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Quado's Garden: Honor the Butterfly Within

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  • Ash
    This quote from today s message could not express a more truth declaration: You have the power to be what you dream of being, because you are that person
    Message 1 of 6 , Nov 11, 2012
      This quote from today's message could not express a more truth declaration: "You have the power to be what you dream of being, because you are that person already.  You are."
      That is one of the simplest yet truest expressions that we have for you are not less than the being you are at the very heart of your sol, your essence. Those longings to improve, to reach, to grow, to evolve are all apart of that inner being you truly already are. When we long to come Home we are receiving that eternal message from that very place of Who We Are. See yourself as you may wish yourself to be for that is your purest, highest and Divine Self which calls to you. As you open to that and begin to embrace this you are accepting and embracing yourself. More and more of what has been felt to hold you back, old patterns, habits, circumstances will begin to be Seen more clearly for what they are. The inner journey comes to fruition for you can release those, step into newness, transform your live and metamorphosis into Who You Are. The Butterfly that you are and always have been calls to you. Honor that calling as you honor yourself and Know the freedom to express yourself, fully love and accept yourself and rediscover your wings to fly vibrantly full of life, joy, wholeness, compassion and love. :)

      Honor the Butterfly Within

      There is a longing deep inside to emerge as an improved version of yourself, like a butterfly from the cocoon, all shiny, new and free.
      This is a longing which you can fulfill.  It is within your power to emerge from this cocoon of old habits, self-defeating actions, and patterns which seem to have ensnarled and encased you.  It is well within your power.
      You have the power to be what you dream of being, because you are that person already.  You are.
      First, hold on to the butterfly image and begin to connect deeply to it, to the  butterfly that is you.  And now, deep within your center, within the very core of yourself, connect with this version of yourself, connect emotionally, deeply.  Know this person as yourself. 
      Know that you are already this person.  Of course you are.  It is you.  And the cocoon will drop away as you begin to connect more and more closely with the butterfly.
      What does she feel like?  How does she act?  How would she respond in a given situation?  Begin to honor yourself enough to be this butterfly version of yourself.  Clear away your fear and doubt and simply dress, eat, exercise, speak, think, and choose as she does.
      For you are her.  You are this butterfly. This longing is a longing to come home to yourself, to release the old ways of being which no longer serve, to free yourself from the fear and doubt, to flutter your wings in the sunshine of a vibrant life and take flight.

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center
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