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Sharon McErlane ~ Grandmothers Speaks: "When the Wisdom of the Grandmothers Is Heard, the World Will Heal"

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    Having trouble viewing this email? Click here   Grandmothers Speak November Message     UP-COMING EVENTS ________________________________ California
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      Grandmothers Speak November Message

      California Gathering
      Gathering of the Grandmothers in Laguna Beach, California, March 22-24. We will meet at the Aliso Creek Inn in a dramatic canyon beside the beach. All are welcome.
      To register for the Gathering, go to Registration
      Gathering in Australia
      Australia Gathering of the Grandmothers in Mt. Tamborine (near Brisbane). April 27, 28. We will meet at the Old Church in the midst of an unspoiled rainforest to deepen our connection with the Divine and with one another. All are welcome.
      To register for the Gathering, contact australiangrandmothers@...
      Carolyn Somers mobile: +61 0417 130 139
      To share with women and men in Grandmothers Speak, go to the
      Grandmothers Speak page on Facebook.For more information on Grandmother Groupmeetings:

      "This is the Net of Light that will hold the earth during the times of change that are upon you. The time is now and women must lead. It can be no other way." The Great Council of the Grandmothers are calling us to step into our power.
      All are welcome to this work. There is no charge for the Grandmothers' Empowerment.
      Simply put...it is time.
      I went to the Great Council of the Grandmothers today and said, "As we move toward the end of 2012, tension is building about the changes that have been predicted for this time. Grandmothers," I asked, "is there anything you’d like us to know and do to get ready for this change?
      Smiling patiently, twelve elegant women looked me over and said,“As this year comes to a close, so too do many of the old ways that have for so long held humanity in thrall. Something is finishing now and something new is beginning. No one is responsible for these old ways that are ending now,” they said. “What?” I responded. What did they mean that no one was responsible for the all the terrible things that have taken place here on earth? I had a list I wanted to blame for all the problems in the world and I’d expected the Grandmothers to confirm it. But as this thought crossed my mind, the Grandmothers threw back their heads, laughing uproariously. I was shocked that they would laugh about something so serious, but they smiled indulgently, looked past me and continued. “Just as no one is responsible for the pain of the past, no one is responsible for the shift which is occurring now,” they said and I stared at them, dumbfounded. “It is time,” they said then, giving me a level look. “Simply put…it is time.
      “Whenever humanity grows tired of contraction, grows tired of a steady diet of fear and dread and decides that it is ready to live with an open heart, no matter what,” they added, “human hearts open. And the opening of the human heart changes everything,” they said, shaking their heads in wonder. “Hearts are opening now," they said. "Even though all around you, you are hearing the death rattle of the old ways—the convulsions of King Greed for instance,"they said, "the shrieking and moaning of those who created systems that treated people as ‘things,’ things that existed soly for their own personal gain, these activities are finished. A fresh wind has begun to blow and this wind will blow away contraction, control, and mean-spiritedness of every kind. Believe it!” they said, and with their eyes blazing, they rocked back and forth on their heels. I'd never seen them more determined.
      Mesmerized, I watched them and then “Uh….uh, Grandmothers,” I said at last, “what would you have us do at this time? How can we help bring about this shift you are speaking of?”
      Turning to me with a knowing smile, they shook their heads and said, “You need do nothing. Nothing but love,” they amended. “Take every opportunity to love,” they said. “Be the walking prayer we’ve told you that you are. It is your nature to live in love,” they said, “so live your nature. Be who you are,” they said, “and enjoy being alive. Hold to the Net of Light,” they added, “and observe how the Net of Light holds you. You are precious to the light,” they said, “and the Net of Light supports you at every moment of your life. You are the light within the Net!” they exclaimed. “Claim this birthright now," they urged. "It is time.”
      "It is Your Nature to Live in Love," the Grandmothers Say.So How Do We Do That?
      We live in a world that tells us we are flawed, lacking, not enough. So how do we learn how to "Live this nature" the Grandmothers say we are? To do this, we must pay attention to the ways of yin, not to what the world says we are, but to what and who we really are. The Grandmothers show us how. Ever practical and wise, they give us a way to return home--show us the path back to who we are. Here are some ways to do this.
      --The Grandmothers send out a message (like this one) most months. We have archived their messages for on-going study and you'll find them on the messages page of grandmothersspeak.com.
      --Grandmothers' groups and study circles meet all over the world to practice the Grandmothers' teachings and work with the Net of Light. When we come together we share their wisdom and its effect on us. Everyone is welcome at these groups so contact one near you or start your own. Email us and we'll help you get started (see below).
      --Attend a Gathering of the Grandmothers. (there are two coming up soon.) These events are potent and will inspire you and get you moving forward on your path.
      --The Grandmothers have two books, A Call to Power: the Grandmothers Speak and Our Love Is Our Power written to help us live their message.
      To order the Grandmothers' books, go to: http://grandmothersspeak.com/online-store2/
      Once you've read the first book and want to start a Grandmothers' group or study circle in your area, contact us at:info@....
      Call To Power
      Our Love Is Our Power
      Up-Coming Gatherings of the Grandmothers in California and Australia
      Laguna Beach, California, March 22-24.
      The 7th Annual U.S. Gathering of the Grandmothers will take place at the Aliso Creek Inn, nestled in a canyon/valley by the beach in Southern California. Join your grandmother/sisters and brothers for a weekend of deep connection with the Divine, friendship, ritual, singing, dancing and meditation. Sharon McErlane, author of A Call to Power: the Grandmothers Speak and Our Love Is Our Power will lead the Gathering.
      To register for the Gathering, go to: Register
      Mt. Tamborine, Queensland, Australia, April 27,28.
      The 2nd Annual Australian Gathering of the Grandmothers will take place at the Old Church on Long Road. We will meet in the midst of a rainforest above Brisbane to deepen our connection with the Grandmothers, with one another, with the ancestors and with Mother Earth. Sharon will be with us and will lead the Gathering.
      To register for the Gathering, please contact:
      Carolyn Somers mobile: +61 0417 130 139
      Letters of Gratitude
      From Providence, R.I.
      I wanted to express my deepest gratitude to you and the Grandmothers who took such good care of us during the hurricane. 20 miles away there was total destruction of beaches, homes, roads, but the storm took a radical turn and missed Providence....we never lost power, and had very few branches fall- surely we are beholden to the Grandmothers---and could you thank everyone who sent their prayers to us here?
      With gratitude,
      From Solano Beach, California,
      The Gathering of the Grandmothers in Belgium in September was Magnificent, in fact it continues, we are inside it- beautiful souls,  and tremendous Light and hope and so much love, music, dance, all still whooping it up inside me and I'm certain I'm not the only one. The sense of community and oneness was glaring and louder than 'separateness'. We were stirred to the depths. I had a tremendous experience with the Grandmothers- a big healing that I try to remember and keep holy.
      A favorite quote by Meister Eckhart:" a human beings has so many skins inside covering the depths of the heart ..why thirty or forty skins or hides , as hard as an ox's or bears, cover the soul. Go into your own ground and learn to know yourself there."
      The Gathering brings a very large group of people to their ground, and this impacts the Ground, the earth, and all beings. The Grandmother's journey with us is so deep xxx, I am overcome with gratitude.  Hope I am communicating this clearly..happily my work now is mostly listening, because since my return the linear lineup of words is elusive., and I feel everything ! ahhh...
      Staying close to the Beloved Grandmothers. They really surprised me with love, care .. I felt so moved, and I know there are depths I only glimpsed- what a journey.
      From the Netherlands
      I want to thank you for putting yourself out there for the purpose of planetary healing at the Gathering of the Grandmothers in Belgium. I am sure the frayed bonds between the nationalities present there did not escape your attention. Your presence did spot weld the relationships while we sat there with you, fishing for God. I felt the overwhelming character of your position and, my hat's off for your courage!
      Similar to the relationship that the average American has to the Native Americans, the people of Belgium, in my experience, turn away from the great pain that exists between the Flemish (Dutch) and the Walloons (French), not to mention the frustrated relationship between the Dutch and the Flemish.We were in a perfect location to beef up the Net of Light. In the middle of little Turkey and just behind the lines of the intellectual civil war that is going on in Belgium. It is no wonder that people were pulling on your coat tails. For a moment while we were able to look at you and imagine that we too can have a personal relationship with the Divine, the old rivalries thawed out. It runs so deep, the old patterns, and you stood there with a solution that was not for sale, not designed to consume or dispose or ignore. We are ready, and the seeds are sprouting with occasional bursts of growth.
      I did not have a shamanistic vision, but while dancing the Sufi dance and looking into all those eyes I did see the common denominator in everyone. My eyes, but a collective consciousness recording all the love and the fear and experiences for the benefit of the collective. Thank you for helping me to remember that I too am God.
      Spreading Love
      Note from Grandmothers' Beacon in Belgium
      I open one of the Grandmothers' books at random and read until a phrase or two strikes a chord with me. Then I send that quotation (sometimes with an explanatory comment or a question to stimulate reflection) via email. I do this mostly as a daily practice for myself, but the Grandmothers have asked me to share these daily emails with a wider audience.
      I call these "Daily Obsessions" because as the Grandmothers say, "The nature of the mind is to either worry or criticize." These 'Daily Obsessions' are meant to be used as an alternative to worrying or criticizing; they give the mind something much more loving to think about. Here's one.
      In Flemish: "Al te vaak onderschat je jezelf en je bent niet bewust van het goede dat je doet."
      Is het niet genoeg om liefdevol bezig te zijn? Of is dat alles wat er is om te doen?
      English: "All too often you underestimate yourself and you are not aware of the good that you are doing."
      Is being loving not enough? Or is that all there is to do?
      In the Grandmothers' love,
      Miriam, miriam.levenson@...
      email Miriam and let her know if you'd like to receive the Daily Obsession

      Wishing you all the very best, Sharon McErlane & Louie
      Sharon McErlane
      Grandmothers Speak

      email: gmothers@...
      phone: 949 338 4691

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      The Grandmothers Speak | 483 Linden St. | Laguna Beach | CA | 92651
      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center
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