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Journeying to the Goddess: [New post] A Tragic Day for Our Children

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  • Ash
      New post on Journeying to the Goddess A Tragic Day for Our Childrenby Daughter RavynStar Oh my Goddess....where do I begin?  What are doing?  So many
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      New post on Journeying to the Goddess

      A Tragic Day for Our Children

      by Daughter RavynStar
      Oh my Goddess....where do I begin?  What are doing?  So many tears; my heart and soul mourn for our children...42 children and 7 adults have have either died or suffered major injury today at the hands of 2 very disturbed individuals.
      So, if you would, please find and set aside some time tonight, tomorrow or over the weekend and light a candle, send some energy and/or pray for the little ones' whose lives were cut so short and for those adults who cared for them.
      "Hold them dear Mother,
      Our children now lost.
      Give them your blessings,
      Whatever the cost.
      Bless their gentle smiles,
      And bless all their tears.
      Hold them forever,
      In love without fear." - Lady Abigail from Ravensgrove Coven
      Send energy and love to those left behind to try and pick up the pieces, who only have pictures and stuffed animals left to hold and empty bedrooms to look into where smiles, laughter and happy feet used to be...
      Take time to sit with, love and appreciate your children.  Really reflect on what kind of future we want for our children and how we can make it better for them, for now is the time - now is the time to awaken, the whole paradigm needs to shift! It is time for us parents to answer the call...the moment is now...
      "Every act of violence is a reminder of how important it is to teach our children Love and Peace.....Teach them Peace before the world teaches them violence....Listen to them when they talk, spend time, the times have changed childhood is tough these days....I am hoping all parents would take a few minutes to watch this clip. (Thanks to Jasmine S. for these wise words)" - from the Wisdom of the Sacred Feminine Facebook page
      And let us not forget the  China stabbing spree hurt 22 schoolchildren that also happened today...because they need love and light and are our children too...
      From "Better Gnomes & Cauldrons" Facebook page
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       'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'


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