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New Sedona Journal just published. 2013 Predictions... Excerpt from Pat Crosby article "The New Dream Begins ~ 2013 Arrives! YAY!"

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  • Pat Crosby
    New Sedona Journal issue just published. 2013 Predictions... READ COMPLETE POST AT
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 16, 2012

      New Sedona Journal issue just published. 2013 Predictions...


      We WILL survive 2012, despite the "end of the
       worlders." We are moving between the 3rd and 4th dimensions on a journey that brings us into unknown territory on every level — physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, environmental, cultural. Global and personal changes are occurring at unprecedented speed. History won’t help us find our way — we have never done this before.

      In 2013, as we continue experiencing powerful human transformation and a great shift in the worldwide consciousness, how do we chart the course of our lives? What guidance can we trust?

      December 2012 Issue: Predictions 2013 & Beyond

      What are the beings of light telling us as they survey our near future from their perspectives. As we expand our consciousness, change our levels of reality, and reach new spiritual maturity, these beings know they are allowed to bring us new information, tools, and techniques — information once concealed from us — to help us enjoy and understand our accelerating awakening of consciousness. 

      They can also show us how to use it to help ourselves and others create a more benevolent life for ourselves and the planet.

      We want to feel the positive energy of joy and love these beings radiate - with humor! 

      New Sedona Journal issue just published. 2013 Predictions...

      Available to Order now ~ Online or Print Editions.
      Bulk Rates available for healing centers, classes, stores, organizations, etc. 

      Help people understand the changes that are happening all around us ~ get a batch of these magazines to distribute to your light-minded communities.


      Now ~ Read an EXCERPT from this published article by Pat Crosby.

      The New Dream Begins ~ 2013 Arrives! YAY!

      "Mayans have called 2013 the New Dream ~ the New Beginning.

      For indeed, you have in mass consciousness dreamt an old dream that has well run its course. Congratulations on running so many masterful lesson plans, Dear Humans!

      In the old dream that is coming to an end, you got to experience your individual and group lesson plans for exploring the cracks and crevices of the 3rd dimension ~ the realm of duality ~ the realm of ying or yang, up or down, yes or no, win or lose, polarity.

      It was exciting, wasn't it? Just watch the crowds scream with excitement when their favorite team wins ~ or boo and hiss when their team loses. Did you enjoy all those adrenaline rushes available when the 3rd dimension was in ascendency?

      Now a big ending and a new beginning are at hand... the end of the 26,000 year cycle of the precession of the equinoxes ~ of which much has been written and discussed. Many have tied their knowledge and revelations to the famous forecasts of the very adept Mayan astrologers and soothsayers. We say this information is all correct. 

      Many great civilizations, long before the advent of the internet and current technology, were well able to read and chart the great cosmic cycles as revealed in the stars and the motions of the planets as they evolve and spiral in their various trajectories.

      We also note and choose to remind you that each soul that incarnated in the 3rd dimensional time period did so of its own free will and choice. There are great opportunities to learn and eventually master the energy streams and patterns that are only available in the 3rd dimensional realm of polarity and duality.

      Talk about a great game! How many of you souls were so excited to be chosen ~ to have qualified from your previous soul adventures and travels ~ to come into the very select reality streams of the intense and boxed-in features of the 3rd realm of duality.

      There is no reason to play victim about your own soul choices. Unless, of course, you have chosen in the path of your own soul journey explorations to experience the "victim" energy and thus set up your game plan in 3rd dimension to partner with beings and situations that would enable you to experience, and eventually master, this unique energy pattern. Similarly for any other energy patterns you chose to experience in your human incarnations.

      Remember, Dear One, you chose it all! 

      As you knowingly came into this 3rd dimension from higher realms of light ...

      ... Now we are on the threshold of a new period of time ~ what some Mayans call “The New Dream”. This dream promises to be full of light miracles as you begin to explore how to create in these higher frequencies of light and love patterns made manifest..."


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