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Hillary Raimo: Winter Solstice Readings, Florida Pilgrimage, BodyWisdom, Christmas Charity Drive and More!

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    Having trouble viewing this email? Click here HillaryRaimo.com In This Issue BodyWisdom Internship with Lynda Yraceburu SPECIAL Winter Solstice Readings with
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      In This Issue
      BodyWisdom Internship with Lynda Yraceburu
      SPECIAL Winter Solstice Readings with Hillary
      Rounding the Bend 2012
      Florida Pilgrimage 2013
      BodyWisdom Internship Certificate Program with Lynda Yraceburu
      Body Wisdom with Lynda Yraceburu
      Body Wisdom with Lynda Yraceburu

      for January 2013 New Session!

      "I have personally experienced Lynda's healing technique and it is a very deep powerful healing modality that is life changing. If you are looking for a UNIQUE training to add to your credentials or to start your healing career this may be for you" ~ Hillary

      Details: http://www.yraceburu.org/BodyWisdom.html

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      Welcome to the rounding of the bend as we count up to the Winter Solstice of 2012. It is a wonderful and grand time of year as we gather with family and loved ones. Yes there is much going on in the world and we must stay awake to our surroundings. However even when we do so it is even more important to stay IN TUNE with our centers, our core and emanate from that still point within as we travel across the Galactic core. This grand moment in time this wonderful point of balance asks us to come to an end and begin anew. This is the point of the ending of the Mayan calendar. A fresh start. A new cycle begins. A new world chosen from our hearts and clear mind. This issue is dedicated to offering ways to do just that.


      Winter Solstice Readings with Hillary

      Is it time for a re-cap of YOUR 2012? is it time to see what the bigger picture/purpose has been for YOU as you approach the grand alignment of 12/21/12?

      Do you need insight into what the patterns have been for you this year and what it means for your overall lesson of 2012? Do you seek guidance as to how to honor this grand moment in time?

      This alignment only happens every 30 Million years. How will you honor yourself through it?

      Hillary is offering limited specially priced readings BEFORE 12/21/12
      $100/hour (save $25)
      Discounted readings available
      only thru 12/8 - 12/17

      To Reserve Your Space Now:
      Email hillary@...
      Rounding the Bend: 2012 Winding Up

      It is time to become divine. To allow yourself the space to bridge forth your most holy vision of yourself in whatever way that means to you. This is no longer about whose God is right or real. They are all real. It is your purpose to embody that and live it forward. To see your own dark rift and go into it exploring your own shadow and what you do to add to the hate in the world. Own it and then integrate it into the light and move forward. Align with your own Galactic center now and for the next 28 days. Until the vision completes itself. Let love in intimately   CONTINUE>>>>> 

      Florida Trip 2013
      For more information about the upcoming Florida Pilgrimage

      yraceburur logo
      Christmas Charity Drive   
      to Benefit Jemez Pueblo

      Yraceburu EarthWisdom is proud to announce a Christmas Charity drive to benefit the Jemez Pueblo. We are accepting donations of needed supplies, including winter clothing (all ages and sizes), toys,  blankets, canned & dried goods, special candies for the kids' stockings, stockings themselves.  We are determined everyone has a Christmas this year in the Pueblo!

      Ship donations to us by December 1st, 2012
      Items will be distributed on December 15th.  We'll notify all of you that have given from your hearts, so you can be present if you wish. 

      Ship items to:
      Yraceburu EarthWisdom
      119 Mira Sol Dr.
      Las Vegas, New Mexico 87701

      Please be sure, most especially, if you go through your current things and do giveaway, that the item is not stained or torn.  Thank you for your diligence.

      For more information about the
      Christmas Drive:


      Private Phone sessions available with Hillary
      Reiki Certification Courses & Sessions

      Contact Hillary: Hillary@...

      Hillary Raimo | www.hillaryraimo.com | Albany | NY | 12203
      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center
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