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Gaia Online Tarot: the Gardener ~ Lightning ~ the Seeker

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  • Ash
    This message, as a whole, truly carries such a deep significance on a number of levels within the changes and directions that are unfolding. Change can and is
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3, 2012
      This message, as a whole, truly carries such a deep significance on a number of levels within the changes and directions that are unfolding. Change can and is viewed in a number of ways; one of those is when either ourselves or others we know speak of being apprehensive, nervous, fearful (or anything along those lines) of change. Yet change is a vital foundation for virtually all aspects of life in how we grow, heal, and love. It is our perception of change that also should grow and evolve. Change does bring challenges and while it can come from or develop along many ways and sources the essence of this message does speak with the message of Opportunity and that is abundance. A time where we are harvesting the fruits of our work and planting the seeds of the next harvest; indeed pregnant with new opportunities with doors opening through that love and respect for all life including our own. With these fertile opportunities does come change. Is this a change one that comes gradually or is it one that comes swiftly? Either way that this comes, even if it feels as an upheaval within our lives that gives us an opportunity right there to shift our perception and rediscover the depths of our spirit, our strength, our courage and our love. Yet change also comes, as the message speaks on, in forms such as epiphanies, insights, and breakthroughs. So however these come about from the opportunity of abundance keep to heart that the change which seems to come from 'out of nowhere' is designed not to diminish you, to bring doubts or fears nor to limit you. Rather quite the opposite. Hold to that and remember that with great change comes resolutions brimming with new beginnings, new directions, a new adventure. Fresh starts and definitely endless possibilities. The butterfly on the back of the young woman in the picture also speaks on the transformation that has taken place. Going from one stage of life to a new one. From caterpillar to butterfly with the wings to now soar ahead to new heights, depths and places inside and outside of you. Stay open to yourself as well as to the potential and possibilities within and manifesting around you and coming to you. Continue to love yourself and all those in your life with a passion and step forward into the new life beckoning you that this great change has been apart of assisting in co-creating with you to manifest. :)

      The OpportunityThe ChallengeThe Resolution
      3 - the Gardener
      Sensuality, creativity, abundance

      It is a time of great fertile and abundant opportunities for you. You are pregnant with new creations — an art form, a book, a project, even a baby. You embody both the nurturing Mother and the sensual Lover. You are a steward of the land when you plant, weed and nourish your garden in a sustainable manner. At harvest time, you offer the best possible of all foods to those whom you love. You are a hard worker, but you take great delight in the scent of lavender fields on a hot summer day and the dizzying riot of color, shapes and textures in the garden. You love your own body; you love your mate, your children, your friends, your community; you love the natural world around you. Your appetite for connection, sensuality and creativity seems boundless. The people around you are blessed to have you in their lives.
      16 - Lightning
      Sudden, irrevocable change

      Get ready! Life as you have always known it is about to change. It is sudden and it is radical. It may be an epiphany or a flash of insight that totally revises the way you look at the world. It may be an emotional breakthrough. Or it may be an upheaval in your life or the in the life of the world around you. It is up to you how you will respond to the crisis. Will you let it crush you, or will you allow it to transform you? The energy that is released in the aftermath of crises has the potential for enormous creativity and transformation.
      0 - the Seeker
      A new beginning

      Resolution comes with a new beginning. Be open to all the twists and curves in the road ahead. Be ready for wonderful surprises. Be open-hearted, innocent, trusting and spontaneous. Take a risk! Before you is a brand new adventure — the chance for a fresh start and endless possibilities.

      Post image for Gardener


      Sensuality, creativity, abundance

      Our Lady of the Land revels in the fertility and lushness of the midsummer fields, the first fruits of the harvest and the ripening of her own body. She is the mother Demeter of the wheat and poppies. She is the daughter of the Great Goddess of Willendorf. She is the butterfly Monarch. She embodies Venus/Aphrodite as well, luxuriating in sensuality and eroticism. She is both mother and lover and, in proudly proclaiming her right to be both, she heals Western society’s split between sexuality and motherhood.
      She wears a kukui nut necklace, a Hawaiian symbol of of status and empowerment. The mirror of Venus reflects her own beauty and gives us a glimpse into the Otherworld. She is surrounded by overflowing baskets of produce, as fields yet to be harvested stretch out to the horizon.
      Take and eat,” she says as she offers us an apple, a papaya, a fig, the fruitfulness of our own souls. “It is good.”

      Post image for Lightning


      Sudden, irrevocable change

      Lightning strikes a tree and lights it on fire as a thunderstorm rages. Three figures fall out of the sky, as if in a dream. When lightning strikes, there is an increase of ozone in the atmosphere, which cleanses the air. In the same way, the aftermath of a calamity can bring about renewal in our lives.
      In Celtic folklore, it is said that a tree that survives a lightning bolt often flourishes afterwards. People take pieces of such trees to bless their homes and draw good luck. In some indigenous cultures, a person who survives being struck by lightning may become a shaman and healer.
      This card is one of sudden, irrevocable change, unlike the Wheel where change occurs in cycles and patterns. It can be as catastrophic as an earthquake or a terrorist attack, or as illuminating as a sudden flash of insight. In either case, life will never be the same.

      Seeker or Fool card Gaian Tarot deck


      A new beginning

      The Seeker begins a journey, taking a moment to contemplate the road ahead before setting off down the hillside. Perhaps she is murmuring a prayer, or setting an intention. She travels light, carrying all that she needs in her bundle. She has embroidered a butterfly on the back of her vest, signifying her delight in taking wing and setting out on her own path.
      The Great Mountain rises in the east, and the River slowly meanders on its own journey, from the mountain range down to the bay and the ocean be- yond.
      The Seeker is at that stage of life between childhood and adulthood when anything is possible, and her life lies before her like a page waiting to be written. With Fox as her trickster companion, who knows what surprises may await her? Swallows and Swallowtails flit and flutter around her, guiding her way.

      All content © Joanna Powell Colbert 2003-2011. Please do not reproduce art or content without permission.

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center
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