as an incarnation of divinity. Perhaps you need to tap your roots a bit closer to the Earth in order that you may fully take pleasure in your glorious body. As your body cycles through its many seasons, contemplate the Manzanita as a symbol of feminine transformation: its bark peels from its lovely branches after its ripened fruit has fallen to Earth, and like the snake, it then begins a new cycle of rejuvenation. The female body is nature's treasure, for without Her many symbolic deaths and regenerations, humanity would surely perish. We must once again learn to respect our female bodies, nourish them well, and love them fully, if we are to honor the Great Goddess who gives Her abundant Love to all.

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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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