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Expect Wonderful: Deep Within the Eclipse Passageway

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  • Ash
        The Eclipse Cycle continues. One week from today, on Wednesday the November 28, we will experience another eclipse--a partial lunar eclipse--and begin to
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 21, 2012

      Expect Wonderful Cosmic Perspectives for the New Earth 
      The Eclipse Cycle continues. One week from today, on Wednesday the November 28, we will experience another eclipse--a partial lunar eclipse--and begin to integrate and emerge from this cycle. The pressure is building as cosmic alignments in our planets support deep clearing and release. 
      Old energies that have not been accessible until meeting this current light, available through our pathways of opening and wholeness being further along, rise now to the surface to be felt and released. 
      You are going to emerge from all this in a radically refined way if you allow yourself to be guided by what arises within you. 
      See if you can let yourself let go of ideas of who you are, how things are going to be. Realize that there are diverse ways to experience these changes. 
      Listen to your inner guide. Amplify this through feeling your body, noticing your level of peace, noticing what waves move up and through you. 
      Try not to distract yourself with other people's version of this experience and instead practice self-love and grow your Divine Embodiment through trusting YOUR VERSION of what's unfolding. You are enough. You are pure and perfect. Everything happening is a-okay. Your being and your innate connection with Gaia and All-That-Is can guide you through this. You are sovereign and whole. 
      Let this knowing become your sense of Self. ♥
      The diversity you are is a vital expression of Prime Creator.  It is this new, revised YOU that is pushing all the old out of your life. Recognize that the Divine more expanded you is driving this process within you forward.  You--in an expanded state along the continuum of your very being--are the creator of this deeply healing and purging and clarifying experience of release and re-birth.
      I read a beautiful article by Brenda Hoffman today on Spirit Library--which speaks to how deeply we are being called to let go of old paradigm ways of perceiving.  "Physically, the New Age Isn't What You Imagine." I found it very encouraging and some of the glimpses she offers of the new may resonate with you and help you tap your inner courage to move forward.
      The New Landscape, the Ideafrontier we're shifting into is entirely unknown.  This shift is so fundamental and so huge, that Archangel Michael shared with us in yesterday's infusion that the quality we can benefit most from tapping into is our own flexibility and resilience--and specifically in terms of our IDENTITY.
      Feel the community of kindred souls traveling this inner landscape simultaneously with you.  Know that there are many beings--above and below--making this journey in Unity and Love.  Look forward to the many reunions and new connections that are being woven as we traverse from the inner planes of knowing through the alignments of liberation and together experience the Creation energies of this New Earth liberated in December.
      It will be up to us to receive, recognize and act upon our newness to ground and birth into form Terra Nova, the New Earth.  
      Although perhaps a nap will be in order first...followed by a super delicious meal and just lying around in the sunshine.  :)
      When you feel ready to pop out and explore the newness collectively, trust what you're drawn to.  Next month one option is that I'll be hosting an Expect Wonderful Eclipse Emergence Gathering on Saturday, December 1 to explore our newness together and also to prepare for the December alignments. If you'd like to join us, CLICK HERE for more details and to register.   In addition, Oracle Readings are still at their lowest discounted price for the remainder of the Eclipse Cycle (through Wed, the Nov. 28).  You can request a reading and receive this discounted energy exchange by using the links on the Events page under the Eclipse Program of events.  I am most happy to be of service in this way if you feel called to experience it.
      "What an extreme blessing to experience a reading with you...and archangel michael...and all our wonderful guides." 
      "I really loved my Oracle reading. You talked about virtually all of the questions I had written down before I asked them, and answered questions I didn't know I had, so thank you for that!" - Kris 
      "I want to thank you for the reading I had with you last month.It helped my understanding a great deal...It feels like a whole new beginning for me - I am really on my way to a new life in this NEW earth." -Jean 
      Wishing you deep confidence and sustained moments of infinite joy and the glorious experience of Oneness.
      Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who are in America and celebrating this week!  What an incredible opportunity to feel the underlying unity of being together with others.
      P.S.  Photo by Marc Adamus.
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