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Expect Wonderful: 11:11 Event this Sunday ~ Calling All Lightworkers!

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  • Ash
        As you are likely noticing, we are experiencing massive waves of energy.  The 11:11 energies are well underway already, and today I began feeling the
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 9, 2012

      Expect Wonderful Cosmic Perspectives for the New Earth 
      As you are likely noticing, we are experiencing massive waves of energy.  The 11:11 energies are well underway already, and today I began feeling the deep, fundamental clarifying energies of the Eclipse Cycle.
      We're profoundly supported as we move through these remaining 6 weeks (from today) to the December Solstice.  
      For the way-showers, big, deep, multiple-lifetime healings are happening in a condensed period of time.  For example, I had an enormous, fundamental clarity this morning, HUGE emotions with this insight, and then it all surfaced and cleared in like an hour. 
      I then shared this with a friend and the whole thing rippled through me again in an expanded way and it brought forth another profound clearing of my own inner landscape, leaving me awed.  I saw how all of this--the first and second parts--were really my unique structure of life experience that initiated the wound and subsequent healing to reinstate my experience of LOVE! ♥  It blew me away how profound it was, how intense, how much all have this have been the basic structure even of my human experience and also how fast it lifted. I have felt the physical effects of it and been very tired--before and after, but of course so very blessed for such amazing energetic support to my aspirations and intentions of WHOLENESS. ♥ 
      Everything is supporting our participation in the Divine Plan and the best way to claim this is to really be present to your life and what arises.  My huge shift this morning happened just from noticing how I was feeling while out at a restaurant having breakfast.  Simple and incredible.  
      Sunday is 11-11, always a huge energetic day, and this year, revisiting the  11-11-11alignment, even more so.
      The Eclipse Cycle starts Tuesday and after a short integration period, is followed by the 12:12:12 Stargate. 
      Eclipse Passage
      Communing with the Invisible Dragon
      Eclipse Passage Event & Reading Programs
      Opening Event: Sunday, November 11th
      Emergence Event: Saturday, December 1st
      Click the photo above for details.
      We'll be gathering on Sunday, Nov. 11 to co-create with the 11:11:11 qualities at a deeper level and to prepare for the Eclipse Opening. Join us!  I'd love to have you there.  You can join via Skype or listen in via the web.  We have had people from every continent at each event for some time (except Antarctica) so it's a wonderful global experience and feeling that connection and community is inspiring!
      This passage, which I'm calling the "Communing with the Invisible Dragon," as this cycle is clearly to support us in resolving the hidden ways we are still connected to the illusion of duality.  This is the gift of 2012: the emancipation from illusion.  If you'd like to join us, CLICK HERE for more details and to register. 
      Life at the Ideafrontier.
      I was feeling it before.
      After today, I'm in totally new territory.
      A big reminder to stay in the present, trusting in my connections with Gaia and my expanded divine presence, and just notice and be aware of all that is happening.
      It's legendary, these days and this time.
      You'll never pass this way again.  Pay attention and savor it's amazing-ness (yes I made that word up.)
      Love and blessings,
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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center
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