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[ANGEL] 4 Sagittarius, The Angels of Peace on Earth, yesterday's message

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    ** ** ** *4 degrees Sagittarius* *The Angels of Peace on Earth* *Also known as* /**/ *The Angels of * * ‘/Erimites’/* ** *Beloved,* ** *Awaken memories of
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      4 degrees Sagittarius

      The Angels of Peace on Earth

      Also known as


      The Angels of





      Awaken memories of miracle working to bring peace on Earth!


       To bring peace to earth and amongst the peoples of the earth is our mission.


      ‘Ideals which aim at the true peace of mankind are led and strengthened by us. We are always pleased to entrust you with the ways in which good influences can be produced by the Akasha-principle,which is consciousness-penetrating-all,in order to awaken peaceful ideas.’


      The Akasha principal is deep Delta brainwave consciousness, similar to that  produced in infancy. Your cells remember this state and can awaken you to it upon request in meditation. This state is also experienced each night in deep dreamless sleep.This consciousness experiences itself as omnipresent and one with Divine Being and all creation on every level.  Omnipresence is the divine virtue of letter E of our name ‘Erimites’.


      This deep Delta state of Pure Being is a state of 0 to 4 Oscillations Per Second, or ops, of brainwave activity,[ pre-or before thought,or Theta, which is 4 to 7 ops].  This is the state of Akasha. Here the Akasha is experienced first hand. Akasha is the energy of oneness with all.


      Because this deep Delta brainwave state is the dominant consciousness pattern of infants, “Ye must be as little children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”


      The key is to still the mind and ask cellular memory to go into this original level of pure being. Ask your self, your subconscious mind, to remember when you were born, when you were in the crib as an infant.  Close your eyes, relax. In a deeply relaxed, almost asleep state, remember yourself as very very young.  Spend a lot of time in this remembering.  It is in this state of being very young that your Delta brainwaves are dominant, and in this state of remembering they flow consciously and strongly again.


      Once remembered, this deeply relaxed state of being identifies with Divine Being and all creation, and with divine virtues that manifest within all creation.


      Flow with divine feelings of them everywhere present. Unite with divine omnipotent will, willing them to bless all with harmony and perfection.


       Follow inner guidance on which virtues to focus on in any given moment.  Inner guidance is the divine virtue of letter R of ‘Erimites’.


      You are in this state of being very very young, of pure being and original WILL [fire principle Delta state}.


       Now IDENTIFY [air principle Theta state of brainwave activity 4-7 ops] a virtue, and flow with FEELINGS of this virtue [water feeling principle- Alpha state of brainwave activity-7-12 ops].


      Experience this Divine Quality everywhere penetrating all.


      Now the sensation and manifestation of this virtue [earth principle Beta state, 12-and up ops] is assured.  


      The divine virtue of flowing feelings, which are the magnetic principle of attraction, is the virtue of letter M of ‘Erimites’.


      The Theta brainwaves of deep inner thought are dominant in childhood. These brainwaves can only be experienced in states of relaxation and ease.  Remember yourself at that age. Relax and produce deep inner thought brainwaves and contemplate a divine virtue.


      From this will flow wonderful divine feelings of the virtue.  Air produces water, analogous to water vapor becoming rain.


      Alpha brainwaves, flowing feelings, are dominant in adolescence.  Spend plenty of time remembering yourself when you were this age to produce strong Alpha brainwaves. Flow with feelings of a divine virtue.  This flowing of feelings produces magnetism that attracts and causes physical realities to manifest that correspond to frequencies of the divine feelings that you are flowing with.


      Beta brainwaves; memory, logic, and the five senses, is dominant from puberty onward into adulthood.  This is already strong within you. Use these brainwave patterns to experience sensations of the divine virtues manifesting in physical reality.


      Remember that fire or will virtues are sensed as heat and expansion, air or thought virtues are sensed as lightness and relaxation and ease, flowing water virtues are experienced as having chill, and earth virtues are experienced as having weight.


      The strength and quickness of manifestation depends entirely on the strength and purity of being, will, contemplation, feelings, and sensations in meditation o

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