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P'taah December 2012 Message

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      News & Message from P'taah
      December 2012
      In This Issue
      October Conversation with P'taah
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      P'taah's December 2012 Message-Create What You Desire

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      Dear Friends,

      As this Portal Year of 2012 draws to a close, we wish you much love, laughter, joy, and an abundance of all wondrousness.

      Happy holidays!

      With much love,

      October Conversation with P'taah
      The Blueprint Is Not about Fear - Nelly  

      Track 1 - Morning Song - Law of Attraction
      The marvel of the Morning Song is that it is a self-fulfilling prophecy. This is a reminder of how thanks and gratitude expressed in your life, work. Each human is a body of energy and consciousness. You create through your thoughts and beliefs and we would add particularly by the emotion of those thoughts and beliefs. So what you draw to you matches the energy that you are. When you're saying your thank-you's with your whole being (mind and heart) you're joining with the universal consciousness which knows no lack whatsoever.

      Track 2 - Random Coincidences
      The more you notice "random coincidences", the more you understand that it is you that creates this reality and the more powerful it is. So many are oblivious to the little miracles that they create. It's important to notice, and to say "isn't it wonderful how powerful I am to create what is joyous for me."

      The sense of powerlessness is big for all of us. This is why it's important to not be so focused on the negativity of the news on television and newspapers which reinforces the sense of powerlessness and the belief that we can't change anything.

      Love is the glue and the "Godness" of the universe. When we are in alignment with love and we send forth the love and blessings, it is very healing to all. But here is the dichotomy - everything is always perfect. Even the pain and the terror are part of the grand plan.

      Track 3 - What will happen on "x" Date?
      For those wondering whether a grand cataclysm will occur during the 2012-2013 time-frame, the answer is probably not. However, humanity will create its own reality. This time-frame is simply the portal entering the beginning of a new cycle with the real possibility that we will experience a transformation in consciousness. But this is not new. It has been building for the last almost 100 years.  Many years ago P'taah spoke of the possibility of a change in mass consciousness but that has transformed and the probability now  is for a much more gradual transformation.

      Track 4 - Speaking to Others Higher Selves
      In dealing with issues, it can be beneficial to imagine our higher self sending love to the higher self of another or even that of a world leader, and to imagine many others doing the same. Our governments are careful that we don't believe that contact with other planetary civilizations is possible because more technologically advanced civilizations would render our governments powerless. We are all star-seeded. And if we would focus on the harmony of this planet, it would be most beneficial. We are evolving. We are here to fulfill a blueprint, and that blueprint is not about fear.

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       Message from P'taah - December 2012
      Create What You Desire      
      How does it feel to you when I tell you that you are wondrous eternal powerful Gods and Goddesses and you are having a dream.  
      You may create whatever you desire.  How about abundance?  How are we in the abundance stakes, beloved peoples? (Laughter) How about the fear of that called lack?  And all of you feel like failures because you cannot do it.

      Well, you cannot do it, but you can certainly allow the abundance to flow in your life when you understand what you believe about it.  When you may be in the excited expectancy of it in the knowing that whatever you desire will simply flow to you. 

      Do what you love to do!  Do what makes the heart sing.  Automatically you are creating flow.  Automatically, if you will allow it, everything that you desire will synchronistically, in the most amazing fashion, come to you. 

      Is that not right, beloved mariner?

      Q: It is amazing!

      P: Congratulations, beloved friend.  You see, beloved, you may put it on my shoulders, if you desire, but if you are the power, then you have created a wondrous demonstration in your life as this wondrous friend may do, That if you will say, "It is all right," it will simply occur.  Indeed.  

      You see, beloved peoples, you know that it works.  Look at your life.  Look at the coincidences.  What is coincidence?  Co-incidences - where the right peoples, at the right time, come together to create wondrousness.  And after all, there is no difference with that and what you call money.  The money is only the symbol. So you may create the money if you desire it or you may simply create what you desire without the intermediary called money.  It is only the symbol. 

      Who you are is energy.  That is what you are in every fashion.  What the universe is is energy.  What is money?  A symbol of that. The abundance is who you are.  

      So when you go out and be abundant, the universe will support you absolutely.  When you do not do what makes your heart sing because there is no money, you are simply reinforcing the fact that you are in lack of abundance. 

      When you desire to do something and you say, "I am going to do it. I do not know how, but I KNOW it will occur."  What does the universe do?  It rearranges itself, absolutely, so that you may do what you desire.  

      When it does NOT work, look at the fear and look at the beliefs.  

      And when you limit it by saying that it can only occur in this fashion and this fashion and this fashion, indeed you are limiting the universe.  Hmmm?

      If you are in the expectancy, without the expectation of how and when and why, you are allowing the flow. And it is the same for everything. 

      Think about how you limit yourself with your verbiage.  Every day you limit yourself.  Listen to your verbiage. It will tell you what you believe - even that which pops out of your mouth without a thought.  When you are in the joy, when you are in the laughter, when you do what makes the heart sing, your body vibrates with it.  It affects your whole cellular structure.  You are in wellness.  All right, beloved?

      Q:  A little while ago I talked to Jani about an immobilizing fear that I've lived with for many years.  My question is, does one have to go through the fear in order to get on the other side or can one ask it to be removed so we don't have to go through it?

      P: Well you know, beloved, it is a grand polarity.  You cannot "get rid of" anything - no thing.  You can only embrace it into the God Light of you.  It seems so huge to you. It is a weight upon your shoulder.  It is a weight in your heart. But you know, beloved, if you would embrace it, you would find it is a no-thing.  That which is called the embracement of the fear is, indeed, the key for you to know the Godness of you.  (Very gently) Embrace it, beloved.  Simply know it is a babe that lives in there. 

      (Softly) Nothing can harm you, beloved.  Nothing can harm you.  You may call on some people who support you absolutely.  All right?

      Q:  Speaking of money and abundance, there's a group here that is trying to deal with money in a different way and supporting each other in a different way.  Can you talk a little bit about that approach and how that is or fits?

      P:  Indeed, it is called a structure to create abundance and for as long you believe it will, it will.  All is valid, beloved.  All is valid, but you may know you do not have to belong to a structure to create abundance because YOU are abundant. 

      But it is a wonderful game and you may play with it and you may create money in this fashion.  That is all right, but it is only another story out there.  When you know that who you are, absolutely, is ALL of the abundance of the universe encapsulated in this wondrous little body, then you do not need any structure.  All right?

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      Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!     

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