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Simion7d: TO BE-LIEVE OR NOT TO BE-LIEVE? Simion Transformation Series_Dec2012

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  • Ash
    The Transformation Series December2012 TO BE-LIEVE OR NOT TO BE-LIEVE SIMION through Amariah Mara
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2012

      The Transformation Series

      December 2012

      through Amariah Mara


      We are Simion, The Evolutionary Collective.  The famed month of December 2012
      is here!  Instead of discussing the fabulous things that will transform your world, we wish to talk about each of you and how you are transforming your world starting with your beliefs.

      The Big topic of contemplation for the month is the the Big 'B' word.  Yes, Beliefs.  It is the ending of the old and the beginning of what is to Be new.  What it will Be for you and the world you experience depends on what you are willing to let go of in this big 'B' category and what you decide to Be-lieve.  Your whole life experience be-gins with your be-liefs.  You've heard this already a million times, right.  But, there is no opportunity before you like this year for you to release big bad beliefs that do not serve you, and to embrace big beautiful beliefs that will expand your life experience. 

      believe flowerYou have an opening before you that can be seen as a bridge.  Imagine standing on the center of your very own beautiful bridge.  What is on your left is what you intend to leave Be-hind and what is on the right is what you intend to Be-come.  No really, take some time to imagine this especially leading up to 12.12.12 and through to 12.21.12.   It is a good time to cultivate the image of your beliefs. 

      Your whole reality is based predominantly on your Belief systems.  All the details follow that lead you "To Be, or not to Be."  The Be in this choice lies the Be in Beliefs.  You choose your reality and its foundation is held in place by what you believe to be true.  So if you want to change your experience, change this foundation and the rest will follow.  So think, "To Believe, or not to Believe," and that will determine the "To Be, or not to Be".  

      i believeBack to your bridge;  we suggest you make a list of what you believe now about every aspect of your life, as much as you can fathom, and picture what this has created in you life.  What have these be-liefs made you be-come?  Some may have worked wonders for you, others not so much.  Decide which you will keep, and which can be altered.  Then make a new list of new beliefs for the You on the other side of the bridge.  See then, the image of what those beliefs will create in your new experience.  Here are some ares to look at:

      What do you believe about relationships (friends and intimate unions)?  What have these beliefs created?  For example, do you believe that you only deserve a certain quality relationship?  Do you believe it is possible to have a divine connection with another?  Do you believe you are difficult to get along with?  Do you believe there are no worthy partners for you? Perhaps this does not serve you and you wish to believe that your special someone and special friends are waiting for you, and that your relations will be inspiring.  Do you believe your life can be filled with love?  Do you believe people are light or dark by nature?  Consider what you wish your relations to Be and form your Beliefs around that. If your relations are a problem in your life, what beliefs can you let go of about them?  The same exploration can be applied to every area of your life.

      believe troubles behindEven if you have examined your beliefs many times, now is the time to revisit them and move them to a true next level.  If you have never taken the time to examine your beliefs, give this gift to yourself and the future of humanity.

      What about your beliefs about Money?  Such a big area of Belief demise in your world.  How about the belief that one must not ask for money when doing spiritual service?  How is this making a better world?  Do you believe only liars and thieves have money?  These are huge beliefs that affect your entire culture. Why do you think the liars and thieves end up with the most money? 

      All this can change as you each change your beliefs about money and who deserves it. How about believing that all the wealth is best in the hands of the MOST spiritual beings of the planet instead of the most ruthless, and that all will be cared for as a result. Some worlds Do believe this and rest assured it makes for a much more peaceful existence for all concerned.  Money = Value.  What do you Value?  Make your Beliefs in Money align with what you really Value. Then you are energizing what you value by supporting it monetarily, which is all energy exchange.  Or do you believe money is something dirty?  Is that serving you?

      believe you canWhat do you believe about Work?  Do you believe you must work hard to have what you desire, or do you believe you can work smart instead?  Do you believe work is no fun and you cannot possibly do work that is pleasurable?  What if you all changed these beliefs to something like, "My work is my pleasure and passion and others receive the same when i share my work?  Do you believe you are a lazy bum because your father always said so? How does this affect your work? 

      Check your beliefs about Time.  Do you believe there is never enough?  What if there was plenty of time and you can enjoy your time and be even more efficient with your life duties?  Do  you believe this is possible?  Just changing the belief about it will change your experience with time.

      How about your health and aging beliefs?  I am sure you can come up with your own in this department.  Whatever your thoughts on this, try believing in complete health and vitality naturally. 

      Do you believe you must have drugs to have fun?  Do you believe you must be the best dressed and life of the party to be accepted?  Could you believe that you are beautiful from within and that will be expressed no matter what your attire?  How about believing you can shift your own mental and emotional state to have a good time instead of needing substances, or food, or whatever you think makes you feel better. 

      Do you believe that you will turn out just like your parents?  Do you believe you are a victim of your upbringing?  What better belief can you have that is more motivating for you to reach your highest potential?  You can choose to believe that you are capable of gleaning the very best out of all your life lessons and experiences instead.  You can believe that you can see the light in all your experiences and that you will be guided to greater awareness.

      BELIEVE BibleYou can even make up your own ritualistic beliefs to help you convince your brain to believe what you want to believe.  What do you think Religious rituals, practices and rules are about?  They help you create a belief and that has power.  So, why not come up with your own ritualistic beliefs?

      For example, "if I say health and vitality as I look into the setting sun each day, then I will invite the energy of this into my being".  "If I light a candle at 11:11 I can make a wish for that day and it will come true."  Sounds silly and superstitious perhaps, but why do you think superstitions work?  They are beliefs.  If you don't believe in it, then it won't work on you. Your lucky charm is lucky because you believe it is.  You may also want to leave some Religious rituals or superstitions on the other side of the bridge, if they are not helping you anymore.

      For some a stream of logic would be best to help change belief patterns. i.e., "In all the years that I have worried about so and so or such and such occurring, it never came true, therefore, logically and statistically, all will be fine, so I can believe all will be well".  Whatever you need to do to convince yourself of a new uplifting and updated belief, do it.

      believe fairyDo also remember that there is power in collective beliefs.  The more of you that believe something to be true, the more it will be in your entire world.  Also, be careful about what groups you join as you are also joining the power of their collective beliefs.

      If you decide that believing in angels will help you to live a more peaceful and guided life, then add this to your list.  They will not exist for you unless you believe in them first.  Do you want to live in a world of angelic guidance or would you rather believe that demons are coming to get you when you have a negative thought?  Do you wish to believe that you can simply and easily shift any unserving thoughts into something more delightful?  It starts there folks. 

      Nothing can come about for change unless you shift your big B's.  As you shift your beliefs, you will see those areas change in your life and you will attract the people and situations to support your new beliefs.  Look at where things are not quite right first, and examine your beliefs in those areas.  Then reform your beliefs accordingly. 

      Believe in your dreamFeel free to come up with some real belief stretchers, like "yes, I can learn to see with my Third Eye Vision."  See what this new vision would look like on the other side of your beautiful bridge to a new world. 

      Each change in beliefs is another step or another log or brick laid in your bridge to a new experience in each area of your life.  And as you change your beliefs, you help all of humankind leave old patterns behind and create anew. 

      You may be asking, "How can I believe something that isn't true?"  Firstly, it isn't true because you believe it isn't.  But start with little belief changes....those that are believable for you... and make your bridge a belief at a time, working your way up to greater and greater changes.  Before you know it you will be believing in miracles and the impossible everyday.

      Happy and Healthy Be-lieving, light workers of Earth.

      ~ Simion, from 7D

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