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Power Animal of the Week: Buffalo ~ Bear

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  • Ash
    We are rapidly approaching not winter but this is a period of great change and transformation. Buffalo and Bear are a powerful pair of guides and teachersfor
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2012
      We are rapidly approaching not winter but this is a period of great change and transformation. Buffalo and Bear are a powerful pair of guides and teachers for the changes we are c-creating and manifesting. Both speak to our constitution: Not only physically but also our mental, emotional and spiritual constitution. Both adapt well to their respective environments and are able to thrive throughout every season and cycle; that is apart of their being in tune with themselves for that aligns them to be in tune with their environment and vice versa. Whether this is a period that calls for a time of going within to conserve, replenish, heal and rejuvenate or to begin re-inventing yourself, a new project, or whatever it may be both can provide invaluable insights. Buffalo can assist in discovering talents that you may not be consciously aware of; talents waiting to be discovered plus being able to see talents you have in a new light, a new way of applying them that we may not have considered before. How to not only survive but adapt and thrive and tapping into unknown reservoirs of strength, courage, hope, faith and love that are foundations of your endurance. Discovering that you are stronger than you have thought and how to apply that individually and collectively or communally. All core keystones of being able to work for yourself but also how to work within a group. Combine this with the deep intuition of Bear and there is such a divine synergy created. You Know your focus, you can and do make those choices for the betterment and advancement of your life as well as choosing who you wish to surround yourself with. Your tribe, your community, your family, your companion.

      Bear will definitely assist us in remembering to have faith, the true faith that comes from Knowing, Accepting and Embracing your Self Fully, and Knowing that is not misplaced. By having that there within you there rooted it can be extended outward to those who have you found to be a growing reflection of those same qualities. They may well and will manifest in different expressions and forms which is wonderful and magnificent. We are not looking for copies of ourselves but compliments. Those who are apart of the intimate and divine synergy that accentuates, stimulates and challenges us in many uplifting and transforming ways. Be present in your moment, allow Love of life, yourself and the world together to be that fulcrum within you for strength and balance and, when those times call for it roar with your passion and zest for life. :)

      The Buffalo
      Endurance          Hidden Talents          Adaptability

      Take a deep breath and let the spirit of the buffalo fill you. Click here to Listen to the Buffalo's Song.

      Welcome the great and powerful buffalo into your life to be your teacher.
      The buffalo will teach you how to survive, even when the cold wind blows and the snow drifts across the plains.  He will teach you how to grow a thick coat and hold your head down in winter, doing what you must, but full of the certain knowledge that winter will pass and the green grass will again push through to the sunshine of spring.  And then, when summer comes, he will teach you how to shed that long, shaggy coat and adapt to the new season.  You will be able to handle whatever comes your way, strong and capable, comfortable in the cold or in the heat, for you are the buffalo.
      The buffalo can also teach you the power of the group.  For even though the buffalo is a very powerful animal in his own right, he is especially powerful as a member of a group, where the stronger and more experienced actively protect others.  The buffalo will help you feel more a part of those around you, finding your proper role, whether it is as a leader and protector or one of those protected.  Either way, the buffalo energy will help you relate well and easily with others.
      Buffalo energy will also help you find hidden talents and abilities within you.  For the buffalo, though appearing slow, can actually run very fast and can leap great heights.  You will surprise us all with your newfound strengths, for you are the buffalo.


      The Bear
      Discernment          Affection          Faith

      Bear Photo
      Take a deep breath and let the spirit of the bear fill you. Click here to listen to the Bear's Song.

       The many gifts of the bear are yours.  How fortunate you are!
      The bear will teach you how to go after the sweetness of life, to  put up with a few bee stings to get at the honey, to put up with a few thorns to taste the sweet berries.  With bear energy within you, the petty little irritations of life will pass unnoticed as you go after the sweetness that is there for you.
      The bear will also teach you how to use your strength and balance it with love.  When threatened, the bear knows how to stand tall and bellow out a warning.  His courage and power will be there for you whenever you need it.  But when approached gently, the bear knows how to give a loving hug.  His sweet and loving nature will reside gently within your heart.
      But most of all, the bear will teach you about seasons, about living with life as it is.  He accepts that life has its seasons, the freshness of spring, the bounty of summer, the beauty of fall, and the cold storms of winter.  And when the winter is here, the bear knows that it is all right to just crawl into a cave and sleep, safe and warm.  He sleeps soundly, full of faith, knowing that tomorrow may just be the first day of a new spring.
      Roar out with your bearness.  Be present within each moment of every season, full of love and courage and always going after the sweetness of life.  You are the bear.

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center
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