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Gaia Online Tarot: Temperance ~ the Gardener ~ the Tree

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  • Ash
    We have more doors that are opening that are enabling us to find peace and serenity within our lives. A foundation for that is in acceptance and integration of
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      We have more doors that are opening that are enabling us to find peace and serenity within our lives. A foundation for that is in acceptance and integration of all aspects of who we are. Learning, or re-learning, how to blend our personality to become an integrated, vibrant and balanced Being. Wholeness and healing are apart of the house that we are building and sustaining. Let us keep to heart that what we find ourselves contending with there that we are feeding into. Whether this is facing a person, a circumstance, a result from our distant or imminent past remember, as much as within each of us, to hold no animosity nor judgment. You can see these and yourself, how you were then and observe how you are now in that you have grown, through eyes that are ready to release, resolve and transform. It is not that we forget nor are unmoved by whatever these were or if we are looking more at ourselves and what we have done in our lives; decisions made or not made or uncertainty and fears. It is taking all of these, however you find the opportunities presented, and you weave, create and integrate all aspects of you and your life radiating how you have embraced all of You, accepted who you are without judgment nor recrimination, love yourself unconditionally and in compassion transform yourself by releasing.

      So much is being birthed and presented in this process. As the Gardner touches upon, it may seem overwhelming or chaotic yet this is not in disarray. It is apart of our shifting our perspective and Seeing that these are apart of the unlimited opportunities and challenges and potential which are presented; that we ourselves have nurtured and created. What you choose to focus upon does not mean that all other opportunities now become closed. We are becoming, more and more, as loving, passionate and sensual Beings with the ability to not only focus upon what we choose but we can also cultivate and nurture our inner garden for future fruits as we choose the fruit for this season or period. If the analogy of a child is used yes we can focus upon giving birth to one yet there can and will be more to come as we love and move into the future; which is already beginning within us.

      Last, but certainly not least, are the resolutions we embrace by letting go. The Tree touches on that we are no longer in control of our life. Indeed we are not. For the life that we have lived before we are no longer bound by and the way in which we live is becoming more of what we are releasing. The way in which we approached life is evolving and changing. Surrendering to the flow is an expression often used. Surrender, itself, is a term that is gives the connotation of having lost or been bested, humiliated, etc. Yet true surrender is not losing anything. It is embracing and receiving All. It is being Open and willing to let go completely of where we were and step into what is new. The old ways no longer have control. That old life is over with. In the new life we surrender to that Divine Flow and Source within us. For in doing so we are discovering that this truly is apart of Who We Are and always have been. Our opportunities blossom more as we take the time and make that choice to flow with instead of wrestling with how we were. That is the old life attempting to attain a "lifeline" or hold. You know have a Higher and Deeper way of perceiving and living. Life becomes sweeter and fuller as you rediscover your gifts of Being that emanate from and radiate inspiration, enlightenment, compassion, and unconditional love. Take the the time to simply Be. Breathe and relax allowing and choosing to meditate and pray, which can be done in a multitude of ways. Live Life Fully and Love With All Of Your Passion and Compassion As You Discover And Sing Your Song and Dance To The Rhythm Of Your Soul And Shine, Shine, Shine. :)

      The OpportunityThe ChallengeThe Resolution
      14 - Temperance
      Combining opposites

      You have the opportunity to find the serenity of the middle way between polarities. You are ready to embrace the different parts of your personality, both light and shadow, that combine to make your own unique self. Your inner, spiritual life harmonizes with your life in the workaday world. You have discovered that your whole life is a work of art. You may be in need of healing on a spiritual or physical level, and the Winged One — a descendant of the ancient Bird Goddesses — is here to facilitate that for you. She may also aid you as you move into the role of healer yourself.
      3 - the Gardener
      Sensuality, creativity, abundance

      You are being challenged by overflowing abundance and fertility, to the point that it may feel overwhelming or chaotic. You may be pregnant with so many new creations that you are having trouble focusing on just one. Learn to plant, weed and nourish your garden in a sustainable manner; then you will be able to offer the best possible of all foods to those whom you love.
      12 - the Tree
      Letting go

      Resolution comes with letting go. You are no longer in charge of your life. You must surrender to the flow. It isn't a time to resist, for everything is out of your control. Give it up. Your world may feel like it's been turned upside down. You can fight this reversal — you can go into it kicking and screaming — or you can surrender with grace and take it as an opportunity to see your life from a different perspective. It is a time to take no action, other than meditation and prayer. Learn to be still. During this time of suspension and waiting, you may discover within yourself the gifts of inspiration, enlightenment and unconditional love.

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      Combining opposites

      The Winged One lifts a shell to pour out her blessings into a bowl of burn- ing herbs. Instead of water, she pours the refracted light of a rainbow. Her third eye glows with sacred knowledge and far-see- ing. The steam-filled pool distorts her re- flection — or is the distortion an accurate picture of another kind? She is a mixed-race child; the bloodlines of many cultures run within her body. By her example, she calls to us to integrate all the disparate parts of ourselves. Her gifts are those of healing, creativity and the integration of light and shadow within us.
      The word “temperance” comes from the Latin temperare, “to combine” or “to mix.” This card is about combining diverse elements to create something new. As such, it is often the signature card of artists. Blue and red make purple; rain and sun make rainbows; water and fire make steam. The full moon rises as the sun sets; the sun rises as the full moon sets. This perfect balance of opposites graces us with extraordinary beauty.

      Post image for Gardener


      Sensuality, creativity, abundance

      Our Lady of the Land revels in the fertility and lushness of the midsummer fields, the first fruits of the harvest and the ripening of her own body. She is the mother Demeter of the wheat and poppies. She is the daughter of the Great Goddess of Willendorf. She is the butterfly Monarch. She embodies Venus/Aphrodite as well, luxuriating in sensuality and eroticism. She is both mother and lover and, in proudly proclaiming her right to be both, she heals Western society’s split between sexuality and motherhood.
      She wears a kukui nut necklace, a Hawaiian symbol of of status and empowerment. The mirror of Venus reflects her own beauty and gives us a glimpse into the Otherworld. She is surrounded by overflowing baskets of produce, as fields yet to be harvested stretch out to the horizon.
      Take and eat,” she says as she offers us an apple, a papaya, a fig, the fruitfulness of our own souls. “It is good.”

      Post image for Tree


      Letting go

      The Hanged Man has always been one of the most mysterious and compel- ling images in the Tarot. Here the dream-like figure is suspended in the yoga posture called vriksha-asana — the Tree. Her grace and balance is a mirror of the serenity of her inner being. She is able to stay centered even when her world is in upheaval, when the horizon is off-kilter and all things are topsy turvy.
      Perhaps our yogini is right side up in an upside down world. Her practice and devotion are evident in the way that she has become at one with the sky and sea. She ignores the discomfort of her position, finding harmony with a deeper vision. She shows us how to “let go and let God/dess.”

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       'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'

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