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Isha Lerner's Triple Goddess Tarot: Flying Into Spring w/ the Fifth Chakra

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    I open my arms to embrace the wind that has captured my soul. I speak my truth with clarity and courage. These two quotes truly do paint vital foundations
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 16, 2012
      "I open my arms to embrace the wind that has captured my soul." "I speak my truth with clarity and courage." These two quotes truly do paint vital foundations of the essence of this message. Simply receiving, reflecting and accepting other areas that are touched upon here will assist each of us experiencing these affirmations and declarations. One in particular is when this resonating messages emphasizes the ability to rise above the everyday restrictions of old routines and moving upward and forward spacious imaginative mountaintops of new possibilities. That truly is the theme that can become and is here for us to receive and embrace fully. The essence of not only discovering freedom but experiencing freedom for we are free; freedom that has not come from another for no one else can bequeath or give us this ability. It is a gift that we give ourselves and that we reconnect with inside. Yes there are those within our lives that give us wise council, love and support; yet they are not who make those choices. You make that choice for yourself. It is the seed and fruit of that growing awareness within ourselves. Reclaiming our power, our essence and walking within your integrity showing responsibility for our choices with love and courage. Recognize, acknowledge and embrace/accept that inner light within you. Just as it expressed below: Breath in the colors of the rainbow and breath them out seeing in them in the colors and shapes manifesting as imagine them to be; working with them and co-creating life that shines from within you and is apart of the service that we give to one another, this world and ourselves. As we find and stand within our courage, our integrity and allow our voice and life to take wing fully. Knowing that you can not speak your Truth but live your Truth courageously and lovingly.

      0. Flying Into Spring
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      0. Flying Into Spring

      Soul Message: The bird flying free in the sky is my totem. I open my arms to embrace the wind that has captured my soul. The splendor of flight and the vision of new horizons call to me. I am free.

      Alchemy and Transformation: Initiation and awakening move the soul toward new pastures of experience: places we didn’t dare visit, situations we shied away from, inner stirrings we thought we should suppress. The ability to rise above everyday restrictions of old routines and move upward toward the spacious imaginative mountaintop of new possibilities becomes the new theme in life. This is the time to break free. Be responsible and do no harm, while simultaneously meeting the void of the unknown with an open heart and wing.

      Awakening to the Archetype - The Fairy Queen: The fairies were known to be the “Mothers” of the unseen and magical realms. The fairy realm forms a bridge between the kingdoms of nature and humanity, opening the channels for the spark of divine inspiration to manifest within the human soul. They are our constant, invisible helpers, awakening the angelic song of spirit in the heart of humanity and all of Earth’s creatures. With the blessing and guidance of the Fairy Queen, fly into the sky of your deepest desires, weave a cloak of new possibilities, dance yourself into new ways of being.

      Everyday Encounters: As you walk the path of the Fairy Queen (the Fool), be aware of the light within you. Breathe in the colors of the rainbow, and breathe out the forms you imagine them taking. Be aware of leaves on trees and shrubs, and of budding flowers; they are reflections of new potential growing within you. Free yourself. Allow the high vibrations of the fairy realm to electrify your dreams. Be alive!

      Nature’s Healers: The Tulip
      Fifth Chakra

      Fifth Chakra

      Chakra Attributes: (Color: Blue) (Function: Communication, Creativity, Connection)

      Healing Essence of the Chakra: Located in the throat and neck region of the body and extending upward to include the lower region of the brain or cortex, this area holds the communication center. Through the Throat Chakra one may speak long-held truths of past hurts and, in the process, find much inner peace and a sense of personal freedom. With a healed and healthy fifth chakra, one’s words are kind, clear and truthful.

      Healing Flower: Morning Glory

      Keywords: Truth, Self-Expression, Song, Poetry, Clarity, Communication

      Affirmations: I am the messenger. I speak my truth with clarity and courage.

      © Copyright 2012 Inner Sight / Isha Lerner Enterprises. All rights reserved

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center
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