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Chrsitina Lunden ~ Creator Mediator: December's Angel Message for our Ascension

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  • Ash
    Having trouble viewing this email? Click here Dear Friends, We made it! It has taken us thousands of years and hundreds of lifetimes to get us to this point in
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 12, 2012

      Christina Lunden ~ Creator Mediator
      Dear Friends,

      We made it! It has taken us thousands of years and hundreds of lifetimes to get us to this point in our soul experience. The many endings have confirmed for us our old lives are over. It is onward and upward from here. 2013 is bringing with it hope for a future unlike our past. The canvas of your life may be blank now but that gives you all the more room to make it what you want. Be bold in your creation! In just a few days we will be in uncharted territory. Let us be the powerful spiritual beings we are capable of no matter what the Earth is experiencing. Together let us bless the Earth and her people with a new world. You can help do that by simply doing this: Be happy in your daily life. Yes, that is it. Try to find joy, happiness and be the light every day. That is all that is being asked of us right now because that is how we are creating the Ascension. Anything more we do to serve is just a bonus. Be the light. Let's ascend as quickly as possible.

      If you haven't visited my website in a while or you are new to my work, I have so much on there to assist you in walking your highest and easiest path on your way to the Ascension. One of the newest things I have added is sending an email to you with a new affirmation or Angel message Monday through Friday. These are the same affirmations I would be sharing on Facebook. The Angels have guided me to not use Facebook and Twitter as the energy is rapidly declining. This is the way I will be sharing the affirmations for all. If you would like to receive those emails, you can sign up for them by scrolling down to the bottom of this email and clicking on "Update Profile" and then choosing the box with  "Daily Angel Affirmations." I have received great feedback about these emails. Here is an email I received about these Angel Affirmation Emails recently:

      Hello Christina ~ I cannot believe the appropriateness of the daily affirmation messages are for me.  Each day I write the affirmation in my calendar and as I meet with clients I read the affirmation often. I love getting the angel affirmations and I am so happy that the Angels gave you the idea! I have forwarded the Angel Affirmation link to many and have gotten back very positive responses. ~B
      Join me on Friday, December 28th for the live special Soul Teaching of "Prepare for Life in 2013" at 3pm Eastern Time / 9pm UTC. www.BlogTalkRadio.com/christina-lunden   
      It has been an honor to share with your beautiful soul this year. I pray that you receive all that you are seeking and that each time you listen, watch or read my work, that you know that you have been touched by God.  
      I love,

      December's Angel Message

      "The Next Phase of Our Lives"

      As we move into this next phase of our soul's experience, it is even more important for us to stay balanced (or get balanced) and the best way to do that is to not take our daily life experiences so seriously. When we get out of our heads and back into our hearts we reconnect with the fullness of our beings and that makes us more powerful. The Angels are reminding us to take deep breaths...a lot.
      When I started my work for the Lord through His Angels, He said that the teachings He would share through me would be simple. It boils down to this; share with everyone how to love themselves. All that we go through in this life has to do with love. He then said that the foundation of my work of helping people reconnect with all that they truly are would be sharing about forgiveness, of others and ourselves. Then I was given a powerful way of forgiving by calling forth and speaking with the Angels of the person/people we are or have had issues with in the past. I have shared this forgiveness process in my second book, Your Divine Life; Angelic Guidance for the Ascension in the "Your Highest and Greatest Love" chapter and also in my YouTube video called "Angelic Help with Forgiveness." It is the most powerful way to let go of negative ties or energy with anyone alive or crossed over in a few minutes. The most important key to this simple process is to forgive yourself.  If you would like to watch this video, you can find it here: http://www.youtube.com/user/ChristinaLunden
      If you think that what has happened to you is too painful to let go, a singer/songwriter Matthew West has a powerful video. You can watch the moving story about a woman who inspired him to write the song "Forgiveness." Here is the link for you:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wz3tkHv5sbg
      Forgiveness is the pathway to loving yourself and loving yourself is the key to your ascension.
      We are walking out of one of the most difficult periods of our soul's experience here on Earth. The endings we have experienced have opened us to new beginnings. We can either hold onto what we had or we can accept and create a new future for ourselves. Think about it. No soul expected to live past 2012! And we are so everything is new for everyone.
      Would you like to be on the highest and easiest path for your soul in 2013? Consider letting go of the past; I mean forgiving everyone and everything.  Make your heart to be as crystal clear as possible. Don't let any darkness dampen your light during your daily experiences. Remember you always have the choice of how you want to live your life. It is only an illusion that we are controlled by circumstances or other people. Your soul has the final say. Pray and say affirmations about what you want your life to be like and don't give up especially if it doesn't happen in your timing. Just keep talking about your beautiful, fulfilling life. You are a more powerful creator than you realize!
      Here are two prayers that I created to assist in the ascension process:
       ~ * ~ * ~
       My Dear Soul,
       When I stumble, I want you to remind me that my being here is not an accident or a mistake.
      I have a purpose; a powerful purpose.
      And I know that without my being here, the world would not be the same.
      I want to go through each and every step of the ascension process in the easiest way.
      Angels of my Soul, stay close to me.
      Remind me when I fall to get up.
      Remind me how important I AM for this ascension.
      I am needed.
      I have never been forgotten.
      I am loved.
      I want my spiritual connection to be stronger every day.
      I thank you that we are now putting the last pieces of my spiritual remembrance together.
      I am walking into the highest and best times of any life I have ever lived.
      I have all of my needs met.
      I remember to speak and create my life the way I want it to be.
      I am out of debt.
      I have abundance on all levels to share with others.
      I share love and I am loved.
      I have a clear and pure spiritual connection and I never feel lonely again.
      I accept heaven into my life now!
      Thank you!  Amen!
      ~ * ~ * ~
      *I created this next prayer from thoughts and words from a book of Elisabeth Haich. This describes the ascension energy!
      I AM peace and calm itself
      so that everything I do, think and feel
      flows forth naturally out of this Divine state,
      manifesting God's will always
      and under all circumstances,
      always radiating
      only positive giving forces
      of Divine love.
      I AM honored to continue sharing with you into the next phase of our lives.
      I love,
      Copyright 2012 © Christina Lunden ~ Creator Mediator All rights reserved. 
      Although these messages are copyrighted, you are invited to freely share them; send them to friends, add to your newsletter, post on your blog, etc. including the Source:  www.ChristinaLunden.com

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       'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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