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Dolphin Heart World: We Invite You to ... Elevate & Celebrate Your Life!

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  • Ash
    We Invite You to ... Elevate & Celebrate Your Life! Linda Shay Your Dolphin Ambassador! Aloha Shay! It is a privilege and JOY to invite you to Cordelia
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2012
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      We Invite You to ...
      Elevate & Celebrate Your Life!

      Linda Shay pic
      Linda Shay
      Your Dolphin Ambassador!

      Aloha Shay!

      It is a privilege and JOY to invite you to Cordelia Brabbs’ Elevate & Celebrate Your Life ~ a FREE transformational online healing event that’s taking place December 3 – 21, 2012.
      I am honored to be one of 15 guest presenters of this life-changing event.
      Cordelia Francesca Brabbs has gathered a team of powerful healers who are committed to helping you break free from limitation and illusion, so you can shine, thrive and prosper in 2013 - and beyond!
      Each one of us will be sharing powerful healing processes, attunements and activations, to support you as we go through the 2012 Ascension shifts, and to help you set the foundation for a joyful and abundant new reality.
      On December 20th, Dolphin and I will be elevating you into Dolphin JOY!
      The dolphins will saturate you in the high-vibration energy of Joy, and you will receive a unique transmission that Dolphin is creating specifically for this event -- a Divine Dolphin Blueprint for your most joyful future!
      Just some of the other transformations you'll receive are:
      Suzanna Kennedy elevating you into Your True Radiance
      DaKara Kies elevating you to Ease & Grace
      Emmanuel Dagher elevating you to Financial Abundance
      Michelle Manning-Kogler elevating you into Worthiness
      Kenji Kumara elevating you to The Quantum
      Click here to view the full line-up of events and register
      We will also be joining to hold loving prayers and intentions for Earth and humanity, and help bring a New World into reality.
      And because this is such a special time, Cordelia has organized a Celebration Prize Drawing with prizes from the speakers worth hundreds of dollars (including a 1:1 session with me and a signed copy of my book, Dolphin Love ... From Sea to Land).
      All you need to do is register, and listen to win.
      This event is truly coming from the heart, to help you heal, transform, rise up into joy, and thrive in a life you love.
      Your soul has waited thousands of years for this time on Earth ...
      Will you join us to Elevate and Celebrate your Life?
      Radiant blessings of Dolphin Love and Joy!
      Linda Shay
      Dolphin Ambassador
      855.DLFNLUV (855.353.6588) toll-free
      928.852.3788 local and international

      Creating vibrant lives of loving and joyous connection ~
      with self, with humanity, with All of Life!

      Love Heals. Joy Transforms!

      Are the Dolphins calling You?

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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center
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