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Aluna Joy: The L*O*V*E * B*O*M*B - Nov 28th

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  • Ash
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       Our newsletter database is automated...

      THANK YOU for your support and kindness!

      On Nov 28th, 2012
      We invite you to join us in the unconditionally loving
      deployment of a powerful
      The TIME: From 14:18- 14:48 (30 minutes)
      The greatest portion of the eclipse occurs at 14:33 UT time http://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/lunar-eclipse-november-2012.html.
      This Love Activation will take place during a lunar eclipse that completes and heals the shadow side of the May 20th / Nov 13th solar eclipse doorway that was activated to do a final planetary and personal clearing. This activity prepares us for the final countdown of energies leading up to Dec 21st, 2012. This great activity of the light, will include all our guides, guardians, masters and angels (by your personal invitation), multiplied by a multitude of earth-bound light workers, healers and servers from all over the world as you share this invitation.
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      THE LOVE BOMB has evolved from a profound message which we received in Avalon this past Solstice. The Message came from Aluna Joy with Archangel Michael, Jeshua, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene (you can read the message here http://www.alunajoy.com/2012-june21.html. Great Gratitude to our group the Welldone Weavers.. and especially to Rhonda for inspiring this event.

      Here is THE STORY that has evolved from the original down load . . .
      In ages past, as well as at the beginning of this age, we agreed upon a division (duality) of humanity. Humanity was divided into two sides. The first group is the ones that we call the GATHERERS . . . the ones we might perceive as light workers, healers, servers etc…. These ones tended and harvested energy from sacred places, grid lines and Earth's acupuncture points (light energy). The second group are the ones that we call the STORERS . . . the ones we might perceive as Illuminati, secret societies, world governments, and organized religions etc…. The storers collected this energy that the gathers accumulated over and over again. The storers hid it in secret multi-dimensional vaults in very well protected places under cathedrals, government buildings and the Vatican etc…

      This energy, or light, was to be released at a future time that we ALL agreed upon (P.S. We all know that this time is upon us now). But as time passed, we forgot about this agreement with our brother and sisters . . . and thus began the "Us and Them" battle that we all still struggle with today. The "Gatherers" started to think that the "Storers" were stealing from them . . . trying to control them and all of humanity as well. The "Gatherers" began to feel like victims and like they had no power. The "Storers" also forgot this ancient agreement. With the amassing power, their egos, and their growing lack of unity consciousness and unconditional love, began to grow out of control. The "Storers" became heartless vampires of the world. The gatherers became the helpless victims. This was neither group's fault. There is no one to blame. We just forgot our agreement.

      The challenge for the "Gatherers" will be to LET GO of the victim mentality that has made them weak and dependent, so they can take responsibility for their lives again. The other challenge will be for the "Storers" to LET GO of power and control that has made them cold, greedy and uncaring. I think there is a little of both sides inside of us.

      We are so grateful to have received this message at Wells Cathedral this past June of 2012. It has brought this age old, past agreement back into the light, and also opened the doorway for this energy to be released back into the world . . . to its rightful owners, and to the descendants of our ancestors. We can now heal and let go of the wounds this might have caused all of us.

      Because of this message, and the particular energy in this extraordinary eclipse of Nov 28th, this is why we are inviting YOU to the join us in the LOVE BOMB. This LOVE BOMB is love unconditional. We can now forgive the things we considered atrocities upon humanity, and see that there was a bigger picture that we forgot . . . and in the forgetfulness we cause a lot of pain and suffering for each other. We do not want to continue this suffering anymore. We must realize that everyone did exactly just as they were supposed to do. The divine plan is unfolding.

      This penumbral lunar eclipse is within a few degrees of the *Royal Stars Aldebarren (Taurus - east), and Antares (Scorpio - west). These stars mark 2 of the cardinal points of the equinoxes and the solstices. They are also known as the Archangel stars, being watchers of the four points of the compass. These stars hold royal qualities and can activate a downfall of abused power that was cheated or misused for egotistic or self-serving purposes, etc….

      *All 4 Royal Stars are… Aldebaran (Tascheter) - vernal equinox (Watcher of the East)Regulus (Venant) - summer solstice (Watcher of the South) Antares (Satevis) - autumnal equinox (Watcher of the West) Fomalhaut (Haftorang) - winter solstice (Watcher of the North)

      Join us as ONE, in Activations, Meditations, and Decrees based on this powerful healing message, to bring about the RE-BALANCING and HEALING of what we thought was a misuse of power, and a return of all energy to its rightfully owners and your ancestors. What you have gathered and stored will be begin to be returned to you. With our collective conscious participation, this day could mark a final phase to the passing of what we judge as self-serving, power-tripping, greed- filled, warring, dualistic ego, and the REBIRTH of unity, oneness, authenticity, holistically, unconditionally, healthy, loving service within the consciousness of unity and oneness for all life on Earth, with continued effect of a great potential for personal internal healing of current and past life wounds for ALL living beings. This truth is in the very core of every single human being no matter what the outer projection tells us. We can never judge a book by its cover again.
      A brilliant dawn always follows a dark night.
      Welcome home to the DAWN of a new age.
      Join the LOVE BOMB freely by signing up here http://alunajoy.com/lovebomb.html
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       24 Hours before the lunar eclipse we will e-mail you the exact date / time of the 30 minute love bomb window …. We want all Activations, Meditations, and Decrees to be as current to the time as possible, as the energy is shifting so quickly now. We will be composing this message just prior to the eclipse and then send it on to you. We will be using these Activations, Meditations, and Decrees (as well as any heart calling you may have) together AS ONE to send a unified Global LOVE BOMB across our beloved Mother Earth. 
      MORE Video, Music and Inspiriation at  http://alunajoy.com/lovebomb.html

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