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Tania Marie's : [New post] 12/12/12 – My Th oughts for You

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  • Ash
    I wanted to extend my heart, energies and prayers for us all to have a beautiful, healing and transforming 12/12. :D Love, Shay New post on Tania Marie s Blog
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 12, 2012
      I wanted to extend my heart, energies and prayers for us all to have a beautiful, healing and transforming 12/12. :D Love, Shay

      New post on Tania Marie's Blog

      12/12/12 – My Thoughts for You

      by Tania Marie's Blog
      Galactic Butterfly
      Galactic Butterfly - Hunab Ku close up from my painting "Spirit" from the In Lak'ech series
      Today is the first stargate of the month - 12/12/12 - which provides energies of intense purification for renewal and creating new realities. I will be taking time today to go within and create my own sacred ceremony for personal and collective integrative healing support, along with supporting several people who had joined in on my offer of a Reiki Healing Attunement on this powerful day.
      Last night, as I was finalizing some preparations for the group joining our upcoming Bimini journey over 12/21/12, I was guided to write a few words to share with them. This morning I feel guided to share some of them here as well, as they speak to all of us I feel:
      I wish for all of you to have a beautiful 12/12/12. If you are able to spend some time within, in meditation, or doing something intentful in the way that resonates for you, this would be of great benefit, not only to yourself, but collectively, and in preparation for the journey ahead that we are taking together, as we walk through the next and final gateway of 2012, on 12/21/12.
      Now, up until, and on 12/21/12 is an opportune time to feel your strength, center in your heart, find balance in your life, anchor and ground, be ready for clarity, reveal truth, and be willing to free yourself from fears. Your courage to face them and release them will reward you tenfold for the experience you are intentfully creating.
      Make a commitment to be one with and honor your Higher Self through your heart center. The voice of truth and wisdom is always in your heart and your intellect will teach you the discernment. This centered mind/heart connection is the key to understanding how to reclaim your power.
      Your attitude towards responsibility will shape your experiences and have an impact on the synergy of personal and collective coming together in service to all of humanity and all of creation.
      This is a powerful experience that each of you have chosen to embark on and you will be walking your path with higher vibrations at the culmination of it.
      I am heart and soul grateful to be walking this experience of life on Earth at this time, with each of you, and honor your courage to embrace this journey. It means a tremendous amount to me to be assisting such a powerfully transformative time in human evolution and in the evolution of Earth in this divinely Cosmic unfolding.
      You have everything you need within you. You are unlimited.
      In Love h
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