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Isha Lerner's Inner Child Tarot: Cinderella

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  • Ash
    A key aspect that I am reminded of, from this message, is upon tears. Often enough in our societiestears are typically taught as being a sign of weakness. That
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      A key aspect that I am reminded of, from this message, is upon tears. Often enough in our societies tears are typically taught as being a sign of weakness. That is so far afield from what tears represent and what is created from them. Tears are a sign of strength. There are tears of joy and yes there are tears of sadness and pain. Yet those that are born of sadness and pain can be a step into a major stage of transformation and healing. It shows a level of strength and courage to face whatever the source of those are; the marker that we are redefining and cleansing our lives even when we may not think nor feel that in the moment. Just as when it has been touched upon that when a bone has not been set correctly it must be carefully broken to be reset and gain full healing there are those periods where we will discover that there is that part of us which calls to be 're-broken' in order to step into experiencing full and complete healing. This is not a sign that you have made a wrong choice. It is a sign that you have grown and become more than strong enough to experience this and step through into a life full of peace, wholeness, healing, joy and love. I have found that so many times those who have the most compassionate, loving and courageous hearts are those who come through a heart broken, challenges faced, and more. They have become stronger, wiser; more compassionate and understanding; insight into life and the soul through their experiences and with that there were tears. Tears which showed their strength, their character and their integrity. Then there are the tears of joy that go beyond any form of description. Wherever each of us are be open to explore the emotions you have and recognize them for what they are and speak to you. I have experienced some of my deepest transformations under the light of the moon and stars doting the skies. Their presence is illuminating, encouraging, uplifting and comforting as is the Earth around you and those souls who are and always shall be apart of your intimate circle. Keep to your heart that you are showing great strength in giving yourself permission to let the rivers flow for they are a river of life, healing, peace, love and joy.

      XVIII Cinderella
      Your card is...

      XVIII Cinderella

      When this card appears in your reading, explore your deep feelings about the past, home, the mother, life's mysteries, and the wisdom of Hecate, the ancient Moon Godess. Recognize the importance of mourning and humility, they are often stepping stones into a profound joy and radiance of the heart. Ultimately, the most difficult tasks in a lifetime are the result of the spirit at work, strengthening our souls for future service on a broader scale. Reflect. Let tears flow if they must, for they are the waters of life. It is not the outer, physical mother who is the invincible protector for a child, but the healed mother or woman within, who emerges once the soul is cleansed and purified. Perhaps a walk in the moonlight will begin this process of emotional and psychic transformation.

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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center
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