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Power Animal of the Week: Bear ~ Dolphin

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  • Ash
    It might be said at first glance that both of these beloved messengers share little in common but that is a great misunderstanding and misperception with both
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 11, 2012

      It might be said at first glance that both of these beloved messengers share little in common but that is a great misunderstanding and misperception with both of them. Bear and Dolphin are highly attuned to their respective environments; discerning the signs around them and truly listening for they and their loved ones highest benefit. The sweetness of life that the Bear teaches and the joy of life to be embraced, experienced and shared that the Dolphin brings are facets of the same beautiful gem. The synchronicity of between them reflects the same synchronicity of life. How to step into and reclaim our inner power; how to utilize our abilities, our strengths, our gifts in balance rooted in the love of life, oneself, family and the world with all who live upon Her. When the time calls to give your roar Bear will guide us into that as well; both are confident, affectionate, patient and loving teachers. We can develop the faith that comes Knowing and trusting our Self and our inner Guidance. Bear certainly comes in perfect timing as we move into the fall season. As each has their messages and lessons to give and share let us receive them with an open heart. :)

      The Bear
      Discernment          Affection          Faith

      Bear Photo
      Take a deep breath and let the spirit of the bear fill you. Click here to listen to the Bear's Song.

       The many gifts of the bear are yours.  How fortunate you are!
      The bear will teach you how to go after the sweetness of life, to  put up with a few bee stings to get at the honey, to put up with a few thorns to taste the sweet berries.  With bear energy within you, the petty little irritations of life will pass unnoticed as you go after the sweetness that is there for you.
      The bear will also teach you how to use your strength and balance it with love.  When threatened, the bear knows how to stand tall and bellow out a warning.  His courage and power will be there for you whenever you need it.  But when approached gently, the bear knows how to give a loving hug.  His sweet and loving nature will reside gently within your heart.
      But most of all, the bear will teach you about seasons, about living with life as it is.  He accepts that life has its seasons, the freshness of spring, the bounty of summer, the beauty of fall, and the cold storms of winter.  And when the winter is here, the bear knows that it is all right to just crawl into a cave and sleep, safe and warm.  He sleeps soundly, full of faith, knowing that tomorrow may just be the first day of a new spring.
      Roar out with your bearness.  Be present within each moment of every season, full of love and courage and always going after the sweetness of life.  You are the bear.

      The Dolphin
      Joy          Clarity          Synchronicity

      Take a deep breath and let the spirit of the dolphin fill you.Click here to listen to the Dolphin's Song.

      Ah, how fortunate you are to have the dolphin as your power animal.  Leap for joy!
      The dolphin is so full of joy, he cannot help but leap into the air, just for the sheer pleasure of being alive.  Allow this vibrant life force to fill you, making you feel and know the privilege it is to be drawing one more breath in this precious life.  Let the dolphin teach you this deep abiding joy.
      The dolphin is also a wonderful communicator.  He will teach you to listen to others and then to respond in a way which they will understand.  With the dolphin within you, words will flow more easily.  You will come into your own power as a communicator of both feelings and ideas, as his intelligence fills you with confidence in expressing yourself.
      The dolphin is attuned to others, instinctively knowing just the right moment to leap into the air, so that the entire group moves in effortless harmony.  Let the dolphin teach you this intuitive synchronicity with others, moving at one with them and understanding what drives them and what moves them.
      Love your life!  Leap for joy!  You are the dolphin.

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center
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