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Morning Messages: Path of Most Light

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    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 11, 2012
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      Monthly Phone + web Simulcast
      Free Hour with the 'team'
       Ask your personal question
      November 26, 2012
      Only in this newsletter can you purchase
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      Schedule an appointment with the 'team' release emotional wounds;
      connect with your own personal guides and non-physical support.
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      One hour session with audio ...Value $111.00
      Offer the gift of a private reading with the 'team'
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      Beyond 2012 - An Etheric Gathering on 12-12-12

      This webinar will include guidance and messages from Ronna Herman/Archangel Michael, Peggy Black/ the 'team',
      Liah Howard/HOIYA and Randy Monk/Lord Melchizedek.


      Greetings to my beloved Morning Message familyNov 11 ,2012

      My Personal Message___________

      WOW! I am finally getting unpacked and rested from my trip to Seattle and the Tom Kenyon "The Art of Seeding New Realities" a Hathor intensive. It was certainly intense energetic work both personal and global. There were 550 people at the event from around the world. The Sunday mediation with the Aethos and Non-dual States of Consciousness was incredible. We were joined by over 100,000 around the globe who were in groups or as individual in this mediation together. It was stunning to feel the interconnectedness with so many loving and conscious beings surrounding the earth and offering benevolent energy to our planet.
      On another note, the additional papers requested for my audit are prepared.  I have requested an appointment for a time after the Mercury retrograde.  I continue to be so grateful for your prayers, energy and participation in the intentions of uplifting the IRS, a positive result for me and the transforming of our collective fear with the Internal Revenue Service. Together this is an opportunity to anchor a high level of LIGHT consciousness in this entire organization

      We have all been engaged with the energy of the election and stunned by the images of damage that the storm Sandy did to east coast.  I have family in New York and Virginia; they are OK however I know that there are many who are still displaced having lost their homes. My prayers go out to those who are experiencing these hardships. My prayers and the intention and seeding of new realities go out to our governing body.
       Beyond 2012 - An Etheric Gathering on 12-12-12
      Join me, the 'team' as well as Ronna Herman/Archangel Michael, Liah Howard/HOIYA and Randy Monk/Lord Melchizedek. Each speaker will have up to 30 minutes, which will provide a two hour webinar. You will, be able to listen to the live event, or the replay. Energy exchange will be $45 for the live event and replays up to seven days after the event. The link to register: http://timelyguidance.com/events/#beyond2012

      Free hour with the 'team' November 26. "We Are Here with guidance and gratitude".You get to ask the 'team' a question.   Cyndi has also created a new WIN  Facebook link that will keep you posted    http://www.facebook.com/WisdomIntuitionNetwork

      The 'team' continues to extend their invitation to connect with your personal guides and be empowered as you move through your personal challenges and changes. Remember when you call to book your private appointment with the 'team' please mention code gratitude for the $88.00 financial exchange. This price honored for your gift to a loved one or friend.

      Your communication and sharing makes this work so rewarding for me. I am honored to serve you. I am deeply grateful the Bluesky donations. I truly appreciate this support, may you be blessed a thousand fold. I acknowledge your magnificence as together we anchor a new reality. Blessings of grace and joy, Peggy


      _________ Message from the "team"_________ 

      Path of Most Light

      Peggy Black and the

      We are here to support and acknowledge the Light that is being called forth and anchored. It is you who are calling and it is you who are anchoring the energies and frequencies of Light awareness. We celebrate the shift of consciousness we are witnessing as the seeds and codes within each human are being activated.

      As a multidimensional star being and a true standard bearer, you have walked this path and the denseness of the timeline, for eons offering a vibration of love, compassion and forgiveness. Remember that it is through the chalice of the heart centered human that all transformation takes place within any timeline or any universe.

      You have gathered experiences, challenges, dense and painful emotions and have been willing to transform them, as cosmic alchemist. Your courage and willingness is honored and recognized by all who witness your actions and your spiritual integrity.

      The mis-qualified energies that have been offered to the collective by the shadow consciousness of humanity are being brought to the Light for true upliftment and change. You have been the vanguard, going beyond the ordinary, stepping into the extraordinary and unparalleled action to anchor and call forth the new reality, the next new world.

      We have observed your struggles both personal and collective to bring this change in consciousness to this dense reality. Each time that you willingly practiced simple dedicated actions infused with your joy, gratitude and appreciation you added to life.
      Each time you shifted an emotional response from anger or judgment to love, compassion and forgiveness you were doing galactic and global service work on a personal level. You are adding more Light consciousness to the collective.

      Remember to offer that same love, compassion and forgiveness to yourself. Acknowledge yourself and continue to love yourself free. It is your birthright to awaken to who you are as a galactic citizen, a multidimensional alchemist who travels the cosmic realties offering Light consciousness to whatever space or dimension you focus upon.

      In the coming time you will own your power to influence the energetic substance of any reality. In an unprecedented shift of the ages, several earth, galactic and universal cycles are coming to completion. This completion of cycles offers the universe alignment and the recognition of unity and oneness with all. 

      You are experiencing the ending of one great galactic cycle and the beginning of another. 
      There are alignments occurring which open cosmic portals allowing energies to flow to this reality and timeframe raising everything to a higher vibration. 

      The completion of this incredible cosmic cycle is activating your awareness and inviting you to welcome the true understanding of the extraordinary dimensional shift of which you are an active part. You are the chalice for these incoming vibrations; anchor them fully into the field and matrix.

      We invite you to continue to be courageous and hold fast to your clear heartfelt intentions. The chaos that you are witnessing will continue as more and more mis-qualified energies come forth to be transformed. The suffering, poverty, violence and greed are slowly being healed; remember the changes will be subtle yet profound. Hold firm your resolve as you call forth, envision and welcome these powerful shifts.

      This is especially the time to hold firm your vibrations of love and compassion. Do not be impatient or discouraged; do not doubt your work or service to this future reality of oneness and unity. There is a gathering, an ever increasing number of awake and aware like-hearted minds that are ever vigilant; you are a member of this omniscient unity. Together you are holding and calling forth the enlightened progression of the new reality.

      Telepathically connect, listen with your heart, meet in your dream time and gather in the quantum field of all possibilities. Own and acknowledge that you are a part of this assembly, this convergence and this core of divine minded individuals who are truly calling forth an energy which will honor all life in all ways.

      You have remembered and diligently collected tools of consciousness since you entered this dense dimension. You have done your mundane earthly tasks, your personal inner work, and all the time knowing within that you had a much higher purpose.

      Despite all the challenges and the discouragement you have continued to strive and walk the path of most Light. Trust what we share; you are on the home stretch. For many lifetimes you have given your love and compassion only to be thwarted by those who were afraid. Those experiences on the timeline have escorted you to this moment and the awesome unfolding and gifting of the Light that you have always carried.

      Travel the timelines and forgive and release all that needs to be forgiven and released. Do this work for yourself as well as for humanity. Each time one conscious individual transforms and heals any expression of dense dysfunctional energy on any timeframe or dimension, all are uplifted, transformed and healed.

      It is now your awareness that the inner technologies are the most powerful in bringing and inviting the new realities. In our transmissions we have shared many of these inner tools, these inner technologies with you - the power of your heart/mind chalice to transform, the emotional and energetic alchemy practices, your true awesome ability to create by envisioning. Many other wise voices have offered energetic tools and guidance as well; we invite you to use all those that resonate with you. 

      Even though many times it felt like you were walking this path alone, facing the hardships and struggles by yourself, we invite you to remember when you felt the presence of love and guidance in some form. You are most fortunate to realize how truly supported, loved and honored you have been. We acknowledge you, we see you and we celebrate you.

      You are the ones who show the way, you are the system busters, the paradigm shifters, and you are the vanguard anchoring the Light of consciousness in another reality and another timeframe. You are bringing another cycle of cosmic life to completion.

      Honor yourself, honor one another, honor your interstellar brethren, and honor all the beings of Light consciousness that are also contributing to this extraordinary dimensional shift and completion of another cosmic cycle.

      Honor the paradox. There is still work to be done in this dimension. There is still darkness of consciousness to transform. We invite you to do it with great joy because you know it is your divine choice, it is a part of this galactic hologame.

      There are other dimensions that do not offer the variety or the contrast or the polar energies of extremes. We remind you as a multidimensional star being you know all those many dimensions as well. Remember it is always your choice as to where you focus your awareness and bring your multidimensional consciousness. 

      We are just acknowledging you for playing in this local hologame as you bring your gifts skills and talents once more to offer Light and the most transformative divine power of the universe, love.

      Embrace this experience with deep gratitude and know that you are truly appreciated for who you are, what you do and the service you offer, especially in a dimension of free-will. We are honored to continue to support you as you move more fully into your pure nature and the true awareness of how big your playground really is. the 'team'

      ©2012 Peggy Black All Right Reserved. You may  share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address.  www.morningmessages.com FREE 88 messages available 

      ____________Tele-webcast Information____________
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      November 26, 2012
      "We Are Here with guidance and gratitude"
      Peggy and the 'team' will answer your question
      during this free hour program.

      InformationPage: http://morningmessages.com/telecast.cfm
      Title: We Are Here: Guidance & Gratitude with Peggy & the 'team'

      Time: Monday, November 26th at 10:00am Pacific
      Listening method: Phone + Web Simulcast
      Phone Number: (206) 402-0100
      Pin Code: 753491


      December 5, 2012  tele-webcast with Cyndi  

      All information is on the website www.morningmessages.com on the telecast link.

      JOIN the FREE "Wisdom Wednesdays" Always the first Wednesday of the month with me, Cyndi Silva and the "We Are Here" team
      DATE & TIME:   December 5th, 2012 , January 2 2013 
      12:00 noon Pacific, 2:00 pm Central, 3:00 pm Eastern,
      FORMAT: Webinar (Attend via Internet or Phone)

      The link to the telecast and the free archived telecasts are found on http://www.metaphysicalwisdom.com
      Beyond 2012 - An Etheric Gathering on 12-12-12
      Join me, the 'team' as well as Ronna Herman/Archangel Michael, Liah Howard/HOIYA and Randy Monk/Lord Melchizedek. Each speaker will have up to 30 minutes, which will provide a two hour webinar. You will, be able to listen to the live event, or the replay. Energy exchange will be $45 for the live event and replays up to seven days after the event. The link to register: http://timelyguidance.com/ events/#beyond2012


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      This is a 50 minute DVD presentation of an informal event at Gateways Book Store in Santa Cruz, CA. It was the gathering and celebration for the "We Are Here" CD release. Peggy is sharing about the work, the miracles and how everything continued to unfold.

      . The Morning Message Story
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      I would like to connect with a Facebook coach to guide me in using this media is better ways to serve my community.  I am open to your suggestions as to how to make this connection serve Morning Messages in a better way.  I would love to see the Facebook family continue to grow. Please join and invite your friends and together we will connect and support one another.   www.facebook.com/morningmessages 
       ___________Personal Channeled Transmission____________
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      The 'team' continues to request that this offer be extended.

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      Give me a call. I would love to share the "team" with you.
      They are clear, loving, humorous and expansive. You will feel their energy.

      What a generous outpouring of concern and compassion. My soul guided me so precisely to you/team to release a long held trauma, currently feeling quiet and secure. Blessings Carolyn

      Thank your team so much! What an amazing, life-changing experience. I am so grateful to have tools available to me now. love Lisa

      The session was powerful; I am ready to go deeper. Let's book another. Michael

      The team is amazing. I feel like we moved mountains. Thank you, Vicki n Kazakhstan

      The 'team' helped in shifting the energy of experiences that have haunted me since childhood. Truly amazing. Wow! It's like a new day really did dawn. Gratitude

      Thank you; there is a sense of awe, relief and gratitude, almost like being empted out. Joan

      The reading was powerful, authentic and especially solution oriented. Thanks Donald

      Good Morning Peggy, in the past 15 plus years I have more healing, activations, transmission, attunements, mastery sessions, clearing regressions, etc. than you can imagine. This session with you and the Team has definitely been among the most powerful. Thanks you very much. Blessings Cathy

      I can't begin to express how grateful I am for the Team's help in shifting of the energy around the experiences that have haunted me since childhood. Truly amazing, I have tried for decades to understand it and now to know it is not something to be feared but rather a gift and invitation. WOW. It's as if a new day really did dawn. Lisa

      Phone my appointment line 831-335-3145 between 9:00-6:00 Pacific Time. You can also e-mail your phone number and time zone to: apersonalmessage@...
      Channeled transmission of guidance for an hour for $111.00. Audio file of transmission sent free.  A CD of the transmission is an additional $10.00 for shipping and handling.
      _____________'Bluesky' Donation_____________
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      Donations are appreciated to help fund the technology, the website and services required to make these message available on a global scale so that people everywhere might benefit.

      Thank each of you for your kind donations. You have been so very generous.  Thank You for your support. Click to Donate
      I hold you in my prayer and send you my deep love and gratitude for our connection. You have truly enriched my life. Thank you each personally for your support and love. 
      Blessings beyond measure, Peggy
      Transducer, Scribe and Witness

      Morning Messages P. O. Box 199 Felton, CA 95018
      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center
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