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Norma Gentile: Annual Storm of the Century: Drawing Active Compassion and Change from all of us

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      Annual Storm of the Century
      Drawing Active Compassion from us all

      Sound Healing: Kyrie
      Creator, draw Compassion from me
      Christ, draw Love from within me
      Creator, draw from my heart Compassion for All

      Dear Friends,

      As the Annual Storm of the Century moves into cleanup mode, questions are being asked by many that previously were only whispered by a few. These aren't little questions about how to rebuild, but rather should some areas be rebuilt. And finally, from almost all sides, there is an acknowledgment that the weather patterns of our childhood are gone.

      New weather patterns are emerging and are not going to subside. This is our new reality. Just as building codes and construction designs reflected the old wind and temperature trends, our new building codes must reflect our new water levels and weather patterns. Not just on the coast, but in inland areas, deserts, and even warming northern rain forest regions.

      As a teenager I lived in a flood zone. Our home was built on a narrow peninsula that jutted out into Lake St. Clair. This lake links two of the Great Lakes, Lake Huron and Lake Erie, on Michigan's southeastern corner. Being several miles wide, wind and tidal currents could bring the lake level up several feet and over the existing seawalls regularly. Pumping out the only street was a sometimes daily event. Over several years the lake level dropped, and the system of wooden dikes put in place was redesigned (in many places along the lakefront) as tall grassy berms.

      I recall my parents not wanting to keep the height of the new berm the same as the old dike because it blocked out the view of the lake itself from our porch. Since then the lake levels have risen and fallen several more times. Certainly it was easier to prioritize the view over safety when the lake level was low. No doubt ensuing residents of the peninsula had other priorities when the lake waters again rose and flooded their homes.

      What are we learning from the most recent weather event of the century? That fundamental priorities and assumptions are ready to change. Weather patterns are different, and if we don't adjust our building style and locations this will happen again. And again. Not just in the USA but anywhere we are insisting on living as we did twenty-five years ago.

      The good news? Mainstream media is being unshackled from its timidity. Dancing as if on hot coals around climate change up until now, I anticipate politicians, business and media to voice an acceptance that climate change is happening. And this will move quickly into discussions on how to deal with it (while maintaining our current style and standard of life).

      While expending time, attention and energy to attempting to maintain our lifestyle is not ideal, I recognize that this is an early step in a much longer process of helping people come to terms with change. Few of us want to change if it means giving up things that we like without getting some immediate pleasure back in return. It takes time to reach a level of discomfort that convinces us that the unknown is worth investigating.

      Bottom Line:
      What we can change is our own attitudes. What we can each address is our own resistance to doing something different that we know we are ready to do, but have not yet done. We can support change by changing ourselves.

      Four years ago Obama's slogan was "Yes We Can", not "I can change it for you while you sit on your couch and complain". How many of us assumed that the 'we' in "Yes We Can" meant other people, the government, or some mystical beings doing it for us? Active Compassion, a quality of both doing and being resulting from the blending of Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine, is called for now.

      DO meditate.
      BE active

      Love unconditionally all that surrounds you.

      My blessing to you all,
      November 1, 2012

      A spontaneous Song from Spirit with a choir of Tibetan Singing Bowls, followed by "Kyrie Eleison" (Creator, draw compassion from us)

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