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[MOON ANGEL] EZHEME, 19th Day of Lunar Cycle, Emotional Harmony

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  • Spiritus
    . *The Moon Angels of Emotional Harmony*** *Angels of / E-Z-H-E-M-E /* *19th Day of Lunar Cycle***** / A-Ch-A-L-A / /(Stejnar s cipher)/ /Beloved,/ *We teach
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      TheMoon Angels of Emotional Harmony

      Angelsof  ‘E-Z-H-E-M-E’

      19thDay of Lunar Cycle



      (Stejnar's cipher) 







      Weteach the children of God the relationship of the laws of flowing
      emotions to the laws of harmony that govern the Universe.



      from which all laws come,
      is The LAW OF ONE.



      TheLAW OF ONE

      Weare all one.
      When one is harmed, all are harmed.
      When one is helped, all are helped.

      Therefore,in the name of who I am

      andI am one with all there is,


      happenhere and everywhere, through all time and space.

      I give thanks that this is done.





      Inthe mastery of flowing feelings , the understanding of this law is of utmost
      importance, because flowing emotion is magnetism and attraction.

      Flowing feelings arethe precursor of manifestation on the physical plane
      and therefore flowing emotions determine whether the physical realm
      manifests Heaven or hell.

      Harmdone to anyone, self or other, harms the entire Web of Life.

      A child of God must understand that flowing emotions are like
      water, they purify and remain beautiful and clear by flowing freely.
      Negative flowing emotions must be rendered harmless by transforming
      them through allowing them to flow safely, and transmuting them
      with unconditional all encompassing love as they flow to resolution.  

      Whennegative feelings arise, a person learns to not act out destructively

      andcreate more painful harvests.  Either denying these feelings,

      whichforces them underground into the subconsciousness and body

      tissuewhere they still attract negativity, or acting out destructively, causes more pain.


      Negativefeelings are allowed, instead, to flow and heal safely,

      inan atmosphere of unconditional all encompassing love, respect

      andgratitude, so that they transform and transmute, becoming

      lifeaffirming and life giving once more.



      Feelingsare astral beings, with intelligence. They are the subtle essence

      ofphysical water, which also has intelligence. Both of them, emotions and water,

      becomepure and beautiful in the presence of love, respect and gratitude,

      nomatter how toxic they have become.



      Itis in the silence that each person FEELS and flows with emotions that arise.

      Ifthe feelings are wounded and painful,  he or she learns to let them flow to

      healingand transformation in an atmosphere of unconditional all encompassing


      CHILDWHO IS PRODUCING THEM,  and does not destructively act them out.

      Watermust flow to stay pure and clean, and so must feelings.


      Stagnantwater is poisonous and so are stagnant, repressed and dissociated feelings.

      Partof destructively acting out negative feelings is to resist, deny, judge,

      bypass,suppress, or medicate them.



      Alwaysremember that feelings heal by flowing.



      Asfeelings flow, insights grow.



      Inthe process of allowing wounded feelings to flow safely with love, respect

      andgratitude, memories about an earlier emotionally wounding event in life

      arereawakened.  This remembered event is the original source of these wounded feelings.

      Asthese memories of the event are relived over and over so that every feeling

      associatedwith the event is felt  with love, respect, and gratitude , healing insights

      ariseabout the why and how behind this traumatic event. Healing images arise.

      Thesepowerful healing insights and images restore positive beliefs and ideas

      aboutself and others and reality in general. 




      Inthis process a Child of Light SEES AND UNDERSTANDS THEIR PREVIOUS DESTINY.

      Heor she understands why everything happened just the way that it did at the time,

      andsees how to correct it for the ultimate highest good of all concerned for the future.



      Oncenegative feelings are transformed into positive ones, it is possible for a person

      togo into the silence and flow with feelings of the ONENESS OF ALL LIFE

      andfeelings of Divine Will for the highest good of all. 

      Thesepowerful feelings attract a wonderful new destiny.


      Positiveemotions are gloriously beneficial to self and others.


      Beautifulemotions magnetize beautiful realities into being.


      Thesefollowing understandings of the nature of magnetism,
      emotions, and the water element are important:





      EmotionsMUST FLOW.

      Positiveemotions become more positive by flowing,
      and negative emotions heal, becoming positive
      by flowing in a safe and non-destructive way in an
      environment of all encompassing, unconditional love.

      Negativefeelings become toxic if they are bottled up,
      denied, judged, resisted, acted out destructively, or
      disassociated from. They must be allowed to flow safely
      with an attitude towards them of unconditional love. This
      love sees their origin in wounding events earlier in life, and
      validates the inner child who was and is rightfully upset. By
      letting this inner child cry and express itself in an atmosphere
      of love, the feelings transform and healing occurs.

      Itis difficult to meditate on the positive feelings of the Divine Virtues
      when negative feelings are begging to be heard, felt, and healed.

      Tryingto avoid and hold back the healing process
      takes tremendous energy and is exhaustive, and
      suppresses the immune system, causing disease.

      Itis important to heal negative emotions
      by letting them flow safely when they come up.

      Denied,bottled up negative emotions go inward into the
      subconscious and are held in body tissue, not only causing
      dis-ease and suppressing the immune system, but are acted out
      sub-consciouslyin self-defeating ways without conscious awareness.

      Negativefeelings must be allowed to flow
      for it is in flowing that they are healed.

      Finda safe place to feel the negative feelings without acting them
      out destructively. Cry or scream into a pillow in order not to alarm others.
      Do not break anything, or harm yourself. Use eye movement like you do
      naturally in dreaming. Moving the eyes back and forth over and over
      shifts the emotional energy between the two hemispheres of the brain and
      allows flowing feelings to process intuitively, emotionally, and rationally.

      Strongover-reactive negative emotions almost always go back
      to an old unresolved emotional traumatic event; to one of the
      many painful events happening in very young childhood.

      Byallowing negative emotions to flow freely, a memory of
      the original wounding event is  remembered.

      Byre-living the painful memory over and over in your mind from

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    • Cynthia Schlosser
      GrandMother Moon - Watcher, Hunter, Nurturer, Bringer of Cycles . *The Moon Angels of Emotional Harmony*** *Angels of /‘E-Z-H-E-M-E’/* *19th Day of Lunar
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        GrandMother Moon - Watcher,
Bringer of



        The Moon Angels of Emotional Harmony

        Angels of  ‘E-Z-H-E-M-E’

        19th Day of Lunar Cycle



        (Stejnar's cipher) 







        We teach how emotions
        relate to laws of harmony that govern the Universe.

         Emotions of flowing love bring harmony into all polarities.

         "Love conquers all."

        "God is love."

        The ORIGINAL LAW,
        from which all laws come,
        is The LAW OF ONE.

        All other laws come from this original Law.
        This Law overrides all lessor laws in all dimensions.



        The LAW OF ONE

        We are all one.
        When one is harmed, all are harmed.
        When one is helped, all are helped.

        Therefore, in the name of who I am

        and I am one with all there is,

        I ask that THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL


        I give thanks that this is done.

         So be it.



        Because emotions are compressed information,

        they attract new realities out of the quantum field

        of infinite possibilities,

        so keeping them positive is important.

        The astral body, which is the part of your energy field that experiences emotions,

        heals itself naturally just as the physical body does.

        It does this through good circulation, flowing with emotions as they come up,

        and processing them with gratitude, love, and empathy for the inner self

        that is experiencing them.

        Being aware of emotions as they occur,

        allowing them, giving thanks for what they teach you,

        while connecting to them and experiencing them,

        allows them to transmute into higher frequencies naturally.

        Just like eating food,  nutrients are utilized,

        and that which is not needed is released from the body.

        The astral body processes emotions as they come up.

        Painful emotions heal, and beautiful emotions become more beautiful.

        Just as food automatically digests, and the waste is eliminated naturally,

        so do emotions automatically

        change and transform in a way that promotes life,

        as long as they are flowing safely,

        and not acted out destructively to self, others, or property,

        resisted, or denied.

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