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[ssnewz] HERE WE GO!!! 2012-12-12 IS HERE!!! So Many Births

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  • Ash
    SpinningStarS update 2012-12-12   Saleena Kí: AWESOME life here on EARTH right this moment! Here we go! 12-12-12 is HERE! I can feel the excitement in my
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      SpinningStarS update 2012-12-12
      Saleena Kí: AWESOME life here on EARTH right this moment! Here we go! 12-12-12 is HERE! I can feel the excitement in my whole body, in fact I feel like a child, wide-eyed and watching with a big smile on my face clear into my rainbow filled cells! I love these new energies. It is so strong right now I really have to just sit with it… and BE…
      There are so many meditations, groups, Teleseminars, gatherings everywhere to choose from that span on thorough 12-21 and 12-22… more humans focusing on one time period than I have ever witnessed before. I am so happy that we are taking such profound advantage of this AWESOME OPPORTUNITY to transcend duality, war, trauma, oppression, etc and RISE! Together we ARE co-creating a BRAND NEW KIND OF LIFE ON EARTH. I am proud of us!!!
      There are so many astonishing people stepping forward and giving to each other now! So many unsung heroes that the mainstream media refuses to report. It is wonderful we now have our own ways of sharing what is going on around us.
      Here is one amazing example as one friend expressed it:
      “Ah the brilliance of youth and super creation. Music from landfill.”
      Our OmniD Travel Adventure team has been bringing in New Life Codes from Source, actually outside of our Source Creation Bubble… They are now flowing in through the SUN into every cell of our bodies. We’ve been working and playing with the new Rainbow frequencies of colors flowing in now… When we really looked at what is happening it is really way beyond our linear perception filters, yet when this energy enters the Earth Zone, they look like 12 new Rays. I asked an Angel of Color to help me to anchor in  a reference points for our human minds and so I can depict them in one of the newest Vibrakeys still forming.
      I am so excited I am about to publish these three new Vibrakeys into these energies…
      VK97 Bloom & Thrive-Landing the New Earth
      VK100 Ascension Sun & New Life Codes
      VK110 EYE of God & New Rainbow Colors
      I will share more when the are birthed…
      Here is gift from my sister Mary. She really wanted you to have it today. It is attached. Enjoy! You can find more of her art and music here: www.freewebs.com/maryangelico
      From: Mary Angelico [mailto:maryangelico@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2012 9:41 PM
      To: Saleena
      Subject: The Birth 12/12/12
      Dear Beloved Ones,
      This is our day- the beginning of the 2nd coming of the Christ in us, as us, as ONE!   This is my gift to all.
      Lyrics from the beautiful work of Barry Martin Snyder and Karen Anderson - www.luminousself.com; Music and Vocal - Mary Angelico
      TIME TO BLOOM!!!
      Saleena: Enjoy her journal of co-creating the painting Bloom with Mother Mary HERE: http://www.vibrakeys.com/wordpress/soul-in-wonder-transformational-art/mother-marys-bloom-journal/ 
      In the next few days I will be releasing the new Vibrakey I co-created with her and Mother Mary since the beginning of this year. It is one the most beautiful ones to me. I have kept Mother Mary on my desktop constantly this last year and have learned to enjoy her in a whole new way.
      I will announce the release of VK97 Bloom & Thrive-Landing the New Earth.
      It will show up in the Birthing Gallery first where you can order you very own:
      Mary Angelico is painting a commission for our brother right now… It is called “In the Garden” with her sitting in one of the New Earth gardens… She says it is so much fun to be sitting in what we have been helping Mother Mary bring in…
      I am so curious as to how life will appear after this shift is over, at least the dates we have all chosen to focus on. I intend to be significantly different! I am removing-clearing all the old programming so I can manifest my Bigger dreams this next year… I will be sharing more of this soon….
      Much love flowing to you ALL…
      I love you all so very much,
      Saleena Kí


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       'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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