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  • Mohammed Ismail
                                                               GOD IS LOVE AND LOVE IS PRECIOUS Different
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 18, 2012


    Different Religions - Different Methodologies - Destination is same

    Learn Spirituality to recognize and approach GOD, whatever religion you belong to

    All religions  agree  upon  this that through meditation, it is possible to connect to

    GOD.   There  are  different   ways  in  different  religions  but  the aim is same. It is

    respectable to call GOD, no matter you call HIM by any name viz GOD, JESUS, RAM,


    Superior  to  religions  is  the  "LOVE OF GOD", which is the essence of  all religions

    whereas the Light of God is an illuminating guide in the way.

    According to the saying of Hazrat Imam Jafar Bin  Sadiq a.s.  "KNOWLEDGE IS POINT

    WHICH HAS BEEN SPREADED BY so called SCHOLARS". And the point is LOVE.

    The methods of Meditation is given below which is simple  and shortest and is the

    practice of JUST 7 DAYS.  The people belonging to all religions can exercise it by the

    name of their GODs, keeping in mind  "THE CREATOR" the one and only ONE,  who

    created the whole world and us.

    Dear friends,

    Try your luck by exercising the methods outlined  in  the Message just  for   7  days

    and this will awaken  your "LATIF-E-QALB" (a spiritual entity), and it start chanting

    out "Creators"  name (ALLAH HU) which will produce Divine energy(NOOR) in your

    heart. This is not only for muslims, people of other religion can exercise,   keeping

    in mind  "THE CREATOR" the one and only "ONE" who created the universe and us.

    In  the  attached  file  message is also availble in URDU. If you feel to know further



    In  prehistoric   times  stones   would  be  rubbed  together   to  make   fire.   Whereas  a  spark   can   also  be

    produced  by rubbing two metals together. In a similar way electricity is made from water. Similarly by the

    friction of the blood inside the  human  body,   in other words electric  energy  is  produced by the vibrating

    heartbeat.   In every human being there is present, approximately one and a half volts of electricity due to

    which the body is energetic.   As  the  heartbeat  slows  in old age,  this reduces  the  electricity in the body

    and this in turn also causes a reduction of the energy level in the body.

    Firstly,  the heartbeat  has  to be made vibrant  and pronounced. Some do this by dancing, some by sports

    and exercise and some people try to do this by meditating and chanting the Name of God Allah.

    When  the  heartbeat  becomes  vibrant   and   pronounced  then  by  chanting  the   name  of  "Allah"  try  to

    synchronize it  with  every heartbeat.  Alternatively  try to  synchronize "Allah" with one heartbeat  and Hu

    with the other. Some  time  by  placing your  hand  on the  heart  and   when  you  feel your heartbeat, again

    try to synchronize the Name  "Allah" by chanting  it with  the rhythm of the heartbeat and imagine that the

    Name "Allah" is entering the heart.

    The chanting of" Allah Hu" is better and more effective but if anyone has an objection,or a fear of chanting

    Hu, then instead of being deprived one should  solely use the name Allah,repetitively in the chanting. It is

    beneficial  for people who chant  and practice  this  discipline  and who read mantras to physically remain

    as clean as possible as the:

    "disrespectful are unfulfilled and the respectful and fulfilled."

    THE FIRST METHOD OF PRODUCING LIGHT:::::::::             Write     "Allah"     on    a    paper    in    black    ink    66

    times  and   do   this  exervise   for  as long  as  you  wish on  a  daily  basis.   Soon thereafter,  the Word Allah

    will   be   transported   from  the   paper  and  hover over  the eyes.  Then  with  one-pointed   concentration,

    attempt to transport the word from the eyes to the heart.

    THE SECOND METHOD OF PRODUCING LIGHT::::               Write    "Allah"    on      a      zero       watt       bulb,     in

    yellow.  Whilst  you  are awake or  just before  sleep, concentrate and try to absorb it into the eyes. When

    it appears on the  eyes then try to transport it to the heart.

    THE THIRD METHOD OF PRODUCING LIGHT::::::::              This      method      is      for      those      people      who

    have  perfect   spiritual  guides   and teachers   and who  due  to their  spiritual  connection  are  spiritually

    assisted  by  them.  Sit  alone  and  imagine that   your index finger is a pen. Using your finger and with your

    concentration,attempt  to write Allah on your  heart. Call upon your spiritual teacher (spiritually), so that

    he too may, hold your finger, and write "Allah" on your heart.  Continue to do this exercise everyday,  until

    you see Allah written on your heart.

    "If  you are succeeded  and your Qalb starts chanting Allah Hu

    it will chant 24 hours a day, even if you are sleeping, working

    and  will  convert your prayers (Namaz) into  Namaz-e-Haqiqi

    and you will enter into Divine Love."

    See attached attachements for spiritual teaching in other religions also.

    For further knowledge on spirituality in english click the link below:


    for urdu readers click the link below:

    Best of Luck.

    Sarfaraz Ahmed.


     (Syedna Riaz AhmadGohar Shahi)
    (Fornightly"Sada E Sarfrosh"1-15Oct1999)

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